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  1. I'm sure in 5 years when Wilson is earning tens of millions of dollars every year he'll really think back to being booed during what was probably his worst performance as a professional footballer player. Without going off on a tangent about how much I hate youth sports nowadays, but I'm sick of everyone getting a participation medal. You don't know the effort and commitment it takes to win, unless you experience what it's like to lose. I coached soccer for a few years over here and it got to a point where they wouldn't even print scorelines in the local paper anymore because it "upset ch
  2. I ruptured my MPFL when I dislocated my knee cap. It is not pleasant. But I also tore a bunch of other ligaments (MCL, LCL, PCL) and chipped the underside of my kneecap. It's been 20 months and I still can't play soccer. Good times.
  3. That Chiefs line must be pretty bad for a 6th round hopeful pick to be the best lineman.
  4. If I helps, when I tore four knee ligaments and dislocated my knee I didn’t hear a pop, I heard a grinding noise.
  5. Feels like this could’ve gone in the Carl Lawson injury thread.
  6. If he’s done his achilles he’s done for the season and I’d start to worry about his overall explosiveness when he returns. It would be an absolute devastating disaster.
  7. For what it's worth. We had 45,000 fans in Wembley yesterday as part of our gradual increase in capacity at open air events. There has also been another push to get everyone over 18 at least their first dose of the various vaccines available. There is nothing at the moment to suggest our football season (which starts in August) won't all be played at full capacity. So providing there are no unforeseen complications or variants I'd imagine this game will go ahead with no issues.
  8. I think there is a reason Zach Wilson has recently said his family will be staying in Utah. He’s in New Jersey to work and get in the playbook. I’m not sure his mother is welcome in his headspace right now.
  9. Avoid viagogo and stubhub. They will charge you a fortune. They basically buy up the tickets and resell them at a higher price. Arseholes. ticketmaster.co.uk will be the place to go.
  10. We have around 30% of the population fully vaccinated (with over half the population having had their first doses) and that is largely those at risk, we're now into the group of anyone aged 40 and over, but it started with the elderly and vunerable. Sporting events have started allowing up to 10,000 fans in attendance with the idea that over the Summer months there will be more events and concerts and shows etc. COVID deaths have been the single figures per day recently which proves vaccination is working. We expect to "open up" as a country mid-June as the younger generations get th
  11. I wouldn’t worry. There’ll never be a team here. The following of teams in this country is not something taken lightly. The powers at be know that when 84,000 people turn up to the London games they come wearing jerseys of 32 teams. Those fans won’t swap for a London based franchise. Football (our football) is a lot more territorial and you don’t swap teams when you’re a fan.
  12. Don’t come at me with Super Bowl winners being “World Champions” and bitch your sport is played in another country. There has been a huge following of the NFL in the UK for decades.
  13. Let’s ******* go! If anyone needs a tour guide over here, hit me up. Absolutely ******* buzzing.
  14. Don't think so. The longer into the season we wait for this game, the more expectations on Wilson to perform. This is week 1, for a rookie, there's a long list of excuses if Darnold wins the game. If this was week 10 we'd be wondering if Wilson had what it took to be QB1. Having this happen in week 1 is perfect. Especially if we light it up.
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