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  1. Ohhthepain

    Eight years ago...

    Winning that game was so amazing. Such a great time to be a fan. 😢
  2. Ohhthepain

    Way too early KIPER MOCK 1.0

    No thanks. Ol/edgerusher @3 or trade down. I'd actually prefer us to trade down first. Hopfully Kyler Murray's draft stock skyrockets.
  3. Ohhthepain


    I just dont think he's a great public speaker. Not that I blame him but he was visibly uncomfortable. Definitely does better in a smaller setting. 🤣 - No.
  4. Ohhthepain


    Surprised at how well Gase handled the interview. He said all the right things.
  5. Thank god. Was genuinely concerned we were going to lose him for a little bit
  6. Good thing your opinion means less than nothing to me. None of my posts are intended to make you laugh.
  7. Looks like Chad Pennington escaped from a psych ward
  8. Damnnnnn bro why u so mad 😂 Dont hate on rex and Joe B so much- They're both tremendous, bro!
  9. Ohhthepain

    Adam Gase Presser - Monday

    Anyone know where can we watch online ? Will it he ok SNY?
  10. Ohhthepain

    Monken to Browns

    Damn. Great hire but surprising. I assumed with Kitchens as the HC he would still be calling the plays.
  11. Ohhthepain

    Vance Joseph to Arizona

    Sorry this is already a thread and idk how to embed tweets

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