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  1. Hello folks, my first game thread. If anyone needs a HD stream, I've got a link.
  2. I similarly feel betrayed by the Browns front office, and I was only attached to them for about 8 months... after it became apparent they would get #1 pick I was sure they would select Darnold with it, a confidence not at all alleviated during the off season. Dorsey is a jerk-off, he probably thought he was so clever throwing smokescreens left and right by sitting in the stands with Sam's parents during Pro Day and I knew from Darnold's face (which rarely changes) immediately after the Browns pick that he and his support were being fed complete horse sh*t during the interviews and dinners. I think Baker is decent QB, but what was it all for? All the misdirections and two 1-15 seasons to get a Nick Foles? I understand maybe Josh Rosen or Saquon, who are ready-to-go transformational player-makers on the level of Sam, but the Browns played so many games with the #1 pick just to select a short, mildly athletic, game manager QB, who will sit behind Tyrod for 2 seasons? Whatever, for selfish reasons I'd much rather take a weekend trip to NYC than Cleveland to watch my favorite player. Just felt bad for Sam immediately after the draft, but I think the experience made him additionally grateful to have a coaching staff and fan-base that are equally grateful to have him. Christopher Johnson's words to him during the draft call were exactly what Sam and faithful USC fans needed to hear, even if it took a few days to sink in.

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