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  1. I was in the Vikings Stadium when Diggs scored the walk-off touchdown for the Minneapolis Miracle. For that reason, we must trade for him.
  2. I love Jets fans. Everything is either world class or dumpster fire. There’s literally no in between. How about we see how Jones does now there is tape on him and he is going to play better teams than the Bucs.
  3. You could literally take “Not Living Up To Expectations”, and put any player name or even the team name ahead of it and it’d still be valid.
  4. Because if anything, we’re building some confidence in Faulk.
  5. I’m actually gutted for the guy. This could now get quite horrific to watch. Roll with the punches I guess.
  6. If nothing else, there will be further questions asked of Mayfield’s ability to carry his team if he continues like this.
  7. Not sure how to feel about this. I’m starting Browns D and I’m down by 12 in Fantasy Football. Conflicted 😂
  8. This is the worst thing I’ve ever read on the internet. If you want to get technical. The sport we invented, was called soccer before it was called football. It became football after Association Football. We had Association Football (soccer) and Rugby Football, which just ended up going by Rugby. So hush your gums. I’m English and was trying to make sure you Americans knew what I was talking about.
  9. Any soccer player can do this.
  10. I can't wait to see Bell and Montgomery line up together. They'll both play RB and WR. It'll be mental and brilliant and opposing teams won't have a clue how to defend it.
  11. I used to take penalty kicks in rugby, used to practice from anything back to the halfway line which is 50m, so something like 55 yards? I'm willing to play for the Jets. I'll take £10,000 a game and travel expenses. Kicking a ball from spot is not hard.
  12. Poor old Truesdell. He’s been signed and released twice in 8 days.
  13. Puts it slightly into perspective when we've got users on here saying he didn't impress or do enough.

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