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  1. Couple things you have to adjust for. Multiple picks theoretically reduce the bust rates and increase all pro rates. So that is what needs to be looked at for Watson. If you are looking only at QB I agree with your analysis. Something to also consider is that OL can often succeed at a different position instead of busting. It makes them appear to be safer when in fact they may not be. Safe to say if Sewell couldn’t cut it at LT and ended up being an all pro LG you’re gonna be a bit bummed with that as your #2 pick. But in this system it’s considered a win it would appear.
  2. Bahktari (sp?) and linsley. Your point is well taken though. Just wondering if I managed to pull it off lol.
  3. Dalvin cook and Justin Jefferson alone make this comparison terrible.
  4. Right because they’ve shown to be making excellent organizational decisions on their own. Also he asked that they be interviewed. There is plenty of sourced information saying he merely wanted some people considered and wanted to be involved in the conversation. That’s not a crazy request. Young or not. That place is a mess culture wise
  5. You know it's funny that you bring that up. Because I actually side with team on that one. I think that signing bonus represents the risk the team takes financial. We have plenty of experience with a guy like Holmes or Mo Wilk who take SB and loaf after. My issue with this situation, which I mentioned in my post, has more to do with what I think is a toxic and inappropriate work environment.
  6. The SI article is quite the read. As @T0mShane mentioned earlier. There is a lot of stuff that would make me want to bounce out of that organization. Unqualified decision makers and mix of faith into business decisions. As someone who is definitely not in the majority (person of color, minority religious beliefs in the US) I can understand the general discomfort someone might feel in that situation. Additionally it's important not to decontextualize the situation. This is the same McNair that said allowing the players to kneel shouldn't be allowed and that they were "letting the inmates run the prison". Again I think there is a lot of cultural issues going on in Houston right now. I'll link it again for those who missed it in the scrum earlier: https://www.si.com/nfl/2021/01/16/texans-chaos-deshaun-watson-unhappy-how-jack-easterby-kept-his-job
  7. Voted A. He appears to have qualities of a good leader. The only thing that concerns me is the ability to maintain continuity on offense. It appears to me that the defensive coaches in the league do have up and down offenses due to personnel constantly being poached from them. On defense you can hire the Wade Phillips’s of the world and get away with no one hiring them away. Still quite happy.
  8. I’m trolling the guy thus the troll face. He always makes it seem like a tennis match between QBs. I actually agree with your overall point. Head to heads aren’t the way to really evaluate QBs. So many other factors at play when two teams match up.
  9. He’s the guy that gets super annoyed when some “nerd” like me presents some data to the contrary of his feelings. Deal with this type of older surgeon type all the time. So far my data has sent them packing and improved patient outcomes. The old concept of the “alpha” has been thoroughly disproven, but I’m not surprised it’s mythology persists in a sport like football.
  10. A real generational prospect wouldn’t have crumbled in the clutch to Justin Fields
  11. Brah.... brahhhhhh.... it’s over. Give up the dream already. Also you got your head to head matchup and fields blew away sunshine. Btw I actually view Lawrence as the better player before you defame my entire lineage.
  12. When I see these two fighting and just jump in like the crazy fool that I am:

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