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  1. I'd like to remind the group that your responses should be in the form of a question. What is 'No'?
  2. FQB. Anything short of that and the Jets get pounded by media/fans.
  3. I like green jello, what's up with the hate?
  4. It really does. Players just use the Jets to bump up the asking price.
  5. Bad work ethic and decisions. Easy no.
  6. I'll be too busy complaining that the win wasn't good enough to get a tat.
  7. I was actually surprised they ever had something like that to begin with.
  8. They used to have $5 Bud Light cans at the the 'Beer Garden' by the rail station.
  9. Trade back. They need more legitimate NFL caliber players. The line above now means they will trade up.
  10. I just feel this is all because he asked me to help him move and I said no.
  11. If it were empty beer bottles, I'd get the poor choices.
  12. There aren't any jokes that can beat the original post.
  13. Shouldn't he be trying to find McCoffee a job?
  14. My guess was WayneChrebet80.
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