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  1. So, you are saying we should've kept Sammy and drafted Pitts? Got it!
  2. I guess the trade is good for everyone. I wanted Sam with better weapons for at least one more year but it is what it is. I am gonna be here to say, I told you so when Darnold out plays Wilson or Fields down the line...
  3. Let's just say that Darnold playing 16 games results in over 3800yards. 28TDs Davis 1100yards 7TD Crowder 700 yards 6 TD Cole 700 yards 4TD Berrios 400 yards 2TD If Mims get more than 7 TDs and 800 yds We have a solid B at best. If Davis and Mims combined has 2000+ and 18 TDs than B+ So above B grade seems optimistic when I haven't even included the TE and the rookie WR.
  4. How crappy are the Jets? Drafting lemons when there are so many diamonds!
  5. And people forget that with covid...they hardly had previous practices together to build any chemistry. Even Perriman and Mims haven't had much time together.
  6. Gambler's fallacy. Jets draft luck has been so bad that it's bound to hit one right. I have seen many lose their shirts on the casino floor on that logic. Lol
  7. Agree. Give Darnold a chance with better players for next year and if it doesn't work, we have a better foundation for 2022 QB crop.
  8. Michael Carter UNC Good vision, patience and balance. Also can catch ...good 4~6round pick?
  9. Allen is elite? What part of missing wide open wrs makes him elite?
  10. Win is a win. But to entertain your one sided logic, Sam's stats are equal or better than J. Allen who won this week. So dink and dunk Allen didn't win this week? His stats are worse than darnold's two wins vs. Playoff teams? Additionally, his long balls are worse than Sam, he was missing wide open recievers beyond ten yards regularly. His third reciever, Cole Beasley could be as good as our #1. In the most team oriented sport, you are judging how Sam sucks without having NFL caliber players around him is stupid and rash. Minus Rodgers (who is arguably one of the top three greatest
  11. Ok. I guess some facts like Sam with two wins against playoff teams isn't a fact but other facts are facts as long as they serve your narrative?
  12. So they must really suck with all the talent around them...of course the coach gets fired, they had the talents..we didn't and don't
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