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  1. Kolchak

    So when is Bell getting cut?

    Next time he shaves?
  2. Kolchak

    Francesa, Media on Maccagnan Firing.

    Biggest joke in town is the Daily News NOT thinking they're the biggest joke in town.
  3. That, or light a tailgate table on fire. Usually brings them out.
  4. Kolchak

    Draft Party

    I went to one. Felt the best part was being able to walk on the field. Not available this year. Haven't had the desire to return. More than anything, it just seemed like a cash grab on their part.
  5. Kolchak

    Miracle At The Meadowlands

    Pete Rozelle changed the way they do business. Has a commissioner done anything like that for other teams?
  6. Kolchak

    Attention: PSL Thiefs

    Sec 144, row 25. I live in the Trenton area. Pretty much the only Jets fan here. Wife isn't interested in going. No one else is for that matter.
  7. Kolchak

    Attention: PSL Thiefs

    Has anyone here just walked away from the PSL commitment? Any repercussions? Credit rating take a hit?
  8. Just when I thought you couldn't possibly be any dumber, you go and do something like this... and totally redeem yourself!
  9. I hate the Giants passionately. But, wanting to win the city seems to be a trap. There are more fans of them out there. And certainly the majority of sports writers are fans of them as well. Best to win the NFL and leave the city to them.
  10. I think it's apathy. Not sure, I didn't feel like looking up apathy in the dictionary.
  11. Kolchak

    Mike's On App (Francesa)

    You got it. He's hardly worth free.
  12. Kolchak

    Things wrong with the current NFL

    To me, it's the NFL. I expect the officiating and rules to blow. I hate Thursday and Sunday night games.
  13. The cards get cash loaded to them by the STH. Normally, when the balance gets below a certain point, the STH's credit card will get charged to put more cash on the card. No discounts. Maybe at the hot dog stand. But, to use the card at concessions would mean you're spending her money.
  14. Kolchak

    Francessa At Jets Camp

    Everyone should have something against the giants. They're nothing if the commissioner doesn't straighten them out. About as far from class as it gets.
  15. Kolchak

    Visit from the UK

    The Metlife Stadium Whiskey/Whisky bar for a pre kickoff snort does the trick for me.

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