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  1. What player(s) does your gut see being in Jet green? I have two that I keep feeling: - Montez Sweat - Erik McCoy Don't know why. Just can see it.
  2. jetsfaneh

    SOJ or beginning of a new era?

    New era time! Gase and Williams are not quiet guys. They will be heard in that draft room. I feel our best draft in a long time a comin'.
  3. jetsfaneh

    The case against Williams is weak

    I made this point awhile back as well. It didn't go over well mostly. And now I am not wanting Williams either. We have had guys like Wilkerson, Coples and Richardson and have nothing to show for it. We need a complete team. Not a jacked dline. No DL is gonna take this team to the playoffs. They have legit positions to fill. Not upgrade! To actually fill. Trade down and fill two of them. Preferably OLB and C. Then figure out CB in round 3 if possible. Double dip even.
  4. Give Me: Bradbury, Sweat, Dillard. Don't Give Me: Insert 3 DLs here.
  5. A team not mentioned much. The Bengals. New coach. Dalton isn't a guy a new regime may want to hang their hat on. Haskins being an Ohio State guy. They may want to nab their QB of the future now so he can sit a year like Mahomes did with Alex Smith.
  6. jetsfaneh

    Ignore rumors and study history

    All this Ed Oliver leaked talk feels fishy. Lying season. Telling teams that if you want Ed you need to trade up. You want Ed? Call us. You want Q? Ring-a-ding time. You want Haskins or Lock? Pick up the phone. You want Bosa? Gimme gimme gimme. Oliver is just another guy getting love that some teams may be drooling over. We like him I am sure. But the for sale sign is firmly planted in the ground. Somebody will give us a package of picks. It might not be the haul we are hoping for though.
  7. jetsfaneh

    Bosa Available at 3 - Trade or Stay?

    Lol. I did the exact same thing. Bosa at first. Then changed my mind. We could certainly grab a legit starting Center in the 2nd round. We need that this year.
  8. Interesting comments on Bosa. I listened to a great podcast on him with interviews with past coaches, parents, etc. The core injury was real. And he and his family took it really hard as he was planning on having a monster college year. They immediately sought out the best surgeon in the business. Full recovery. Apparently an injury not at risk of reoccurring like some injuries do. I don't buy him being a slam dunk to the 49ers. Guys slip out of the first couple picks every year. Usually to us. Bosa certainly can be there.
  9. jetsfaneh

    The Harvard Draft Value Chart

    Getting Darnold and still having our first round pick this year is pretty sweet. Most QB first round trade ups seem to always include next years first rounder. These charts seem to be pretty insignificant these days. Each draft is it's own animal. Hell, some drafts teams draft a kicker in the 2nd round. Still can't get over that!
  10. Love the trade back idea. The compensation is the big thing though. Having a 2nd rounder this year would be awesome. Especially if you are looking for a Center. Add in a first next year and I would be happy. Add in some kind of trading for Frank Clark and signing him long term would make it even better.
  11. jetsfaneh

    Frank Clark

    Lol. Keep reading. Clark + Seahawks first rounder + more picks.
  12. jetsfaneh

    Frank Clark

    How much would it take for the Seahawks to get pick #3? Frank Clark, pick 21 and more?
  13. I think a trade down does happen with a team that falls in love with Q. He will be the number one player on many teams boards. And available at 3. Falcons could do this.
  14. jetsfaneh

    New Mock has Jets Trading With Giants

    I say if we drop to 6 we can still nab JOSH ALLEN. Or certainly SWEAT or BURNS, etc. Then with our newfound 2nd rounder we grab center ERIK MCCOY. 3rd round nab JULIAN LOVE at CB and EMANUEL HALL at WR. That is a nice crop of talent to bring into camp! I think Macc knows that recouping that 2nd round pick is huge as the top center prospects will be gone by round 3. He is holding a for sale sign and will take a little less to secure that 2nd round pick I think.
  15. Bosa. I see him as a 3-4 OLB standing up type of guy. Strength and speed. All day Bosa.

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