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  1. I was so wrong about Hackenberg. I thought Bowles mishandled that situation. When the season was lost, I thought Hack should've gotten some playing time. I mean, look at the guy. He was right out of central casting. Big. Strong. He looked like he could star in Hoosiers, but for, you know, football. What could it hurt to let him play and see what he can do in game action? I kept thinking of his very first drive in his very first preseason game. That perfect fade pass to the corner of the end zone. I paused the game, and told my girlfriend to come and see our future. I was so wrong. When the Jets cut him, I was sure he would be snatched up and shine for the next 15 years for some other team. When that team turned out to be the Raiders, I was even more convinced. Then, only moments after swallowing him up, they spit him out. I was wrong. I've been wrong before, and usually regarding QB's...but I've never been more wrong than I was about Hack.
  2. This should be the most interesting and entertaining preseason of our lives. The Jets were right to resign McCown. He's the perfect tutor for our golden calf. He has no ego. He seems to have his eyes set on his coaching future, which he knows is coming sooner than later. He speaks glowingly of Darnold. I expect him to give it his all this summer, and I expect him to be holding a clipboard when it's over. If that happens, he'll do so gladly. No drama. No locker room divide. The Jets were right to sign Bridgewater. First of all, he seems like a good guy, and I like being able to root for a good guy in Jets green and white. I want Teddy to recover, and be an even better QB for it. I want to cheer for that storyline during the long hot days of July and August. I also want him to be a highly coveted asset. QB's do not grow on trees, and next years class is supposed to be a dog show. If Teddy plays well, it could be huge. The Jets were lucky to draft Darnold. We've been seemingly lucky the last few years, regarding highly coveted draft picks falling into our laps...but a franchise QB? That only happens to other teams. Heck, the Jets were the team that would pass on the HOFer, so he could fall into the lap of another. We have no way of knowing if Darnold will be a star, but I do believe that we drafted our best hope of finding one. So far, the dude checks every box. I honestly cannot remember ever having so much to look forward to.
  3. SnackExchange

    Lesean McCoy's career may be over

    I checked and you were wrong.
  4. SnackExchange

    Lesean McCoy's career may be over

    You should probably take a breather.
  5. SnackExchange

    Lesean McCoy's career may be over

    Please show me one time I have passed judgement on anyone.
  6. SnackExchange

    Lesean McCoy's career may be over

    Please show me where I have passed judgment on anyone.
  7. SnackExchange

    Lesean McCoy's career may be over

    Based on the fact that no facts have been proven either way, as of yet. Why is it wrong to withhold judgement until you can make an informed, educated opinion?
  8. SnackExchange

    Lesean McCoy's career may be over

    The thing is, by our very nature, men are already in a position of power, over most women, all children, and domestic animals. Fame and fortune have nothing to do with it. Plenty of poor and impoverished men, are abusive psychopaths. The only difference is, their stories are never told in the media. If what is being reported is true, McCoy's sociopathy was in place long before he attained wealth and career success. As for the rush to judgement...I'm a little uncomfortable with it. Why can't we just let the facts dictate the outcome? It's not about defending a potential scumbag, it's about defending the judicial process. I know it's human nature to react to something so seemingly horrific. I also know that now and then, the accusations are false or misleading. Let's all take a breath and see where the facts lead. Real lives are at stake.
  9. SnackExchange

    Is there a sunny side and a shady side at MetLife?

    The sunny side, is Sam Darnold. The shady side, is now a thing of the past.
  10. "It's a process" - Sam Darnold
  11. SnackExchange

    Jets OTA’s - 5/29

    You may be thinking of Rex Ryan's first year here. I seem to recall him boasting and bragging about Gholston...for a minute or two.
  12. Convicted felons, lose their right to vote, and convicted cheats lose their claim to "GOAT". Consequence, is the glue that holds society together. Let's say you play in a high stakes game of poker every Friday night. Billy, plays in the same game. Billy, is very good. He wins a lot. Like, way more than any other player. You admire Billy. You wish you could be like Billy. Your girlfriend thinks Billy is dreamy. Then you find out Billy has been cheating. Still admire him, or do you and the other members of your poker game, take Billy out back and cap his knees? If you're ok with cheating to gain an unfair advantage, go for it...but if you get caught, you better be ready to live with the consequences of your actions. If you're ok with admiring a cheat, go for it.
  13. The greatest thing about our flag, is what it represents. That's what I care about. That's what gets me all misty inside.
  14. It's always a fun topic for debate, but it really is all about personal preference and bias. I get why anyone would think it's Rice, or Brown, or Graham, or Brady, or quite a few others.