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  1. Hey @Maxman just saw this. Been settling into a new job/house in Memphis. Feel free to message me any medical stuff, I'll be on more frequently soon. Excuse the delay, we're all pulling for you.
  2. It's like when that twat Peter King was out there claiming Peyton would have been a great doctor because he was such a smart QB. Sport writers... Lol
  3. Agreed also people can’t seem to fathom a bad environment instilling bad habits etc. I think Herbert in all circumstances is probably above darnold cause he was always a better prospect with more data to project his future. But it’s very possible that three years identical to our last three might have led him to a mediocre profile. Much better than darnold but far from elite.
  4. They are requiring that you eat salads for a week prior to entry. Those sadistic suits.
  5. This. It’s like I need certain vaccines etc to work as physician and titers to prove I am immune after vaccination.
  6. TheMo

    Starting QB

    San Diego most recently.
  7. TheMo

    Starting QB

    Jets Fans: Mahomes would have never been as good here. We would have thrown him in too fast. He's good cause Reid/KC were smart and let him learn behind a vet for a year while building the team up. Also Jets fans: Wilson should 100% start from day 1. He's the next Mahomes!!!
  8. Look @Warfish has a point. Ligament/soft tissue injuries always carry an increased risk of re-occurrence. Is it high enough that I take a guy off a draft board? Probably not if it's a singular injury. But long term there are concerns as he ages vs if he never had an injury to start with. He's the pick at this point and you have to hope the percentages fall in our favor over the short and long term. There are plenty of papers to support this with regards to recurrence rates, etc.
  9. @Irish Jet We both want Trey Smith?!?! This is not possible we aren't allowed to agree haha
  10. Oh sh*t... I'm grounded aren't I lol.
  11. Zoom is up again. Will hop on in a bit myself but people should be able to join. https://osu.zoom.us/j/95222416158?pwd=SU5zemlJWlpMT0wvWXY1OUJVVHVyZz09 @Paradis@Lith@sec101row23@Jet Nut@DoubleDecker@More Cowbell@Chrebetfan80@WhoDat205@Dcat
  12. Alright you heathens and miscreants. The zoom link from yesterday should work. I am planning on firing it up @ 18:45 so don't freak out if you can't get in before then. I'll post back here when I open it again. @Paradis @Lith@More Cowbell@sec101row23 @King P - JAMAL ADAMS!!! You're welcome, don't kid yourself you love me. I only harass people I enjoy if this makes you feel better. @Chrebetfan80 - quit polishing your wood... yup I took it there lol @DoubleDecker you can join right away this time haha @Mogglez@Jet Nut you are uninvited.... you burned out my screen with
  13. TheMo

    The QB Thread

    Never know. This is the same league that couldn't seem to wrap there head around Herbert and Watson. I think a lot of time people hold onto heuristics rather than following objective data. It's fairly common in sports and frankly even science driven areas like medicine. People always think they know better than the probabilities/statistics/data but in the long run they don't. It doesn't surprise me that some of the least analytical people you can find (football executives) seem to struggle with this stuff. It's the same reason that they seem to have issues incorporating load management and med
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