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  1. He is kinda like shorter Reggie Bush?
  2. He plays tight coverage and knocking balls out of the wrs' hands.
  3. I "THINK" is not I am! And he retreated a little again with "or can be".
  4. So h Whose gonna hook up Sam with None-MONO carrying billionaire supermodel? Supermodels are dime a dozen in New York, right?
  5. He got that part right, he is dangerous to his own team!
  6. Opposite of Baker which means Sam is really good. Tiki says good Dallas lost to really really good Darnold!
  7. It's a different cup of tea. Eddie was great and innovative with tapping and harmonics but he was pretty limited in his musical vocabulary. Matter of fact, he knows nothing about music theory and it shows in his playing because he only does it almost by ear a lot of repetitive pentatonic and few minor scales. Frank is an innovator of sweeping, which no one still can't match and has far superior understanding of music in his playing. Sure, to many non descriminating drinkers, a bottle of Jack Daniel's is same as a 30 year old single malts scotch. But the latter has something extra only whiskey connoisseurs appreciate.
  8. Chick Corea did have three guitar players considered to be in the deity status: Scott Henderson, Mike Miller & Frank Gambale. I would consider everyone of them better guitarists than Eric, Jimi even VH. Here's Frank demoing his signature guitar for Carvin:
  9. Was correct. I hate to piss on the "Fire Gase ticker parade," all the Gase haters are wrong here. Cowboys' strategy was, first, with anticipation of Bell runs, they were stacking the line to sniff out the run. Second, strength of their defense is their line and the backers. They were shellshocked last week against Green Bay and they were out for vengeance against stopping Bell to show the world how good they are. You can call it pride, hubris...whatever. Third, our line has not proven that it can be cohesive and block consistently yet. Additionally, Bachum injury, rookie RT does not help the situation. Finally, Darnold was hot, and was the better option under the circumstance. Of course, we can build on this and down the line, other teams must account for Darnold's acumen as a thrower and his uncanny ability slide around the pocket moving his eyes from one side of the field to the other and even take off. With all that, Bell will have a chance to shine and feed off each other. Hopefully next Monday.
  10. Sc alum & been a member since prior to the 2018 draft. I Thought I was gonna be a browns fan since I went to a highschool in Northest Ohio and all the magic beans and juju beads were prognosticating that Darnold was gonna get picked by the Browns...Well, it's been a bumpy ride with injuries, mono, and crazy suicidal fans! I LOVE IT!!!! GO JETS!!!
  11. That play was weird....looks like miscommunication
  12. He used his eyes to lock up the linebackers that is why Criwder was so open!
  13. Hmm. In a ultimate team sport, you are saying that Sam wouldn't have won the game if he had the entire Patriots roster and the coaching staff? By your logic, Berry Sanders must have wrongly made the hall of fame because his stats don't mean diddly squat since he's was on the losing team all the time, right? So every year he was possibly the 13th best starting back every season?
  14. Some people here seems to go over board about Darnold's less than stellar performance in Buffalo...well, he did better than Brady with a lot less! Brady vs. Bills 18/39 150yd 3.8avg 0td 1int 10.QBR / 45 rtg Darnold (no sleep mono) vs. Bills 28/41 175 4.3ave 1 td 0int 37.8 QBR / 84.9 rtg Who was better vs. The Bills?

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