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  1. No question LJ deserves all the accolades, is a dynamic athlete. However, he not a great QB. He is at least not yet. He may become one but we have not seen dynamic athletes playing QB transited to great QBs. Mike Vick, Randall Cunningham..etc. As for Sam, he is a better thrower of the ball, and faced more adverse conditions due to lack of talent, coaching and ownership. Right now, LJ is definitely better football player. Will it make him better? Jury is still out. But, I rather have Sam in the long run than LJ.
  2. Talk about revisionist history. Stop it with fictitious titles! When was Sugar Bowl ever given the National title match pre-BCS? And since, the coaches poll crowned USC as their champion because USC won head to head vs Bama in Bama earlier, beat than #1 Notre Dame and two Co Big 10 champs...Mich. st. and Mich.
  3. I would take this team over Bama! My all time USC defense I have seen play in the NFL DE Willie Mcginest/Everson Griffin DL Jurrell Casey DL Mike Patterson/Sedrick Ellis OLB Junior Seau OLB Clay Mathews III ILB Clay Mathews Jr./Ray Maaluga ILB Lofa Tatupu/Brian Cushing DB Tim McDonald/Mark Carrier/Dennis Thurman DB Ronnie Lott DB Troy Polamalu DB Jason Sehorn/Dylon McCutcheon
  4. And here's Pittman showing off his wheels, https://twitter.com/PFF_College/status/1219747537323728898?s=20
  5. Highly unlikely Thomas will be available at 11.
  6. Noted omission I noticed, ELVIS GEddY LEE (R.I.P. Neil Peart) Phil Collins David Lee Roth Donald Fagan Billy Joel PETER CETERA Bobby Kimball
  7. Wish we had a 2nd round DT that gets 2 sacks and a caused fumble and stop 4th and short over and over again...instead of top five picks that do dissapearing acts like Houdini.
  8. Claypool can't get seperation...I rather pick Pittman over Claypool.
  9. He's faster, better hands, slant catching machine. Seems to get separation and positive yards just about every time. I will take him in the 2nd or 3rd round for sure!
  10. He looks great imho!
  11. Used the site and I got this..lol. Looks like a dream scenario. Need I say more??
  12. Tyron Smith only played RT at SC. Wirf has that kinda potential in my opinion.
  13. I can agree with that. I am only pointing out, Haters are too quick to dismiss and force glass half empty perspective with every other play. If another QB does it, it's greatness or skill, if Darnold does it, he's a gambler or stupid for trying to make a play.
  14. Ok...you give Darnold their coaches, which you would agree much much better? Saints Oline, WR, RBs in the last 6 years and assume that Darnold has been in the league for 8~10 years in his prime..okay...you don't think he can put up those numbers?
  15. Big Ben averages 1INT a game for the last 6 years... Rivers the same... Brees as well.... So they must not be franchise QBs?
  16. I admit I am a fan of Sam. But by looking at things statistically, even with poor organization, lack of supporting players and coaches, he is on par with a lot of good to great QBs of last 20 years. Bashing Darnold for ints...etc. You expect pocket QB to be perfect from the get go? 1st 6 full season average for these Hall of Fame QBs: Tom Brady 15.8 gms, 24.5TD/13INT, 30.3sacks Payton Manning 16gms, 27.8TD/18.3 INT, 21sacks Darnold 12.5gms , 18TD/14INT, 32.5sacks Per 16games 23TD/17.9INT, 42.6 sacks Of course, other qbs did better in their 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th year but not by much. All these talks of, "Oh, he better have 30TD to 10 INT in his third year talk is unfounded and stupid. Big Ben in his third year stat: 15games 17TD/23INT, 46sacks Drew Breeze 2nd full year & 3rd yr in the league : 11games 11TD/15INT, I can say, Darnold had similar or better than these above QBs in terms of development statistically.
  17. Okay, so Darnold wasn't great and inconsistent at times but had above .500 record. Over 3000 yards in 13 games, 19TD/13int. Likely QBR around 50ish, around average starting QB Let me ask which of the below on our team is average or above? OWNER...way below...possible bottom 5 GM...unproven...but hopeful. However, Mac was perhaps the worst...so below average 2019 Head Coach...again maybe better than Kitchens? Bottom 5 O Coordinator ...every game, puzzling play calling Oline: arguably the worst Running backs: should be above average but one of the worst statistically..see oline and coaching WR...above average slot, inconsistent #1, overall I would say below average group, I mean which recieving group you wouldn't swap with? TE...who wouldn't you trade with? Do you actually believe: Josh Allen or Baker would put up better number than darnold if they were here? Do you believe Dak Prescott would do better? Even Lamar Jackson would be pedestrian here imo. He has a head coach and the organization that seems to move in unison, and they understand how to maximize the talent that they have...If he were a Jet, Jetsian way would hamstring LJ from the top down.

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