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  1. Glad Mac kept picking up DTs. It seems to make our run defense amazing.
  2. Are you kidding me man? Are you not reading anything I wrote? Only 5% of people are clean by the time they are adults! Assuming a 50-50 split that is 2.5% of the human population that is clean. He almost certainly didn't get it from a glass. He likely got it from kissing. But there is nothing that separates a girl who is a mono carrier from one who isn't. You can't tell. This is a medical fact. One I have learned from years of medical training. This fairy tale of yours where the people with mono are promiscuous heathens isn't based in any medical realit . Don't make sh*t up and post it as fact.
  3. Measles... Great analogy @bitonti except for the fact that it's nothing like mono. So you want your players to not kiss women is what I'm getting. Mono isn't restricted to a specific type of woman. You're literally making this entire scenario up.
  4. Right, so Darnold should do he mono spot test on every girl he kisses even on say a normal date. Perhaps he shouldn't date until after his career is over. Your ignorance regarding the disease is amazing really. It lays dormant and anyone who has ever had it can spread it to those who haven't. A large majority of infections occur during childhood (this usually manifests as a cold or sometimes had no symptoms when it occurs early in life) so by the time people reach adulthood almost 95% of people have been infected and are carriers. This isn't a hot take, it's an uniformed one.
  5. @jetstream23 I think the issue is why not ask this after the preseason? Asking it after one lights out game by Jones seems a bit ridiculous and will only Garner reactionary commentary. I'm not saying three seasons etc. But maybe like 4 games even. I mean at this point darnold has a 4g streak that was as good if not better than Jones 1g. For now I'd go with Jets if only because Darnold has the better flash of greatness as of now. QB > RB I might even argue DT>RB because of longevity. Hard to say, depends on how long Barkley can maintain his otherworldly level.
  6. Think by the time he came gutting it was no longer an option. I'll judge him on next draft/off-season
  7. I am a physician and this is nonsense. While possible, these complications are unlikely if he gets managed properly. This includes scans and clinical exam. Autoinfarction sounds fancy but doesn't make sense in this instance. People just like to cause a panic. Generates clicks. Appropriate risk stratification and he'll probably be okay doesnt drive web traffic sadly
  8. Look I get what you are trying to do. You want people to evaluate just the two games that have been played without caveats. However, if you are looking at that objectively context is important. For instance it would be like me running you put as batter in baseball for two games but I blindfold you. You'll suck and who knows maybe when take the blindfold of you'll suck for the next 14 games. But maybe you'll be awesome. It's hard to assess your skill because of the context of the situation.
  9. Ok couple things to address from this thread. There is no way for the staff to have known he had mono when he felt unwell. It has nothing to differentiate it from other upper respiratory infections (cold, flu, etc. ). So people can stop acting like the FO ran him out there with blood shooting out of his eye. There is no IV that can help him maintain nutrition. IV "food" (known as TPN) is ridiculously dangerous and only given to critically ill bed ridden patients who for whatever reason can't absorb food through their GI tract. He would also need a central line (an IV in his internal jugular) to receive this. Lastly it will take probably a month for him to be fully over the illness in the best case scenario. They can (and probably will) use ultrasound to make sure his spleen is okay prior to putting him back in the field. This is all in my opinion as a physician. I know there are other physicians on the board so hopefully they put in their opinions as well. I just get frustrated with medical misinformation getting bandied about with regard to illnesses such as this.
  10. Ya used to post more on JI. I feel like despite finishing my main chunk of training I've only gotten busier lol. I am sure @greenwave81 is chuckling assuming he has been at this longer than I have (just finished residency this past June). Gonna try to be more active, discussing this stuff is fun. I guess the team has me a bit down too. The Mac era was just brutal for me because it just flew in the face of logic almost 100% of the time which made it really hard for me to find anything interesting to discuss when everyone knew that the idiot would just do the opposite.
  11. Ok enough. I am a physician (anesthesiologist) and the recommended wait time is usually a month sometimes two months. Ultrasound can be used to verify splenic enlargement and normalization. Definitely going to hurt the team but he can likely come back at some point close to the halfway mark. Also prior to that he can train etc. Just can't be hit.
  12. The definition of rationality is judging a person by the fact they are using smelling salts on an NFL sideline... Right...
  13. It still blows my mind as a front office that you wouldn't look at the 2009-2011 and think, let's just make this line a continual fortress by continuing to draft blue chip players. Just seems so simple I don't understand why teams continue to ignore a very obvious formula. Probably being to logical and scientific in my approach lol.
  14. Here is a better analogy as a physician. You're a diabetic and you get a small skin wound. Now instead of immediately taking it seriously you don't really worry about it. So it becomes a necrotic toe wound. Now you can worry about your doc scolding you that you should have taken it seriously to begin with and not go in. Or you could go in and you get the toe taken off. Better than letting it get even worse and now your end up with a total below knee amputation. This is the idea of sunk cost. Mccagnan needed to go but they have him a shot at free agency. Maybe they didn't like how everything turned out but rather than letting him stay to impact scouting/extensions further they got rid of him now. For example what if he extended Leo early to a sizable contact. Now you're kicking yourself for not showing him the door sooner. If you realize you made a mistake you have to move on.

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