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  1. The JD hate is unbelievably short sighted.
  2. CJ a millionaire asked a 22 year old rookie kid to facetime with a guy for 10 minutes. You think Sam was gonna say nah he sucks ? He could have made Sam facetime with Rich Kotite and Sam would have been like "erhm... yeah I like him"
  3. Ty Johnson showed too much promise with that 34 yard run so Gase had to bench him for the rest of the game
  4. Is f*ckng Spence from the King of Queens really trying to tell me I missed my first read ?
  5. Josh Allen looks like sh*t again so Hymie Elhai MD keeping Darnold on the bench this week for draft position
  6. I just want him to run for like 215 yds and 3 scores on the Jets tbh
  7. Sad Sam has to be sacrificed for the cause. Hopefully Dr Hymie Elhai keeps milking Sam's bullsh*t injury so he doesnt have to play for the Jets anymore. Besides that though...

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