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  1. Why do I get so excited every year for Jets football? I was so pumped today and then the 1st quarter passed by and I was emotionally drained. The Jets just suck the life out of you. It’s over. Sorry. The watching Red Zone I am watching Adams all over the place (we had to trade him) and Robbie catching bombs in that game. I’m so high on Darnold and these performances just kill that. I watch all the offseason videos and was hyped for the season. (Just want to see decent, well coached football.). Today was a joke. Gase sucks. Team never looks prepared. Just disgusted. The Jets just slowly kill you man. I’m just tired. I think I’m going to dedicate my Sunday’s to just spending more time with the family and my son. **** this.
  2. I have been following you guys for years and this is my first post. Whooo! What is driving me nuts is that I don't hear any news about the UDFA WRs that everyone was so high on. Cager and Campbell? I was really excited about these 2 and haven't heard a peep about them. If there was ever a time to stand out and make this team, it is now. I hope they stand out. I loved them in college. Thoughts? Don't ban me! CaneJet from Miami!

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