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  1. Willis and 2021 7th for 2022 6th.
  2. Guys, I am all for getting draft picks, but at some point we need to keep decent players. All depends on what you can sign him for. Man, we need to stop giving away players for pennies on the dollar, then drafting another piece of crap.
  3. I am all for Joe Douglas getting more time to fix this disaster, but all the guys he brought in to fix "the culture" are no where to be found. Bell needs to go. The team has already quit. Its just a sh$t show. God, it sucks being a Jets fan, but no backing out now!!!
  4. Thought he was going to be a huge weapon this year. No where to be seen. Chris Herndon played 48 snaps (second among skill players for Jets ) but ran just 22 routes. That means he was used primarily as a blocker, because when you're Adam Gase and all of your playmakers are missing, that's what you do.
  5. I’m just so down about Darnold. I was so excited about him this year. I watched all these videos from Palmer about nobody looks better or is working harder than Darnold. He’s actually gotten worse with Palmer and Gase. So upset.
  6. Why do I get so excited every year for Jets football? I was so pumped today and then the 1st quarter passed by and I was emotionally drained. The Jets just suck the life out of you. It’s over. Sorry. The watching Red Zone I am watching Adams all over the place (we had to trade him) and Robbie catching bombs in that game. I’m so high on Darnold and these performances just kill that. I watch all the offseason videos and was hyped for the season. (Just want to see decent, well coached football.). Today was a joke. Gase sucks. Team never looks prepared. Just disgusted. The Jets just slowly kill you man. I’m just tired. I think I’m going to dedicate my Sunday’s to just spending more time with the family and my son. **** this.
  7. I have been following you guys for years and this is my first post. Whooo! What is driving me nuts is that I don't hear any news about the UDFA WRs that everyone was so high on. Cager and Campbell? I was really excited about these 2 and haven't heard a peep about them. If there was ever a time to stand out and make this team, it is now. I hope they stand out. I loved them in college. Thoughts? Don't ban me! CaneJet from Miami!

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