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  1. This is what I've been saying. Trevor Lawrence and the 1st pick are NOT a lock. Its absolutely imperative the Jags steal a game soon or we will f*ck ourselves. Being this bad and walking away with anything other than Trevor Lawrence would be an absolute nightmare.
  2. I just want the Jaguars to win a damn game first. Then we can talk about this
  3. Can we stop asking this question? Media hacks like Kay and Evan Roberts keep running it but it's basically the equivalent of clickbait to get page views at this point. He is not coming back. 0% chance
  4. He will this week. Coming off injury, all WRs are healthy, and with a point to prove. Only hope at #1 is Jags stealing a game
  5. Tua might be out though which is good. Fitz is better
  6. Charles Macdonald absolutely fu**ing flaming Manish on twitter right now. You love to see it. https://mobile.twitter.com/FourVerts/status/1331637934802554880
  7. The Jaguars need to win a game or we are f***ed
  8. Needs to be benched for the Tank. Healthy WRs + post injury Sam isnt an equation I want to see play out this week. Esp against a glorified game manager in Tua.
  9. OL with the 2nd first round pick. Havent we learned this lesson already?
  10. I know. Desir was one of the strongest advocates of the tank. The locker room wont be the same
  11. We sent him to the other end of the country in a different division and he still wont go away
  12. Courtesy of the fine folks over at JetXfactor
  13. Brutal pick no matter how you slice it. Wanted Biadacz in the worst way
  14. I dont see us getting the top pick. It would be too perfect for the Jets. God knows Jets fans dont deserve good things...

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