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  1. Brady hates the Jets too. https://www.espn.com/new-york/nfl/news/story?id=5490384
  2. Not being in any particular forum back then, I assumed Pennington was universally liked. Seeing the reactions to him now, I have to think back then must've been brutal.
  3. I can't decide. All the candidates names would look great on a billboard.
  4. How many Jets Rewards points to actually do the firing? (apologies if someone already asked)
  5. I'd prefer to see what Morgan's got. If he stinks, Flacco, or whoever, for that matter. can finish the season. Of course that changes if one of the other QB's fall to the Seattle pick.
  6. If JD can't get Lawrence, I see an OL drafted and Sam starting(with a short leash).
  7. Kind of hard to not think that the Jets get the first pick back this Sunday only to have Belichick tank it away the next Sunday. It just seems to be the most 'Jetsy' thing to have happen.
  8. ND is my team, but they're just not up to the top teams. Just the way it is.
  9. Since I can't really remember, I'd have to say it was binge drinking.
  10. I'm agreeing with first week of 2020. He certainly didn't pick up where he left off in 2019.
  11. Good question. Going with Darnold with the Chiefs. This Jets team blows and is clearly beyond one QB's help. Plus I wouldn't put it past Gase to use the wishbone with Mahomes on the team.
  12. If Desir wins and the Jets bring him to the stadium to celebrate, that's embarassing. Nominating him one day and cutting another is just doing business.
  13. Don't forget your streak of starting awful threads. You're on a tear!

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