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  1. Schefter is starting to go a little crazy being so out of the loop. I'm starting to like Rodgers more and more.
  2. 800 yards, 6 TDs on 60 receptions? 40 something first downs on 60 receptions? The man is a very good, aggressive, possession WR2.
  3. He also had Davante Adams taking up about 4500 yards opposite him across the same time span. If Garrett does that we can be happy Lazard is blocking the sh*t out of other people.
  4. This is going to count for absolutely nothing I know, but I know the guy who does the graphics for the NFL social media feeds in the UK/Europe. He's been told the deal is done and to prepare the fancy graphics announcing it / talking about it on social media. He's sent me the Rodgers stuff that he's made.
  5. Big fan of this move. G Wilson, Lazard, E Moore, Conklin, Uzomah, Breece. Come on now.
  6. A chance to hide behind his hero for two years? I’d say it’s a perfect scenario for him.
  7. This definitely needed a new thread.
  8. Funny enough, the post I quoted in the response. You've said if Wilson has a mental problem like anxiety, he should retire. Which is about as absurdly extreme as it could possibly get. He's 23 years old and has now been taken out of the situation that is troubling him. He, and the coaching staff, can work on it and look to improve him.
  9. If he was laughing and joking I'm sure everyone would be complaining that he doesn't care that he lost his job. If I were him, I'd be ******* furious with how things had gone for me, knowing that is was my own doing. I don't blame him for having a face like a slapped arse. He's watching someone else make a mockery of his role in this team.
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