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  1. Sent you and @Mogglez a PM with my cell number. Call me with if you have any medical questions or even if you just need someone to talk to. I don't claim to have all the answers but if I can help you cut through some of our physician lingo I'm happy to. Wishing you well and hoping for a quick recovery.
  2. You seem to have an understanding of the situation. This exactly what I have been saying. Jamal can want a free market price extension. But he's not on the free market and JD unlike that idiot Mac won't just concede that to him cause he is a good player. If Jamal was saying hey I'll take a 30% paycut in exchange for up front security there might be something there. But asking for free market prices when you are theoretically locked into a price controlled contact for about three years isn't going to get you anywhere and pissing and moaning about it just makes him look dumb to me.
  3. My annoyance with the situation is that people somehow think in this situation that Jamal should be getting free market value when he is under financial control for 2-3 (franchise tag) years. So in a negotiation there is no reason for the Jets to sign him to something other than a team friendly deal. "well what's in it for Jamal" getting guaranteed cash early. That's what. Personally if it was my finances and I can get a guaranteed 20 million I'd be fine with it. But then again I'd put it a ton of it into stable growth mutual funds and be set for life. This is also because I am a non-nfl player who thinks about finances as someone who's not making funny money.
  4. Brady is full of sh*t when it comes to medicine. As a physician I can assure you there have been countless studies to show that taking more than the recommended amount of vitamin c does nothing for you. Zinc has a slightly better track record with some studies showing that it can reduce the duration of the common cold by a day. But the evidence is pretty mixed even on that. This pill is useless and is false advertising.
  5. Dude this article is clearly him trying to call gase an idiot. His agenda is clear. I'm no gase flag bearer but my God Mehta has a hard on for the guy. It's pathologic.
  6. Nah nah man he's at the corner store having a polite disagreement with the man at the counter...
  7. I think I can speak with some level of authority given that this side of @T0mShane I have been one of the most vocal advocates for moving Jamal Adams. The gymnastics that people are going through to devalue him is asinine. He's an excellent player and comparing him to Davis is ridiculous both with regards to Adams and Davis (talk about way too high expectations). Couldn't agree more with @More Cowbell here.
  8. Like I said on zoom during draft night, my only concern for a man his size are issues that come with just being that tall and strong. Joint issues/injuries, etc. He's super athletic and not fat at all. So those should help. Outside of maintaining his already good body fat they should be trying to strengthen areas of potential injury which I hope they are doing anyway (hamstrings to protect the back/knee, etc.)
  9. There are more physicians because there is an increased demand for them. The logic is flawed here. If the league expanded there would be more starting quarterbacks out there. If you have a 3.8-4.0 GPA you have a 30% chance of getting rejected from medical school. Think about how crazy that is for a second. Oh and you also have to take the MCAT. You are arguing that I cannot become a HOF quarterback. I would say Peyton has the same odds of being a top tier physician/engineer (not just getting in, but being the best)
  10. This is flawed. You probably feel the same way about physicians. But if you think about the amount of weeding out that goes on from highschool and upward higher degrees indicate a high level of intellectual talent. Not everyone can be an PhD level engineer. Again this speaks to his comment of the public's prioritization and understanding of what various fields take. It's no given that if Peyton Manning worked hard and long that he'd ever have made it as a high level engineer/physician. I imagine @viffer feels something close to this.
  11. It doesn't bother me. But using Jamal as an example. He has to understand from a business standpoint he has no leverage. He is under contract and essentially wants an advance based on his over performance with his current contract. That's fine but if he's handling this like a business he should know that he will not get full free agent value 3 years early. The trade off for that early security comes in the form of lowered compensation.
  12. I will reiterate my stance here. The drop off from Becton to Jones was much more significant than Jeudy to Mims. I imagine @RobR and @Paradis likely have thoughts on this, but it was my general feeling from watching/reading about all these prospects.
  13. 17% body fat (not to be confused with BMI as one poster was commenting). This is not a fat man. And I don't care what how the pictures look I'll follow the data. This whole idea of him being a fat sloppy guy is medically idiotic.
  14. So let's say the the Jets take jeudy and Mims. Now you have the Seattle reject protecting Darnolds blindside with edoga on the other and the only proven receiver is still Crowder. How is that any different?

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