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  1. From what I recall, in his "successful" outings (e.g. vs Philly, Bucs) , he was basically able to execute LaFleur's gameplan / scripted plays in the 1st half. But in the 2nd half, for whatever reason(s), Wilson and the offense couldn't muster much of anything. Wilson's yardage totals down the stretch: HOU 145 PHI 226 NO 202 MIA 170 JAX 102 TB 234 BUF 87 (!) Wilson was 7 for 20 (for the 87 yards) to close out the season vs a Bills team that had already lost Tre White for the season and which was absolutely eviscerated by Mahomes a few weeks later. MW had the 4 INTs vs BUF but also went for 251 yards.
  2. This article has been out there for awhile. I thought it had merit then, and still does. We all saw this scenario borne out on the field week after week. It's not even debatable by Wilson apologists. If folks want to argue Wilson's process "sped up" and that he showed signs of development late in the year, that's fine. Maybe. But for most of the year, he couldn't keep the offense on schedule, failing to execute some of the most basic plays (e.g. quick WR screens, dumpoffs to RBs, easy toss to the flat to TE, etc.). MW ran the offense with tempo and conviction, and the result was 400+ yards and W over the Super-Bowl bound Bengals. The man was starting to cook with gas in Indy when the freak nerve injury in his throwing arm happened.
  3. If Woody had signed Watson, I wonder how many Jet fans would have renounced their fandom. Not many would be my guess. I want to win as bad as anybody, but I'm glad Joe passed.
  4. Quinn is irrelevant, but he's not wrong about the schedule. It's brutal before the bye.
  5. It's a home game for the Browns. This would make things easier obviously, but still far from a layup. Brissett is a competent backup. Still, would be sad to drop to 0-2 with a loss to a backup QB. The Browns apparently asked the NFL to do them a solid by requesting (perceived, at least) cupcake matchups early in the season.
  6. He still has a pod? Thought he retired for the 100th time a few months ago
  7. Amazing how radically the front office and coaching staff has changed in terms of inspirational hires Idzik and Macc; late Rex, Bowles and Gase vs Fat Joe and “leader of men” Saleh Yet despite this and the roster transformation, the projected Vegas win total still trashy at 5.5 And record still abysmal at 4-13 the public perception may change in some ways, but the results have always been the same until….this season?
  8. That’s an L for Amazon then
  9. 1000 yards is good for any TE Outside of Gronk (had something ridiculous like 10+ TD IIRC) and maybe Aaron Hernandez, rookie TEs don't do jack
  10. Embarrassing Only 1 prime time game and it's that? Late in the year tankathon matchup? That game is getting flexed out for sure.
  11. Sauce on Andrews if Saleh is smart
  12. Parlay killer right there
  13. It would be fun and exciting until around the 14:05 mark of Q1 when NE is up 10-0. Jet QBs and prime time (especially vs NE) have not exactly been a good match. Butt fumble, 45-3, seeing ghosts, etc.
  14. Goodness. Better hope Sauce can intercept 4 passes on his own to make up for the 4 INTs Wilson is planning to toss.
  15. Cringy Jamal Adams vibes whenever he speaks, but so long as he can dip and rip, he’ll have Giant fans and the sycophantic media lapping it up.
  16. Everybody on the planet not named Tony Pauline thought Clelin Ferrel was an embarrassing reach.
  17. It’s an unpopular take, but the coaches are partially to blame for Mims’ lack of involvement/ production. If they actually cared, they would do what they did with Moore, start scheming him easy touches around the LOS to get him into the flow of the game. Mims was probably the 4th or 5th option on every play any time they put him on the field. And Zach Wilson hasn’t exactly mastered patience in the pocket and/or full read progressions yet. As much as Mims has been ripped by fans and media, those rookie year catches / plays actually happened.
  18. If Wilson is such a great fit, why wouldn’t Shanahan prefer him for 7M per or whatever it is over a pissed off Deebo they are going to have to pay big money to and who is otherwise ready to burn all bridges. Douglas offered the pick, and they said no thanks. BTW, I think Wilson had a 36” vert, not 40”. Big difference there. Rob Moore had a 40+ “ vert back in the day. By comparison, Ruckert had a 35” vert. For a top 10 WR, he’s a mediocre athlete by SPARQ standards. Something like low 70s. He also declined to run a 3-cone for some reason both at the combine and his pro day.
  19. Goodness gracious this man is going to be such a colossal bust didn’t work hard when he was playing for his NFL future Now the Jags have handed him 10 lifetimes worth of money before taking a single snap
  20. No still a street FA Jeff Smith is the preferred option at WR6 That’s what JD and the league thinks of Cole at this point
  21. I think Davis tore his abdomen or obliques or whatever straining for a Zach Wilson hospital ball. Wilson being able to hit the broadside of a barn on short to intermediate passes wouldn’t hurt.
  22. I know he’s considered a top prospect and compiled stats, but not sure if Dean is all that just based on eye test
  23. They re-signed Joyner to play FS didn’t they
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