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  1. Realistically if Sam Darnold plays poorly enough to get us a shot at Lawrence you take the QB. BUT you also fire Gase and hopefully JD picks a good HC (I personally think that might be Toub or Greg Roman). At that point Darnold is in the Alex Smith role. Either way he's taking the punches in the system while it builds up and then Lawrence takes over. If Darnold becomes decent he can get us back significant draft capital. If he doesn't he bought you time to build a team around Lawrence.
  2. This. I've personally performed this block many times. It's possible especially if not performed under ultrasound. Known risk of the procedure, still unfortunate for the guy.
  3. Get back to me when you can find a quote of anyone describing Rex as a genius on offense and you might have a semblance of a point...
  4. Objection: badgering the witness Lol but in seriousness we all are speculating. You have no idea if Jamal would have made a difference in our win total thus far. Maye basically replicated his efforts and we got annihilated by the bills.
  5. Actually your analysis is a bit off. You are looking at things from a relative stand point. To better articulate @Jetsfan80's point I'll make this more concrete. Your argument is Jamal gives us 2-3 more wins which could be true. What he (and I) are arguing is that if you go from 3-13 to at best 6-10 the Jets are better off with the picks. Either way it's not a good season. It's like adding paprika to spam and trying to convince you it's a gourmet dish.
  6. I guess so far I have yet to look at a move he made and think here was the available move he could have made that would have been better. Maybe moving on from Gase would have been a good idea but not sure he wanted to tear it down that rapidly. If I had to nitpick. Not loving Zuniga pick at there moment since being injured was not a new issue. Also think the Morgan pick was a slightly off unless he has higher hopes for the guy than the vast majority. Still not a mind numbing Mac level pick, just might not be the best allocation of a resource.
  7. We'll have to disagree on this one, which is fine. I just don't think Jamal moves the needle and he wasn't going to play on that contract for the Jets.
  8. But would improving our D somewhat actually change the outcome. Also who knows how interested he'd be without a new contract on this dumpster fire.
  9. Our best player on offense is courtesy of our GM. Also people expecting him to turn this around that quick are insane.
  10. I don't think I have had so much visceral anger directed at a coach. Gase is literally just giving up.
  11. Why no hurry up? Even if you run the ball you don't just give away time down 18. Gase needs to go...

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