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  1. You were never right headed that's been the issue lol
  2. I was thinking Dion Jordan. Everyone was trying to pretend his coverage ability somehow made him awesome for a 3-4 OLB lol
  3. I am his 34 year old son. Don't let him deny it. He'll claim I'm Indian but I'm really just an Italian with an excellent year round tan. When @Mogglez gets real outta line I still give him noogies.
  4. Hey! Don't talk about me like that! They are descending alright?! albeit slowly... Very slowly
  5. Good to hear. Looking forward to the next zoom Jets crying party haha
  6. Yea his velocity was historically low. To be fair that wasn't as historically correlated as hand size, but I still think it's probably not a perfect metric by any stretch. The NFL as a rule is pretty bad about interpreting data points consistently.
  7. Damn boomers... Lol hope you're well my friend
  8. I'm not sure if everyone knows but the site doesn't get extra money for locking threads lol
  9. Dude it was all in jest. I've talked to these guys for a while now. I am fairly certain @Warfish @heymangold took it that way.
  10. Getting deported is easy. Just ask @Paradis. The man is barred from leaving Canada for his international antics.
  11. It's dropped off I think mainly due to better racquet technology which has led to more playing from the baseline. Also the courts play slower these days. US players tend to be serve dominant because they train on hard courts mainly and that's not enough in the modern game. Akin to being a box safety or run stuffing MLB in today's NFL.
  12. Silence your unwashed neanderthal!
  13. Hahahaha you uncultured heathens . All good, he's a tennis player. He now holds the men's record for most tennis majors won at 21. Came back from two sets down at the age of 35 (super old by tennis standards) in the championship match. Crazy stuff.
  14. The true goat just crowned himself today. And plus points he's not whiny baby/cheater like Brady.
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