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  1. 1990 Ford Probe. I thought it was the coolest car. LOL
  2. Most of you guys are never happy, but this is the best GM we have ever had, by far. 2020 draft stunk (old coaching regime, Covid), but the last 2 drafts are fantastic. His moves and trades are fantastic. Give this man a long term extension. Go Jets.
  3. Lets just move on from Deebo already. Draft a stud WR at 10 and 35. Cheaper and younger. Take Williams at 10 (can wait for him to recover) and take Dotson or Watson at 35.
  4. Man, this WR thing and the Jets has really been a roller coaster ride. Just make a deadline today to trade for Deebo. If not, take WR at 10 and with one of our 2nds (If you take J. Williams at 10) and we should have a nice, young offense to build around Zach.
  5. I don't mind this at all. I respect Greg Cosell and he loves JJ. Lets see. I just want this draft to come and go already. Tired of talking about all the combos with 4 and 10. In JD I trust.
  6. Its embarrassing how everyone trolls the Jets. We are just being played and teased. Its annoying. Even the players are tired of it.
  7. So tired of all these WR rumors. I can't wait until the draft is here. I would rather get a WR at #10 and at one of our 2nds. Let them grow with Zach. Then we still have Moore, Berrios and Davis. (Moore for the long term) But DK for our two 2nds would be sweet too! LOL
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