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  1. The greatest thing about our flag, is what it represents. That's what I care about. That's what gets me all misty inside.
  2. It's always a fun topic for debate, but it really is all about personal preference and bias. I get why anyone would think it's Rice, or Brown, or Graham, or Brady, or quite a few others.
  3. I agree. Take the National Anthem out of sports. While we're at it, remove the tacky exploitation of our armed forces too.
  4. SnackExchange

    Is it me or does this look like a new Jet uniform.

    Blame Nobody. Nice. Expect Nothing. Nice. Do Something. Weak.
  5. SnackExchange

    Is it me or does this look like a new Jet uniform.

    Be careful what you ask for. Most times, when teams start playing around with the look of their uniforms, it just spirals out of control, into some tacky, tasteless, wasteland, where identity and hope go to die. I'm hard pressed to name a team whose uniform improved with a "new look", but I can rattle off a long list of teams that ruined a nice uniform, in the pursuit of change...and cash.
  6. SnackExchange

    Is it me or does this look like a new Jet uniform.

    I love the clean classic look of our uniforms too. Easily the best, might be a little over the top, though.
  7. Lawrence Taylor, was the best football player I've ever seen. It all comes down to situation, circumstance, and personal taste.
  8. SnackExchange

    Which Modern QB is Namath most comparable to?

    I should've stopped at this. I'm new here.
  9. SnackExchange

    Which Modern QB is Namath most comparable to?

    Yes, he plays in this era, where those bigger, faster, more athletic players, cannot hit him at or below the knees, or above the shoulder pads. In Brady's case, the strike zone is probably smaller than that. In fact, wasn't it the hit on Brady that made them change the rule? Also, how big was that player who ended Brady's season? By the way, he missed 4 games last season, didn't he? Which brings me to another point. Brady, is a product of circumstance. His circumstance, includes playing in an era when QB's are Gods. Every rule favors the offense, especially the passing game, and has produced an explosion in statistics. It also includes playing for the best coach of his era, and for an owner that seems to have curried favor in the league office. Brady, has been caught cheating in ways that have helped him immensely and unfairly. These are not opinions. Namath led his team to just 16 points? Just 16 points? You mean against the best team in the NFL that season? With rules that favored defense? The Jets won that game, Because they only scored 16 points. They controlled the game and the clock, with an effective running game and timely passes that demoralized that great Colts defense. Lets put this in proper historical perspective. The Jets, had no business being on the same field as the Colts. This was a mismatch of epic proportions. Some might argue that this worked in the Jets favor. The Colts, perhaps giddy with overconfidence, took the AFL upstarts for granted. That all goes out the window, when pretty boy Namath, larger than life, lounging poolside, guaranteed the Jets would win the game. Sort of reminds me when Brady laughed at the upstart Giants, except, one backed it up, and the other couldn't. You talk about Namath winning a game they didn't earn? Did the Patriots earn that victory at home over the Raiders? You seem comfortable in taking things out of context, for the purposes of helping your agenda. You also love to bring team stats into the conversation for what determines an individuals greatness. You're clearly an intelligent and informed fan, but I think you're once again, missing the point. Namath, like any great QB from past eras, would be bananas in todays game. Namath, with access to todays diet, exercise, supplements, and rules, would be other-worldly. You seem to have a Brady bias, and perhaps I do as well, but I honestly think Brady, in any other era, would be forgettable. Laughable. Give me your opinion on the following QB's. Great or not. Bart Starr Len Dawson Ken Stabler Terry Bradshaw Dan Marino Warren Moon Brett Favre Drew Brees Aaron Rodgers
  10. If this offensive line were a car, the 'check engine' light just came on. We can probably drive it for 16 or 17 miles, but eventually we're going to have issues.
  11. SnackExchange

    If Bridgewater is Traded...

    Bridgewater's injury was brutal, and he may never be the same. However, if he returns to form, the Jets are sitting in a really good place. Just like the Garcia signing, it is no risk, potential high reward. This is what smart, progressive teams do. We're in the dog days of the offseason, so why not engage in "what if's"? What if Teddy is completely healed, and back to form? I don't think a trade has to come from a team with an injured QB. I think it could come from a team looking for their next franchise QB. San Diego, Jacksonville, Cincinnati, New Orleans, etc. It helps us that next years draft, seems to be a down year for the QB's. What if Teddy isn't fully recovered, or never finds his way back to form? He was signed to a no risk, 1 year deal, and the Jets simply move on. In the meantime, they have another solid citizen to help Darnold in his quest to be great. Bridgewater, like McCown, is a great teammate, and could be a positive influence for the rookie. The ideal situation, is to give Teddy and Sam the bulk of preseason snaps, and hope he shines.
  12. SnackExchange

    Which Modern QB is Namath most comparable to?

    That's your opinion, and you certainly have a right to it, but you better take into account that Brady would've also been smaller, and not had access to todays diet and exercise. He also would've been subject to the same archaic medical treatment that shortened Namath's career. Think Brady would've recovered fully from his knee injury? Think Brady could've kept a level head about him, when his receivers are being mauled, and no one is running wide open? I get that you love him, but I doubt he would've laughed at Butkus, Nitschke, Jones, Green, Lott, etc. The first time he whined about being hit, the guys on defense would've laughed at him, then taken his knees out. Marino, had the quick release of Namath, not the other way around. Again, Namath called his own plays, he didn't have them fed to him through a microphone in his helmet. Gale Sayers, was a great RB, and compares to any other, and his career was cut short. Namath, deserves the same respect. If you're unwilling to take into the account the beating he took, and the damage done to his knees, you're missing the point about Namath. Citing stats, never tells the story.
  13. "He’s a little grabby in pass protection. They’ll straighten him up in New England.” After working with him, it became clear that he was either unwilling, or unable to increase his grabbiness in pass protection, so they let him go.
  14. SnackExchange

    RIP Chuck Knox

    You're not mistaken. He was a bit like Marty Schottenheimer, in that he knew how to build playoff teams, but could never get them to the Super Bowl.