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  1. Hes not wrong but the Johnsons won't ever give it up. For now we're stuck with the guy who uses vocal fry in an effort to sound intelligent.
  2. Ohhthepain

    Put a bow on the McCagnan administration

    I give him credit for the move up to the 3rd pick to get Darnold. Also signing Teddy for cheap and flipping him for a 3rd round pick. Everything else pretty much sucked.
  3. Ohhthepain

    This is 100 percent funny...maybe 200 percent.

    Manish is crying in the fetal position rn
  4. Ohhthepain

    Mac fired!

    What a complete joke this franchise is.
  5. Ohhthepain

    Watched some of Jets v Browns on NFLN

    The second Mayfield came it the game was over.
  6. Ohhthepain

    PFF Top 5 Tackles 2019 Draft By Pass Blocking Efficiency

  7. Jonah Williams- OT Jachai Polite- Edge Yodny Cajuste- OT Riley Ridley- WR Lamont Gaillard-C Beau Benzschawel- OG
  9. Ohhthepain

    Huddlereport draft grades Who won draft

    I think the key pick that this draft is riding on is Polite. If hes good then our D line will be vastly improved because of an actual edge presence for once. But as far as the offensive side of the ball and protecting our franchise QB, which should have been the #1 priority?? Flat out failure.
  10. If Polite pans out it's going to make our front 7 filthy. An edge presence causing one on ones vs Williamsx2 / Anderson is what this Ds been missing. The thing that scared me about JA was lack of PR moves besides speed rush. In the few min of film I've seen Polite use a few different moves, so I can see where the Jets are coming from on this one.
  11. Ohhthepain

    The Last three picks by Mac

    The Polite pick made the Q Williams pick palatable. O line should have been #1 priority instead of using 4 picks on D. At the very least the Cashman pick should have been Lamont Gaillard.

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