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  1. They both need to go. The Jets have a young, baby faced, franchise QB. They cannot mess this up. It's time to take the draft seriously.
  2. Taking a stand for inequality and indecency. Good luck with that. Also, you can't have a total meltdown and call someone else a snowflake.
  3. Wow, I really have to get out more. I never heard any of this. Thank you.
  4. Wait, you're seriously trying to make the argument that doing something silly and playful, is the same as doing something gross and incredibly inappropriate? If football were R rated, I'd say have at it. Go ahead and show yourself to be crude and lacking of any real creativity. It's not though, is it? Think the NFL wants families tuning out? He's going to be fined and he should be disciplined by the team for his actions.
  5. I'm always amused by people who get offended because others get offended at something offensive. This country isn't getting soft, it's losing it's civility.
  6. You're absolutely right. I'm sure at many bus stops this morning, one or more of the kids was reenacting Crowell's behavior. Makes you proud, doesn't it?
  7. The talent around him was better there. The pass rush, was better there.
  8. I don't care if it didn't hurt the outcome of the game, it was a disgrace. I get that it's professional sport, but decency should matter. This isn't 2 am at the strip club. Kids are watching. For a franchise that struggles with branding and perception, this was not a good look.
  9. It was literally unsportsman like. He wasn't giving him the ball, he was shoving it in his face, so to speak. I wish someone on this team would've grabbed him by his facemask and let him know how much that hurt, but we don't have any of those guys, I guess.
  10. The reason this loss hurt, at least for me, is the fact that the Cleveland Browns are a better football team. From top to bottom, their roster is more talented than ours, and it isn't even close. If I could only fire one at the end of the season, it would be Mac. I'm not sure I want him handling another draft, and all that cap money. What Crowell did, was a low point for me as a fan.
  11. I think he actually hurt it last week and aggravated it tonight. He was visibly limping in both games. In Detroit, his feet were dynamic, and he moved with a quickness that I haven't really seen since late in last weeks game.
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