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  1. I love Darnold as a person. I love Darnold as a teammate. We need to get rid of Darnold ASAP.
  2. Offer #2 pick and 2022 Seattle's pick. That's it. IF they want Darnold, then him too. He says he wants the Jets, don't overpay. Get it done baldy!
  3. 2 years and his ‘health’ issues will come back.
  4. Jets have completed their second interview with Smith. Let the freaking out begin!!!!! How could you let him walk out the building!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Nobody was this passionate about Saleh at first. Calm down. Jesus. You guys hate one second, love the next second, hate the next second. Next interview and we go from there.
  6. Saleh looks like the type of guy that doesn't need anyone to take the door of the hinges for him. He'll take care of that himself.
  7. Where is the guy that took pictures from behind the hedges last night? We need him to spy again.
  8. Why do I keep checking on this whole situation every 3 minutes? Why do I do this to myself? AGGHHHHHHHHHH Go Jets!!! Get it done already.

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