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  1. The posts would improve with tennis balls taped to our hands.
  2. I assume they do. I've only placed bets in AC. And, I think you spot on with that 10 points.
  3. I think this is WayneChrebet80 from last year. Just switched his shtick from Daniel Jones to Josh Allen .
  4. Winning cures rankings like these. Besides, it's ESPN. They're entitled to their opinion, we just shouldn't care about it.
  5. The NFL just feels corrupt to me. Each year I seem to care less and less. Of course a decade of Jets football like we've just had can do that to you.
  6. I was wondering how long it would take to point out that the Knicks blow.
  7. I have a call in to Peyton Manning. I'll vote after he gets back to me.
  8. Right there with you on 1992. After that preseason, while never arrogant about the Jets, I was really optimistic that this was going to start a good run. A bit surprised this year didn't get more attention in this thread.
  9. I would've thought Revis would vote for Revis.
  10. Went with Matt Ryan. Picking JA was just too easy.

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