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  1. Another person who shouldn’t be allowed to internet.
  2. When Darnold has to dodge a completely free one man blitz. It’s quite telling.
  3. Pretty spectacular start from the Pats to be fair. Clinically efficient. Just want to see a couple of plays from Darnold or Bell now. Find something to build on.
  4. I was in the Vikings Stadium when Diggs scored the walk-off touchdown for the Minneapolis Miracle. For that reason, we must trade for him.
  5. I love Jets fans. Everything is either world class or dumpster fire. There’s literally no in between. How about we see how Jones does now there is tape on him and he is going to play better teams than the Bucs.
  6. You could literally take “Not Living Up To Expectations”, and put any player name or even the team name ahead of it and it’d still be valid.

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