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  1. Let me chime in., since I am an USC alum who has followed him since his high school days in Georgia. Positives: Physical tools: he is considered little short for Tackle but has monkey arms which is more imprtant trait. He has good ro great athleticism as he had wowed coaches at the senior bowl. Pass blocking: PFF rates him as the best pass blocking lineman in the draft and I can sorta stand behind it. He is also known at USC as mr. Untimely penalty guy... Run blocking: Needs to improve his strength Verdict: He has physical tools to be all pro tackle. But does he have mental make up? Hope: Now, we are learning after following this years spring ball at USC with the new Oline coach, previous one was like an uncle to the Head Coach and both were inapt. The word is their whole offense was quasi-run first/run pass option that was neither physical or fast, only saved by Darnolds incredible improvisational acumen in 2016-17 and showed how predictable and confusing it was without Sam in 2018. Even Sam biting his tongue after a loss in 18 indirectly critized how bad offensive playcalling was...The line coach was fired and 2019 USC coaches are focusing on basic techiques that weren't really taught when Chuma was there. If his bad moments are mostly attributed to bad scheme and coaching, I think we have a starter and perhaps future all pro.

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