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  1. Someone that is plugged in with the Jets on this site mentioned that JD was talking to Green Bay about getting back in the first round for Elijah Moore. But the cost was too high. So Moore might be the pick if true. He can do a lot of what Deebo Samuel does in terms to backfield work. A great fit IMO if they stick with the pick.
  2. 2: R1 P2 QB Zach Wilson - BYU 23: R1 P23 IOL Alijah Vera-Tucker - USC 34: R2 P2 WR Rondale Moore - Purdue 66: R3 P2 CB Paulson Adebo, Stanford 86: R3 P22 LB JaCoby Stevens - LSU 107: R4 P2 RB Khalil Herbert - Virginia Tech 146: R5 P2 TE Jacob Harris - Central Florida 154: R5 P10 FB Ben Mason - Michigan 186: R6 P2 S Paris Ford - Pittsburgh 226: R6 P42 K Riley Patterson - Memphis
  3. The Wilson at 2 pick sure makes OL top priority. Maybe even a release valve WR that can do backfield work in the Deebo Samuel mold. A quick separator that Zach can lean on. An extension of the running game really that could make his life easier in the beginning. Teven Jenkins and Kadarius Toney would be great to follow up the Wilson pick with. The haul of picks we have next year (Two 1s, Two 2s, One 3, Two 4s, etc) cannot be overlooked. This team will not be "hole free" after this draft/off season. But if we can build something on offense around the new QB that would be huge. Knowing that
  4. Jaylon Ferguson would be good here.
  5. I heard you. Now I want those 30 seconds back.
  6. I feel like the top Center prospects are pretty slam dunk type of guys. And getting one in the 2nd round appeals a great deal. Little risk with those top Center guys this year. So if a trade down gives us a Center in round 2 I am all for it!
  7. *Trade with Washington. Round 1 (#15) - Montez Sweat, OLB (Mississippi State) Round 2 (#46) - Erik McCoy, C (Texas A&M) Round 3 (#68) - Julian Love, CB (Notre Dame) Round 3 (#93) - Emanuel Hall, WR (Missouri) Round 4 (#105) - Bobby Evans, OT (Oklahoma) Round 6 (#196) - Ed Alexander, NT (LSU) Round 7 (#217) - Travis Homer, RB (Miami)
  8. What player(s) does your gut see being in Jet green? I have two that I keep feeling: - Montez Sweat - Erik McCoy Don't know why. Just can see it.
  9. New era time! Gase and Williams are not quiet guys. They will be heard in that draft room. I feel our best draft in a long time a comin'.
  10. I made this point awhile back as well. It didn't go over well mostly. And now I am not wanting Williams either. We have had guys like Wilkerson, Coples and Richardson and have nothing to show for it. We need a complete team. Not a jacked dline. No DL is gonna take this team to the playoffs. They have legit positions to fill. Not upgrade! To actually fill. Trade down and fill two of them. Preferably OLB and C. Then figure out CB in round 3 if possible. Double dip even.
  11. Give Me: Bradbury, Sweat, Dillard. Don't Give Me: Insert 3 DLs here.
  12. A team not mentioned much. The Bengals. New coach. Dalton isn't a guy a new regime may want to hang their hat on. Haskins being an Ohio State guy. They may want to nab their QB of the future now so he can sit a year like Mahomes did with Alex Smith.
  13. All this Ed Oliver leaked talk feels fishy. Lying season. Telling teams that if you want Ed you need to trade up. You want Ed? Call us. You want Q? Ring-a-ding time. You want Haskins or Lock? Pick up the phone. You want Bosa? Gimme gimme gimme. Oliver is just another guy getting love that some teams may be drooling over. We like him I am sure. But the for sale sign is firmly planted in the ground. Somebody will give us a package of picks. It might not be the haul we are hoping for though.
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