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  1. Has his partner had their kid yet? Thought that was the reason he was staying away?
  2. Took the swing. Had a deal with the Chiefs. Didn’t give up top-10 picks. Offered the big money. Player wanted, and chose Miami. It happens. You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. JD took the shot. Fair play to him.
  3. You don't truly appreciate the highs unless you experience the lows.
  4. The rumour was a high ankle sprain but there has been nothing confirmed. Could be without him for 3 weeks.
  5. Ty’son Williams averaged 6.2 yards per carry and was a healthy inactive last week. YPC isn’t everything.
  6. Yeah, we tend not to shoot each other as much over here.
  7. Well, security was proper tight but it was good to see players reactions as I gave them a cheer when they set off for walkthrough at the stadium. Lovely weather for it today.
  8. I'm going to head down to where they practiced today (and I'm assuming they're staying) in the morning. It's only about an hour from me. I'll see if I can grab some pictures and share them with you lot. Gives me an excuse to wave my UK Jets flag in public for a bit.
  9. I'm trying to work out where the **** they are. The Falcons took The Grove which is a popular hotel for sports teams, but I can't find anything about where the Jets are. I was hoping to give them a cheer.
  10. Calvin Ridley not travelling to London, will not play. No Russell Gage either.
  11. It's a sell out. Edit - which is technically 62,850. But I'm sure the seating configuration changes a bit for NFL.
  12. Got to give them credit. The Panthers really are going all out to reunite Sam with his favourite targets.
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