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  1. Watch the throw at 4:30. Guy has horrible footwork. Study this tape, you cannot tell me this guy is worth a top 3 pick.
  2. He throws high, ugly, poor downfield ball placement. Its a complete cluster ****.
  3. Its the worst draft in years. Some d2 players, and Darnold. The Miami tight end pick looks the best and he is hurt and low production. I am always honest, and I don't see it. Some of the udfa classes like the Bills have so far are better than our class.
  4. That Washington st tape makes it seem like he should be an udfa. Its hideous .
  5. Evaluate what you see here folks? This is garbage . More like a spread qb, with horrible footwork. Disaster pick .
  6. Josh Adams better, not even close.
  7. Kevin Tolliver is an nfl player. He was ranked a top 10 recruit, never developed I guess. I think he is a better pro than college guy.
  8. Jalen Mills, Peterson, Mo. Good pipeline . Tyrann too
  9. Give me Toliver. Legit talented corner .
  10. UDFA is where you sign high ceiling type guys that I mentioned. I for one know Toliver well, he has high upside of a number 1 shut down type guy.
  11. http://www.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/player/combine/_/id/171425/kevin-toliver-ii http://www.espn.com/college-sports/football/recruiting/player/_/id/173430/trenton-thompson Sign these 2 and call it a day.
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