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  1. If the Jets were a Sports Reporter, they'd be Manish Mehta.
  2. Your name following 'The New York Jets Select' is a pretty good sign.
  3. If the Jets rushed to give JA a huge contract, you'd still be able to post this.
  4. Cash grab playing on people's fear, did you expect anything else from him?
  5. Just because I didn't see him mentioned. I always thought Jason Fabini as a 4th rounder was great value. Not putting him ahead of Klecko, just thought he should get a mention.
  6. Next will be guys treating objects like women.
  7. I didn't actually see him get born. For all I know, those posts were the Mods with fake accounts.
  8. A Box Poster? Sure, great within 2 to 3 sentences. What if we need a paragraph?
  9. Best of luck to you, your family and well, everyone for that matter. And, find something good to binge watch. Clear your mind for a bit.
  10. Also, best wishes for Sean Payton and family.
  11. So you're saying we have a chance to find out our 2020 1st round pick and our 2021 first round pick stink at the same time!? Exciting.
  12. Bengals. I have to repeat the misery over and over, expecting a different outcome.
  13. I'll remain optimistic about Sam. I'd like to see him in the pocket focusing on the play a little more, and less time avoiding the pass rush before passing judgement on him. I won't write off a young QB on a untalented team just because he's not MVP. As for ESPN, gave them up years ago. And, not even Chris Berman and Tom Jackson could get me back.
  14. I went with yes, because I really thought adding a guy like Alan Faneca 10+ years ago really made a difference. And, we'd be getting this guy for likely a decade instead of a couple of years. If you think the QB is going to be your FQB, then OL is everything at the moment. Time to throw makes mediocre WR's look awesome. JMO.

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