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  1. Not sure how I posted the images if I wasn't signed in 🤔
  2. https://ibb.co/wN1By10 https://ibb.co/M8fn6xB I get things like this everywhere on mobile now.
  3. A few football teams over here are actually contemplating this.
  4. The amount of adverts on this forum has gone into overdrive lately.
  5. Thank God we’re comfortable with Robby Anderson.
  6. You’re missing out. One of the main reason I love visiting the States is saying normal things and getting confused looks.
  7. Luckily, Joe Douglas is a ******* genius. We’ll be fine.
  8. Perine has Lev Bell and Frank Gore to learn from? You couldn't have wanted a better RB duo in the room as a rookie.
  9. Taking another QB from the Patriots? You son of a bitch JD, I’m in.
  10. They've been trying to trade him for ages. Nobody wanted to trade for him. Probably because they knew he'd get released. They're hardly going to release him before drafting Burrow in case some barmy draft pick trade offer appeared on their desks.

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