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  1. Bell just made the 9 yards. Sure let’s stop him from making it 10. Gase is a ******* clown.
  2. Absolutely blown another chance for points which you cannot do against this Ravens team.
  3. Damn shame that. If we score. Game on. If the Ravens get downfield and score and then get the ball back in the 2nd half. We’re dead.
  4. A lot of credit should also go to Jamal Adams. The man has absolutely turned up since the trade talk.
  5. Also I’d love to see Lamar Jackson’s running style behind our line. 😂
  6. If we come away with a 5-11 record it’ll be nothing short of a miracle. He deserves an attempt at a season with something that resembles an NFL standard O-line. If he can’t make the playoffs next year then we have the conversation about moving on.
  7. It’s well known Gase and Williams want high intensity training sessions. They want their sides of the ball to compete as if it’s game day at all times. It’s hardly surprising if that adds to wear and tear of players. Unless given proper rest and recovery time it’s always going to happen. We might not condition very well, likewise players may not follow their prescribed diets and sleep regimen. We’ll never know.
  8. They’re great, and many people over here at the London games complimented them.
  9. Jamal Adams is the cherry on the cake. Trouble is, we don't have a cake.

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