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  1. I'm not a jets fan, I'm just an outsider looking in. But from what I'm reading half of you guys want to draft another quarterback? Why? Your offensive line is the worst, everyone outside of the Jets knows that. If you don't have anything that resemblance of a line than it doesn't matter who your quarterback is anyways, especially rookies or young quarterback period. So to keep drafting quarterbacks with this line is insane. Build that line first then think about quarterback. I mean Bell cant run behind that line either and thats Bell one of the top runners in the game. I mean come on this is not rocket science. I mean you guys had three quarterbacks, one is out for the season because of line issues, other had been sacked 10 times in a game because he sucks and line issues and your starter can't complete a one step swing pass without a hand in his face probably because of line issues. You guys should just think about building that line and go from there.

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