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  1. Don't know much about Winfield. But, Roy White was an excellent Yankee and I'm very jealous of golfing with Bobby Murcer.
  2. I think the mock is really just that the name seems a bit over the top. At least to me it kind of is. As for analytics, you're spot on. And, hopefully it works!
  3. Just makes me feel like games on Tuesday and Wednesday aren't far behind.
  4. I definitely think Murray gets more than just a year to become their FQB. It would take a lot for Kingsbury to bail on him after 1 season. I think at least. Rosen though will have to put up right away or he's gone. It will be interesting.
  5. Why do I feel like New England already has an advantage with this nonsense! Give me 2 preseason, 17 regular(mandatory for players) and 4 more teams in playoffs.
  6. I agree. But regarding the giants, I expect untalented writers to take the easy way and whack the have nots while stroking the haves. It's about the fans. And where I live, you can't turn off a giants fan.
  7. Giants are the only team I know of that had the league get involved in their business and get them a GM. 'Won' 4 SB's since. Every fan of every team should hate the Giants.
  8. I mostly wanted to mention a SB where the Giants got drilled. Plus, Carolina's first draft pick ever. If David Carr makes the list, seem KC needs a spot too.
  9. I feel Kerry Collins needs a spot somewhere here. He did after all lead the Giants to my favorite Super Bowl!
  10. Apologies. I only saw Billy Madison, not Heathers. Funny, looking back, I would've thought I saw it.
  11. A person hanging out in a football forum pontificating the materialistic redundancy of life. That's rich. People are here because football is something they can care about, but at the end of the day not really have to worry about. But, please continue with the public service announcements and doing the thinking for us.
  12. I award you zero points and may God have mercy on your soul.
  13. He'd be solid. But, not as good as Mahomes or Watson.
  14. Low standards. Good, you'll be happy.
  15. Would you feel better about things if we got you a participation trophy? Maybe a comfort dog?
  16. I'll take Leo and double digit sacks. NO.
  17. It's not how you feel. It's how you look. And, the Raiders look marvelous!
  18. Week 12: Jets vs Raiders After CJ Mosley gets into a fist fight with Gruden in the pregame the Raiders have no head coach causing them to have complete chaos. Final Score 17-9 Jets over Raiders Trolled Jetnation and Raiderholic in one post. Bravo!
  19. Enjoy the wins. Forget the losses. Forgetting a lot lately. Of course, that could the wrong side of 50 creeping up on me.
  20. Very true. Just sometimes Jets fandom feels like an eternal game of pool where your shot is always behind the 8 ball.
  21. Bob Griese and the 70's Dolphins didn't help any as well.

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