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  1. Their used to be standards. Now, there just nowhere to be found. These writers have they're twitter accounts and they just write whatever.
  2. Becton. Get the offense going and let the defense catch up next year.
  3. I'd say Peter Principle, but I'm having trouble seeing where he had the success required to be promoted beyond his abilities.
  4. I honestly didn't read it. I just 'quoted' the wrong post. People here pestering me with work stuff and all! I got distracted.
  5. Thanks for the heads up! Just donated!
  6. 'Adam Gase' is the joke. It doesn't need to be followed by anything else.
  7. I don't remember what the pundits thought of the pick. I only attached a portion of the article that made me mention this. Great to know a freshman with a man crush on a senior helped the Jets scouting department. And, yes, Scottie Mcknight is terrible as well. Rex Ryan: Son helped in picking QB May 10, 2014 Rich CiminiESPN Staff Writer FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Armed with inside knowledge from a source close to the head coach -- his son -- the New York Jets selected former Clemson quarterback Tajh Boyd in the sixth ro
  8. It's just crazy. We can laugh about it now, but how could Woody let this go on? Wait, never mind, now it makes sense.
  9. I know it was a 6th round pick, but Tajh Boyd was a terrible pick. You're suppose to be looking for people who can contribute. Rex picked him because he knew him and wanted him to be able to say he was drafted. I don't know who was drafted after or if anyone was any good. But this is not trying and epitomizes rank amateur buffoons who were running the team then. Not saying this is worst, but simply throwing a pick away is pretty bad, no matter the round.
  10. Voting offense. Like someone said last week here, can't remember who, I'm tired of the 13-10 snooze fests. I'd really like to start scoring some points.
  11. Terribly sorry to hear. Wishing you and your family the very best.
  12. I'd really like to see the 100,000 post thread available again. Some classic content there! The danger of viewing at work was priceless.
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