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  1. That play was weird....looks like miscommunication
  2. He used his eyes to lock up the linebackers that is why Criwder was so open!
  3. Hmm. In a ultimate team sport, you are saying that Sam wouldn't have won the game if he had the entire Patriots roster and the coaching staff? By your logic, Berry Sanders must have wrongly made the hall of fame because his stats don't mean diddly squat since he's was on the losing team all the time, right? So every year he was possibly the 13th best starting back every season?
  4. Some people here seems to go over board about Darnold's less than stellar performance in Buffalo...well, he did better than Brady with a lot less! Brady vs. Bills 18/39 150yd 3.8avg 0td 1int 10.QBR / 45 rtg Darnold (no sleep mono) vs. Bills 28/41 175 4.3ave 1 td 0int 37.8 QBR / 84.9 rtg Who was better vs. The Bills?
  5. Why is Baker still throwing with less than 3 minutes to go with 20 point lead? I have never hated a particular player but Baker really is an ass!
  6. No way Robbie Anderson or Quincy make another NFL team's 1st or 2nd. Every team seems to have 2 ~3 recievers that fights for the ball and make 1~2 incredible catches weekly bases...when have you seen Robbie or Quincy make tough catches in traffic consistantly or win 50/50 battles? Half of the teams 3rd recievers would beat out Robbie and Quincy.
  7. It will surprise Bker...he will be surprised to find too many open recievers with our sorry secondary!!!
  8. Ok. Sam could have thrown it better....true Was it catchable? Yes. Did Robby quit? Maybe. He looked like he just gave up a second earlier in a crucial moment in the game instead of going full tilt for the ball.
  9. I think by looking at his stats in 2018 and preseason week 4 for the Pat's where he had 80+ yards and 2 tds, he seems healthy enough to produce on the Jets anemic wr group. Over/under 1) 700 yards 2) 3 TD

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