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  1. He is kinda like shorter Reggie Bush?
  2. He plays tight coverage and knocking balls out of the wrs' hands.
  3. I "THINK" is not I am! And he retreated a little again with "or can be".
  4. So h Whose gonna hook up Sam with None-MONO carrying billionaire supermodel? Supermodels are dime a dozen in New York, right?
  5. He got that part right, he is dangerous to his own team!
  6. Opposite of Baker which means Sam is really good. Tiki says good Dallas lost to really really good Darnold!
  7. It's a different cup of tea. Eddie was great and innovative with tapping and harmonics but he was pretty limited in his musical vocabulary. Matter of fact, he knows nothing about music theory and it shows in his playing because he only does it almost by ear a lot of repetitive pentatonic and few minor scales. Frank is an innovator of sweeping, which no one still can't match and has far superior understanding of music in his playing. Sure, to many non descriminating drinkers, a bottle of Jack Daniel's is same as a 30 year old single malts scotch. But the latter has something extra only whiskey connoisseurs appreciate.
  8. Chick Corea did have three guitar players considered to be in the deity status: Scott Henderson, Mike Miller & Frank Gambale. I would consider everyone of them better guitarists than Eric, Jimi even VH. Here's Frank demoing his signature guitar for Carvin:

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