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  1. Feel better. Hoping it's little more than a nuisance for you. I was lucky, my bout was mostly a headache and extreme fatigue.
  2. The urban dictionary entry for PatsFanTx was much more flattering than I thought it would be.
  3. Sorry, they're still the team used to drive up a players asking price with the team they want to play for.
  4. A+ and a tug for Bob from Peter King
  5. I was thinking creature from the black lagoon for the Lucy statue.
  6. I was an Earl Campbell fan. Still have the signed 8 x 10 glossy. Best part of the picture that dates it, it was sponsored by Skoal.
  7. Thinking Charles Rogers needs a mention(didn't see one). He was amazing at MSU. I thought he was a can't miss guy.
  8. I really didn't think much of Sling. Friend at work swears by Fubo. I go basic cable with one box(added sports package). Stream on the other 3 tv's. Use cable login to watch ESPN, FOX sports, NBC SPORTS, etc. on their apps which are installed on those TV's.
  9. They won the genetic lottery. They're able to play a game for millions in a league that makes billions for a short while. The players should absolutely scratch and kick for every single extra penny they can get. Besides, i like to think of it as more money for players means less money for Woody Johnson. Probably not true, but I like to think it.
  10. I hope he hires Kyle Brady and Johnny Mitchell as assistants.
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