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  1. Fields stans down horrifically. Rough look
  2. Shock jock douche does shock jock douche things. News at 11
  3. A sick part of me wants to stay put and draft Jenkins to finish the OL rebuild
  4. Finally a trade that's grounded in reality. I would get behind it since it allows us to still build through the draft with blitz boi's picks. I swear some of these mock Deshaun trades (by Jets fans no less) have us giving up like 3 1sts, 3 2nds, Darnold, and a 4th. Would be a complete disaster to mortgage the future like that. It goes against JD's philosophy in every way so dont think we have to worry about it.
  5. Yes. Bates is from the Shanahan coaching tree
  6. If hes still here I'm praying for Sam Darnold rookie season vibes in 2021 Shanahan offense is best possible scheme fit for him
  7. Jet Nation Posters when Manish would post a clickbait bait article but it personally attacked Adam Gase so it was cool JetNation Posters when an anonymous poster, who has a confirmed source, posts possible news/speculation they dont agree with
  8. The ONE thread that actually provides legitimate substance/insight and people have posted about 6 pages of back and forth bickering. All childish back and forth that has no relation to what OP posted should be removed and moved to a "validated feelings" thread. Ridiculous.
  9. Maybe Ossai if hes there depending how FA plays out
  10. Thanks alot for posting this info dude. I really hope you're right, Saleh is my #1 guy.
  11. I'm not. They both looked like complete sh*t this year though. So I'll pass on both.
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