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  1. Why does no one mention defillipo I think that guy would be great for darnold and has been around a bunch of different stops. Think he's primed to make the jump.
  2. Jeff Fischer didn't ruin Goff. I am pretty certain the GM and coach need to go. Hopefully they bring an OC in as the new HC for him to flourish under. I'm thinking John DeFillipo from Minnesota
  3. Why? I mean it would be akin to a cousins situation. Imagine he puts up 25tds and 7 picks. You gonna franchise him or just say oh what the heck and let him hit FA. If I am the FO I tag him before letting that happen
  4. You could always franchise him if he truly lights it up.
  5. I would agree. Typically we would think some sort of genetic inborn issue. If it's steroids that's actually better for the young man, in that he wouldn't have to worry about it once he stopped. Hard to know without the whole story.
  6. A maximum of two years is typically the duration of warfarin therapy for a patient with a first time unprovoked PE. Again I don't know his history so obviously his doctor who has access to that info thought he could be off the blood thinners sooner. And yes I understand that a PE is more significant than a DVT. However, the treatment protocols we use as physicians only change in duration and are no longer an immediate cause for lifelong warfarin.
  7. Obviously don't know his full medical history. But as a physician I can say that for unprovoked blood clots patients typically get 6 months of anticoagulation. After that point they don't get anything. Unprovoked is just another way of saying there was no known inciting cause.

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