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  1. Love that in the same article Crowder talks about how much he brings to the middle of the field, and at the same time it says we’re planning on him being out wide. Excellent.
  2. You've probably answered your own question there mate.
  3. So just to confirm, some people think we are going to screw up the jerseys because of a picture of the back end of a player’s car? Cool.
  4. British Jet

    Free Agent Centers

    Next year we’ll finally get that WR1.
  5. This. Give them a year under Williams and see how they play before making decisions.
  6. British Jet

    Discussion on centers

    So in summary, it’s quite common to find a big dude who can lift a ball between their legs in almost any round of the draft most years. Who’d have thunk it.
  7. British Jet

    The Giants rebuild

    I think the most important thing about the Giants rebuild is that it fails and their organisation collapses.
  8. British Jet

    Jordan Howard

    I should caveat that I’m asking under the presumption we don’t re-sign Crowell and Powell.
  9. British Jet

    Jordan Howard

    Supposedly the Bears want a 3rd round pick for him, but may take a 4th. Would you do it?
  10. British Jet

    Jets Not Bringing Back All-Pro KR Andre Roberts

    Saw $5m floating around.
  11. British Jet

    Emmanuel Ogbah?

    I wonder the cost...
  12. British Jet

    RT Ryan Schraeder

  13. He’s resigning with them.
  14. Back with the Colts.
  15. British Jet

    Myers moving on

    I am available to be the kicker for the Jets. As an Englishman who has kicked footballs for nearly 30 years. I am available for $200,000 a year. I will take a 6-year deal. I fancy myself comfortably up to 60-yards. Kicking is not hard. End.

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