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  1. He'll hang around as a back up for sometime but yes he is a bust
  2. So no to Justin Fields it is. Because he could be like Mariota? Lol
  3. I actually I think he can be a Kirk Cousins or a better Jimmy G-esque type of QB. If we can land a good HC, the future looks good.
  4. Lawrence is better and no the Jets should not take anyone else.
  5. They would have taken a FG and take the lead. Brees wasn't playing well in the 2and half and I don't see that Vikings defense collapsing.
  6. Injuries hasn't helped the issue either. The worry I have with this staff is they don't know how to develop WR. When he was in Miami, I recall any young WR flourishing under Gase. Landry was their best and he was traded by Gase.
  7. If it wasn't obvious last year it should be this year. We need more talent at WR a lot more.
  8. Darnold looks like he regressed tonight. Gase is the same terrible coach he was in Miami.
  9. Those leaks are fakes, from the Detroit Lions uniform reveal.
  10. This!!! He is whiz with QBs and getting him to develop Darnold is exactly what this team needs. McCarthy is who I wanted but Gase is soild hire I can get behind.
  11. Bosa will be the #1 pick. Ed Oliver on the otherhand is who I want. Special talent at the DL position, way better than Leo ever was at USC. If neither are there I'd consider Josh Allen from Kentucky and if he isn't available I'd trade back.
  12. **** BILL. I want him to stay at N.E and the Jets to kick is his ass once Brady leaves him.
  13. This looks like a long shot and honestly I don't want Jim. Jim wears guys out with his coaching style and can't run a modern offense to save his life. Jets are better off getting someone else with whose is well received in the league. I like Dave Toub or Standford's coach David Shaw who always gets brought up as a leader of men.
  14. Your putting your money on Rodgers?? I'll take the GOAT
  15. That's our future head coach. Show some respect.
  16. This might have been the game Sam Darnold arrived in the league. Looking like a veteran
  17. Doubtful. It would look weak on the part of Rodgers. He's also said he wants to play the final two games, lots of chirping about him and his leadership being questioned. Sitting the final two would make those chirps get louder. Best scenario for Jets is to let the season play out and as long as we're picking in the Top 10 there should be someone available to help this team.
  18. Wouldn't be sweet if Darnold and Jets beat the Patriots to close out the season. Would make the off-season so much more enjoyable.
  19. Keep Robbie and Quincy. All the other WRs can go
  20. Why is everyone so wide open? Why can't our offense be this good?
  21. This game will won't be close if Clowney and Watt can keep hitting Darnold on every other pass play.
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