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  1. Agreed. Doesn’t have to be a big splash. Just needs to be the right splash.
  2. We’re going to get Fuller and he’s going to get injured isn’t he?
  3. I will be somewhat underwhelmed if our big FA on splash on skill players consists of Bourne and Perriman.
  4. Is it just me that feels like they've already got their Curtis Samuel in Shenault?
  5. As opposed to happily signing a huge contract and honouring it. Weird, right? Personally, I love demanding that I can walk away from huge commitments whenever I feel like it. #sports
  6. It's not Watson or Lawrence though is it. It's Watson or Lawrence and three other first round picks.
  7. I can’t imagine this decision will be made until we’re on the clock. You can claim all you want that Darnold has a future here, but if the Jags go mental and take Fields we sure as hell aren’t passing on Lawrence. I’ll have faith in whatever decision the new coaching staff decide and get fully behind whoever is QB1.
  8. This. It feels like 80% of the posters on this thread have never been involved in an interview for a job. The NFL is such a weird industry where you request interviews with people already in employment and have them without the person even leaving their existing role. Saleh has no obligation to just take a job because it is offered to him. We certainly do not need a Head Coach that snatches the job offer from the table and signs in without any consideration about what that does for his family, or without considering other options available to him. That sort of impulsiveness is not a stron
  9. I wonder if on a Falcons forum they’ve also got hysterical people saying Smith has been able to leave the facility without a deal after a second interview.
  10. Alternatively, Robert Saleh is demonstrating that he can remain calm, evaluate all options available to him and will ultimately choose the job he feels best suits him and the franchise, and one where he believes he can bring the best chance of success.
  11. He’s struggling to commit to the most appealing jobs on the market. What in God’s name makes you think he’d want to head to the Jets?
  12. I’m a huge fan of how thorough these discussions with Saleh appear to be.
  13. It think it's fairly obvious that he's showing off some dental work he's had.
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