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  1. Really excited about this guy kill the head and the body will die
  2. Are you sure you wanna coach such a sorry team with a worthless owner and a pathetic fanbase that loves to wallow in misery and self pity ?
  3. You can look it up if you don’t believe me. Now if that’s a fact...am I lying ?
  4. Boy am I glad we have Darnold. There’s no nfl quarterbacks in this draft sorry
  5. This is such a loser fanbase really and truly we don’t deserve a winning team. If you go to a game you’ll never wanna go back maybe the raiders are worse
  6. 90 percent of the hate for this guy is rooted in the fact that he came from hated Miami
  7. Beningo is a talentless hack he called fan like 17 times a day so they felt bad for him and gave him a midday show. Good for him but doesn’t mean I gotta take anything he says seriously
  8. Hes a real me guy and it might not work but I’d love to have AB for a couple three seasons
  9. Adam Lanza died a day before that incident it couldn’t have been him
  10. You really are a scumbag at least compare him to Eric Harris
  11. Oh can you please enlighten me as to how a great organization stages a compelling press conference
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