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  1. He’ll probably have a non-disclosure agreement signed that’ll stop him talking for many a year. Besides, who really needs to hear his side of the story? Let him sit in a coffee shop watching RedZone in peace.
  2. Fair play to Josh McCown for giving a career in media a go. Always seems well presented, well spoken. Good luck to him.
  3. CB Montrel Meander claimed off the waivers.
  4. Quinnen Williams held out with calf injury.
  5. How does Johnson admitting something privately, affect the view from someone outside of Johnson’s private admittance? You’d never know it happened... “I trust that guy for that thing I don’t know he did.”
  6. What if his attitude in the locker was not conducive to the environment Gase wants to create?
  7. Welcome ScottishJet. Borderline a British invasion now.
  8. “Quick profile” [scrolls through between 50 and 60 paragraphs]
  9. So in your plan, if he calls McCarthy, and McCarthy signs on and invariably gets asked about Bell, and says “I wouldn’t have taken a player who sat out for a year” What then?
  10. Maybe it’s my football view (proper football), but a move like this is just nowhere near as “toxic” or as bad as people are making out. Perhaps people expect it to be different in the US game. But when a football team in the UK, or Europe, hires a new Manager, they sign on with ultimate control of a team. You more often than not, find they play a part in the hiring of a “Director of Football”, essentially the equivalent of the GM in the American game. Someone the Manager has a previous relationship with, someone who wants the same things for the team, someone who buys into the vision the Manager has for the next 3-5 years. The Director of Football is “higher up” within the business side of the game whilst the Manager handles the team but the Manager still rules the roost. I’m more than satisfied Gase has come in and bulldozed his way to a scenario where he thinks he can be successful. The opposite has got the Jets the square root of ******* nowhere in the last few seasons. Bring it on. Jet up.
  11. Holy cow. Strap in chaps. This season is going to be mental.
  12. Doesn’t one of his Florida coaches now work for the Jets? Can’t have hated him that much.

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