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  1. It would have been more had we traded him last October before the deadline. Now that Jamal is throwing the inevitable holdout tantrum we all knew was coming, teams are going to low ball the sh*t out of us.
  2. "Jets believe they will sign" Sounds like typical Manish bulls**t
  3. Get Winters out of here and sign this beast
  4. https://www.nydailynews.com/sports/football/jets/ny-jamal-adams-jets-20200427-ry37t3mryvemlmlsegxrknyxiq-story.html?outputType=amp&__twitter_impression=true
  5. B / B+ First two picks were huge. Style/ Massive sack points for the trade back in the 2nd and gaining 3 more picks. Addressed a ton of holes including RB /CB/ OL/WR /Edge so hard to complain bc Mac would have picked at least 2 DTs and 1 ILB before round 5. Cant get over taking a backup QB in the 4th with so many OL/WR on the board which is where I thought the emphasis should have been all day today. Really telling to see JD attack the defensive secondary like he is. He really didnt like the unit he inherited. The two IOL i wanted today Bredeson/Biadacz went to the Ravens and Cowboys who know how to build lines... So I know they're going to turn into perennial probowlers and I'm gonna hate it Glad to see he has a plan.
  6. Yeah. Very happy with the results and think JD did a great job but this class left me wanting a little more on offense. Cant get behind that backup QB pick in the 4th. So much talent still on the board

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