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  1. Until Gal Gadot says she won't marry me it's technically a possibility. Did I do it right??
  2. The rational thing to do is use objective things like total wins, point differential, etc. to drive decisions. Not winning or losing streaks with ethereal momentum and clutch related theories. Total wins and point differential have improved drastically (-214->-194->-15). We had a point differential of +76 at our peak (6-3). This put us on par with teams that win 11-12 games if we maintained that differential to this point. Anyone who thinks this team with this quarterback play (injuries + performance) is at the level of a SF, Cincy, or Dallas is delusional.
  3. This board is acting like we put peak Aaron Rodgers, Peyton Manning, and Tom Brady in to no avail. We've put in a practice squad QB, an overrated draft prospect, and the animated corpse of flacco under center. Again using my eyes I saw a QB today missing wide open receivers. Nothing else you can do as a play caller. They were open and he just was missing the passes (behind or sailing them)
  4. I mean idk why the system is at fault MW is missing wide open guys. And throwing behind everybody. The scheme is getting people open and our QBs can't hit the broad side of a barn.
  5. It's funny you and I went at it about Zach Wilson before the draft. Big win for me. But you've come around and we agree cause you don't put your head in the sand. I argued that Becton was not a complete bust and you were on the other side. Big win for you. But guess what? I agree with you now, no way I'm counting on him in any real way. Wouldn't plan to extend him even, maybe a year to year for a bit if he magically puts it together next year. People need stop acting like they are infallible. I called Lamar Jackson and I also thought Josh Rosen was the second coming. I was a huge Jerry Hughes fan and thought Linval Joseph was Kris Jenkins incarnate. None of us get it all right and if you can accept getting it wrong from time to time you'll never learn anything and you make the exact mistake again in the future.
  6. So there is no way you can be convinced, but you could be wrong. Also it's never your assessment it's always the coach (or coaches in the case of Darnold) who are at fault. Sounds like you view yourself as infallible.
  7. Cool let's ignore the common denominator in terms of poor performance. Just like you ignored his level of competition when we went in circles about him in the draft. It couldn't just be that the assessment was wrong predraft. Welcome to the jets circle of hell @Paradis
  8. So competition matters? @maury77 @Paradis and I got gaslit for literally an entire freaking draft season about how Zach Wilson despite playing trash competition was somehow already better than Mahomes. And that moron Simms somehow knew everything cause he made some outlandish proclamation about mahomes. The NFL draft is a data driven process based on probabilities but everyone would rather go with their feelings and "gut" than doing the boring stuff.
  9. I mean realistically he was absolutely awful statistically. 59.8%, 9TDs-17 INT 2249yd That season. Either way I think you and I at least see eye to eye that MW can be afforded the opportunity if he can achieve Alex Smith level production or it seems like he can get there with seasoning, I think you keep him long term. I don't think there is anything that fully procludes him from being great. Just a matter of putting it together. He's not some college QB that has a pop gun arm or something.
  10. And Alex Smith was developed over a while that's what people forget in remembering his KC years. To be fair he was the number one pick based on traits which cuts against my marginal talent gap argument lol but c'est la vie 😂
  11. Look give him a full finish to the season and we'll see all the good/bad. I just find it ironic (not for you specifically, just in general) how much coaches say oh give this pampered draft pick time to develop but the other QB they can't be given that time. Realistically I don't think there is a ton separating Wilson and White when you look at the overall QB ability. Mobile with live arms. At some point the marginal differences become just that, marginal.
  12. 2/9. Manning in 2016 was the epitome of a game manager. Literally his arm was shot by midway through that season. Your point is a good one though. Having a great quarterback represents 75% to game manager being 25%. What I will say is White could be an Alex Smith type that you try to upgrade as you allow the other talent to grow. Just my thoughts on moving on from Wilson post this season.
  13. Oof this thread is full of statistical malpractice lol. @Jetsfan80 is on the money people. Certainly a multivariate analysis could help parse things out further. However, this straightforward analysis does start to indicate that as a variable sitting a QB is no panacea that solves all the woes of QB success the way some on here like to claim in hindsight. Take for instance Herbert. The plan was to sit him behind Taylor for a good while. Taylor was pretty solid too. So you would think he'd probably have sat for sometime and then would have been equally successful. Then magically people would say see he sat and was good. So long story short: this admittedly smaller data set does lend credence to the argument that sitting vs starting doesn't inherently correlate to success.
  14. Look if you think Wilson sucks it's not going to wish it into reality. I didn't think he was going to be good and nothing I have seen this far has made me think otherwise. So people are happy if we can move on from the guy instead of somehow limping him along and have him be the anchor of an otherwise excellent roster in the future. Again people act like @Paradis has a voodoo doll at home that he is using to make Wilson play like garbage.
  15. These are called near misses in a lot of other jobs. When you look to improve you treat them like a full miss in terms of changing things. In this case it's like giving a hospital patient the wrong med but they happened to do okay. Being lucky doesn't change the fact that you effed up and need to be held accountable. Also speaks to skill. Anyway carry on.
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