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  1. Ohhthepain

    Josh Kline, G released.

    Does he have a pulse? Sign him!!!
  2. Yeah I think most people have forgot about him anyway. J Houston and a edge @ 3 would effectively turn a weakness into a strength. I'm more hung up on the whole no Center being signed thing.
  3. Ohhthepain

    Ranking The Jets Beat Reporters

    I used to view Manish and Cimini as the same during the Rex days. Pumping out the same hack clickbait trash day after day. Rich has actually turned it around. Manish is still a hack.
  4. Ohhthepain

    Ranking The Jets Beat Reporters

    Connor hands down. Manish isnt a journalist
  5. Ohhthepain

    Teddy B meeting with Miami now

    This is what we should be doing with Morse or Paridis
  6. Ohhthepain

    Eric Berry RELEASED

    Are the Chiefs just gonna walk on the field with an offense only team next year?
  7. Paridis pulling an Anthony Barr and joining the jets
  8. Ohhthepain

    Where do the Giants go from here?

    Murrays throwing heat. Should increase his stock
  9. Ohhthepain

    Le'Veon Bell signs with Jets

    Was expecting so much worse
  10. Ohhthepain

    Le'Veon Bell signs with Jets

    Wowwwwww. 4 years 52 mil. Was expecting to get absolutley fleeced but 13 per year? Not bad!
  11. Ohhthepain

    Dee Ford to SF

    Ford for a 3 is a steal
  12. Ohhthepain

    Dee Ford to SF

    Read my mind. I hope so
  13. Ohhthepain

    Giants trade Odell to Browns

    And down goes Mayfield !!! Odell is cancer and the Browns will regret this one.

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