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  1. I'd take Becton. Really like that kid from what limited things I have read and seen.
  2. I wouldn't look to those two franchises of dysfunction as a sign. Orginazational architecture is optimized by incentive alignment. It's hard to allign incentives and collect accurate data with this type of setup
  3. I just want an average line at least and then go from there. If you recall early Brady wasn't not some sort of beast. Manning was but did have elite receivers, OL, and RB. I think if you could keep the performance of the outside factors from 2018/2019 identical this year Darnold has an increase in performance. Instead Mac managed to make things worse by drafting another DT in the first round like a dumbass and then following that up with a pothead OLB with a million red flags. Hopefully if we get some adequate lineman we can actually assess his play. If the line is blocking well and Darnold is making those awful wtf throws next year you have to start thinking about moving on.
  4. People arguing in this thread are ridiculous. It was a good pick. Good value and good return. He drafted terribly overall cause he rarely if ever got this combo on other picks other than maybe Jenkins and cashman.
  5. Isn't he Nico or something? Just under a different user name?
  6. So Darnold throws 4 picks in a game and you post about how great it really was. But our punter...tar and feather the dude for not pinning people consistently at the 5yd line. To be clear I think Darnold has great potential and has a good chance to develop into an excellent quarterback. Just pointing out your ridiculous takes.
  7. The interceptions like this are annoying. It's absolutely an idiotic throw. If the play involves a cluster of defenders throw it away. It's just a garbage decision. If he keeps doing that he needs to go. Has to learn. All I ever hear is that he studies and is great at the cerebral part. But if he can't cut this crap out that gets him on the hot seat in my mind. Get him an OL but that has to be a Darnold change. I like the guy but it has to get better. Improve the OL but if he doesn't make that better the rest of this year and next you have to look to move on at that point.
  8. You know why he didn't get mono? Because he was part of the 99% of the adult population that had already been infected and was already immune. The amount of pretend doctors that have appeared on this board is amazing to me.
  9. Kinda makes you question the play design. Is it common to have a QB role out to the left when they are Right handed? Honest question, I am unsure.
  10. Sanchez had brick faneca mangold moore and woody from left to right. That was the best OL in football paired with above average RB along with braylon edwards/cotchery. Oh he also had I believe the number one defense in the NFL bolstering him on the other side. Flawed comparison if you ask me. Other than the all USC QBs are the same nonsense.
  11. Agreed. Fix the external factors and reassess his play after next season. Getting a new QB makes no sense since no one would be able to assess him in this dumpster fire either.
  12. This is exactly it. Build around him, get some real coaches around him and go from there. If he doesn't show improvement next year, and I mean legitimate improvement (top 10 QB type stuff by metrics) you look to draft another QB high.
  13. Dude. I actually like a Darnold. A lot. I don't think the team should move on from like some here want. I don't think he's being developed properly by Gase. However, this post is ridiculous. @KRL is one of the most objective posters on here. By coming at him over saying Darnold is developing poor habits you reveal more about your own bias. I think the bad habits are coming in from poor coaching, OL play, and just Darnold's own weaknesses. I think he can eventually be an excellent QB. But all those issues need to be addressed. Including Darnold taking a hard look at his own decision making.
  14. Can't believe I'm saying this but it would appear bowles and the mountain man did a better job coaching to improve Darnold's weaknesses. Ball security and living to see another down should be getting hammered into his head. It feels like Gase is just like go sling it around. Also that play design was God awful.
  15. This team is bad overall from a talent standpoint. The roster management has been poor for years which has been stated multiple times. Additionally I don't think Gase is the right leader for the team. Doesn't have the right makeup. You don't just leave the defense to the coordinator. Good coaches are in tune with both as with any manager type position. This defense is a reflection of Williams. Tons of pressure that may hit but can also burn you. Just overall painful to watch because there isn't much to enjoy.
  16. Physician here. He would know right away. Risk gets lower every week be gets further away from the original infection date. They probably will check with ultrasound again to ensure the swelling is continuing to stay down. Stamina could be a bit of an issue for this whole season but again not to the point where we should be seeing major problems. Obviously each case is different so makes it hard to predict with 100% certainty.
  17. Glad Mac kept picking up DTs. It seems to make our run defense amazing.
  18. Are you kidding me man? Are you not reading anything I wrote? Only 5% of people are clean by the time they are adults! Assuming a 50-50 split that is 2.5% of the human population that is clean. He almost certainly didn't get it from a glass. He likely got it from kissing. But there is nothing that separates a girl who is a mono carrier from one who isn't. You can't tell. This is a medical fact. One I have learned from years of medical training. This fairy tale of yours where the people with mono are promiscuous heathens isn't based in any medical realit . Don't make sh*t up and post it as fact.
  19. Measles... Great analogy @bitonti except for the fact that it's nothing like mono. So you want your players to not kiss women is what I'm getting. Mono isn't restricted to a specific type of woman. You're literally making this entire scenario up.
  20. Right, so Darnold should do he mono spot test on every girl he kisses even on say a normal date. Perhaps he shouldn't date until after his career is over. Your ignorance regarding the disease is amazing really. It lays dormant and anyone who has ever had it can spread it to those who haven't. A large majority of infections occur during childhood (this usually manifests as a cold or sometimes had no symptoms when it occurs early in life) so by the time people reach adulthood almost 95% of people have been infected and are carriers. This isn't a hot take, it's an uniformed one.
  21. @jetstream23 I think the issue is why not ask this after the preseason? Asking it after one lights out game by Jones seems a bit ridiculous and will only Garner reactionary commentary. I'm not saying three seasons etc. But maybe like 4 games even. I mean at this point darnold has a 4g streak that was as good if not better than Jones 1g. For now I'd go with Jets if only because Darnold has the better flash of greatness as of now. QB > RB I might even argue DT>RB because of longevity. Hard to say, depends on how long Barkley can maintain his otherworldly level.
  22. Think by the time he came gutting it was no longer an option. I'll judge him on next draft/off-season
  23. I am a physician and this is nonsense. While possible, these complications are unlikely if he gets managed properly. This includes scans and clinical exam. Autoinfarction sounds fancy but doesn't make sense in this instance. People just like to cause a panic. Generates clicks. Appropriate risk stratification and he'll probably be okay doesnt drive web traffic sadly

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