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  1. I'm there. Just was a bit ahead of you, that's all. It's a product and the product blows. You wouldn't keep going to restaurant serving up dog sh1t for food. Why watch this? At the bar yesterday, I watched Cincinnati drill Baltimore and I enjoyed that.
  2. I never understood the hatred for that movie. Plenty of dogs made before and after. Gigli anyone?
  3. I really thought the whole tennis ball thing would revolutionize football.
  4. That COVID one is the worst. That's just icing on the scumbag cake.
  5. I think we're all a little bi-curious. Sure, we're in to losses. But, I for one would like to try out a win once in a while.
  6. What have you be watching to think respect is on the table for this team?
  7. I'd like to see what James Hasty thinks before making a comment.
  8. I never did see Hackenberg in the parking lot. I just assumed it was him.
  9. While I don't have great optimism for this team, you have to let a guy on a 6 year contract stay for most of it. If you boot him half way, who'd want to take the job after?
  10. Check the Jets website over the next day or so. They usually have a game day guide available. I stopped having it emailed to me, so I don't know if they still do.
  11. Maybe some running backs on 3rd or 4th down and short yardage?
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