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  1. 1 hour ago, JiFapono said:

    As a life long fan of the Jets, Mets, Knicks, Islanders who knows many other life long fans of these teams, I'm both confused and offended by this comment.  lol

    Fair. Just seen plenty of comments over the years, even on here about going off and supporting someone else when the going gets particularly tough. It has never sat right with me. 
    It was a sweeping statement, perhaps unfairly, like the original comment that European fans don’t like particular teams!

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  2. To bench Wilson now, after the coaching staff and team leaders (Davis, Mosley etc) rally around him would show absolutely no faith in his ability to lead the team. You can't hand the keys to the guy and "you're our man" and then three weeks later take the keys back and say "actually, no, sorry about that, you're not quite our man yet"

    Wilson is not the only rookie QB struggling this season, nor will he be the last. 

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  3. 17 minutes ago, Facts said:

    You said the other teams I mentioned had middling records so they don’t count. Which makes no sense considering the Jets had a middling record just a year and a half ago.

    In other words, you’re moving the goalposts to wherever fits your argument.

    I brought up the fact that the teams you mentioned have never been "bottom feeding teams". You were using them as the argument that they've turned around from sh*t to great in a year. They've not been as sh*t as we have. 

    If we want to use that logic anyway irrespective of how much it doesn't compare to our situation, we were sh*t in 2018 (4-12) and then turned it around in 1 year like your other teams did to get to 7-9 in 2019. Then we're sh*t again in 2020 (2-14). So if we win 7 or 8 games this year does that mean we're exactly the same as everyone else and your original point is pointless?

  4. 13 minutes ago, Claymation said:

    You wrote that they shouldn't print the score lines in local paper because it upset the children. And you called it "ridiculous".

    The emphasis of youth sports besides exercise, should be teamwork & communication. Participation trophies is an acknowledgement that the child put in the hard work, time and effort that goes along with being a part of youth sports team. No child is confusing getting their modest award with being the team MVP.


    And yet, I didn't state that was equal to booing a child did I?

    I disagree with your final sentence. You're calling it a "modest award". Where is the source of the drive to improve if you're going home with a trophy win or lose? Where does that fire to be the best come from? You think Tom Brady would want to win Super Bowls at 44 if he got a ring for taking part?

  5. 8 minutes ago, Claymation said:

    So we shouldn't boost a child's self-confidence & esteem, especially in struggling areas? Booing and telling they are bad is a better for their development and psyche, in your opinion.


    Zach Wilson is not a child. 

    Not giving every child a medal, is not booing a child. 

    You're twisting my words to suit a narrative.

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  6. 1 minute ago, JiFapono said:

    Posts from my build around Sam mocks...F'ing A.  Why cant we ever find a GM who knows their ass from their elbow.

    Look at the talent injection and the way they set themselves up for next draft with simply doing the right thing and trading back 

    Would Sam still have fumbled 4 times in our first 3 games like he has for the Panthers?

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