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  1. Nobody seems to be considering how the rest of the roster would react to bringing Bell in. If I was a player I’d be well happy to bring a high profile player like Bell in. It’s a statement of intent. Bring in a player that knows he’s great. That sort of attitude spreads. There is a reason Adams says the locker room is a losing locker room. It doesn’t contain winners. Don't settle.
  2. Makes me chuckle seeing people saying it’d be a waste because teams would just stack the box against us. That would make one thing teams actually have to do to try and beat us. At the moment that count is zero. We have nothing. Lets get something in Bell, and try and give our WR core some breathing space. Who cares how much it costs. He’ll give us four excellent years.
  3. British Jet

    Jets playing in London in 2019?

    Bring it on. #JetUp
  4. British Jet

    ~ ~ Dolphins @ Jets : Sun, Sept. 16 ~ ~

    Absolutely buzzing for this now. Took me four different shops (all sold out) but finally got my Darnold jersey for tomorrow. Jet up!
  5. British Jet

    ~ ~ Dolphins @ Jets : Sun, Sept. 16 ~ ~

    Seeing on Twitter that this could be a sell out? When was the last time that happened?
  6. British Jet

    ~ ~ Dolphins @ Jets : Sun, Sept. 16 ~ ~

    Behave yourself. 'You'll never walk alone' is a sh*t song.
  7. This British Jet is flying to New York tomorrow morning and is bringing good old fashioned English noise and vociferous support to Block 123 in MetLife on Sunday. Watch out for the Green and White Union Jack flag waving high. That'll be me. Let's get it. Jet up.
  8. Oh my days. That's what I’m talking about.
  9. Close to midnight here the UK. Game live on TV. Buzzing for the new era. Let’s do this. (Though I do need five points from Stafford to win my opening matchup in fantasy).
  10. Has until Week 10 to sign the franchise deal to become a FA I think.
  11. British Jet

    Darnold Officially Named Starter

    Go on Sam. Let’s do this. I hope that Jet’s fans afford him a few hiccups through this season and we enjoy his good moments knowing it’s only going to improve as he plays more.
  12. There’d be no better way for Darnold to announce himself than to have a great productive game against a team that passed on him, and even more so with them being the Giants. Go Jets.
  13. Not that it counts for anything, but Jamal Adams has liked multiple posts on social media with links to news reports about the Jets going for Mack. Including that Cowherd video above. Such is modern day life, you've got to wonder how much the players are talking about that sort of potential deal.
  14. The worst part of the picture for me is not that he's doing it, is that he's got a pasty white torso and tanned arms. Even that sh*t out Baker.
  15. British Jet

    Visit from the UK

    Thanks all. Appreciate the input. Been over to NYC many times but finally managed to line up a trip to see the Jets this time. So I’m not fussed by all the sightseeing stuff. This is a Jets trip! Think we’ll definitely check out the tailgate. 👍

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