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  1. The fee for renting space in my head will be 500 dollars a night thank you
  2. I'll say it again. Give me Dave toub bitches!! Or better yet Doug pederson. No more rookies and if we go that route we need the manager type not another coordinator masquerading as a HC. Time will tell though, maybe Saleh learns and adapts. That would be refreshing lol!
  3. And it's possible I am remembering incorrectly as well. I guess I am tired of oh XYZ supporting cast aren't giving Wilson a chance. I don't want to tag people and turn it into a pissing contest (if you do want the specific people I can privately message you and we can gossip privately Downton Abbey style ). I'm not saying he has a perfect cast by any stretch, but a lot of the guys who ended up being good in the past didn't really either. In my admittedly small time following the NFL it rarely is the supporting cast as the reason a QB looks terrible (average maybe, but usually not awful). Stil
  4. @Mogglez I will actually say that @More Cowbell was not on the Fields bandwagon. Him and I often debated it and he wanted to build the team instead of another QB. If anyone should be pining for that guy it would be me. I felt that you draft Fields and sit him for a year behind Darnold. Feel like the excuse making for Wilson is hard to stomach only because this board was shouting down anyone who felt otherwise saying he was some fusion of Rodgers, Mahomes, and Jesus. I'm just not seeing anything different that what I thought might happen with Wilson predraft. All I kept getting shou
  5. I think you did hit it for me. In a way I feel like the NFL has regressed to the college level of disparity in my mind. The outcome is borderline predetermined. Like you said, no because of some nefarious plot, but cause of the push to be totally revolving around offenses and QBs. I am 33 and somewhat bored of the NFL lately. None of the results lately after surprising to me. Just the same show again and again across the league.
  6. As someone who clearly watched the game before I started watching what do you feel like had changed the most in terms of officiating. I think I was able to watch in the 2000s before fantasy was huge but most of my time had been after. Just curious cause I don't gamble either and I feel more and more disinterested of late just couldn't put my finger on it. Feel like you'd give me insight into why.
  7. If you're smart you just rush up and sneak the QB in. But instead they pontificate.
  8. Cut that idiot. Dumbest penalty to get in a fair catch no less. If you want to set a time that's what you do. Knowing Saleh he'll make him a captain. His replacement won't come in cause he doesn't know how to play every spot on special teams.
  9. Every year about our special teams guy and why he was kept. Dude sucks. And his unit sucks.
  10. I am so confused... You brought back a thread from a year ago to continue bickering... In an attempt to prove you're NOT defensive... Carry on
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