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  1. Mayfield shouldn't be "You can with them" if Sam isn't. Sam's record last year was 7-6, while BM was 6-10 with a much stronger team around him.
  2. I think you hit on something here. Instead of a starter / backup mentality, I think the Joe Douglas / Gregg Williams philosophy is more about finding players that excel in roles and mix/match them on a week-to-week / series-to-series basis based on matchups or offensive personnel packages. Perhaps the default will be Desir and someone else (Wilson/Austin/Hall) as CB1 and CB2, but CB4 and CB5 will not just sit on the bench until a starter gets injured. Those guys will be valuable cards that GW can play as the situation dictates, based on the things that they're good at.
  3. I don’t think that accolades are bestowed upon Sam for no reason. He makes “wow” plays like I’ve never seen a Jets QB make before - and I’ve been a Jets fan for over 40 years (I came aboard just as Namath left). That gets people excited, including me. However, I agree that, despite what my heart tells me, Sam won’t be a true franchise QB until he puts together a complete season of consistent strong performance. In all honesty, probably two.
  4. https://www.seahawks.com/video/george-fant-rumbles-9-yards-on-first-career-catch
  5. You may have intended that to be a bit sarcastic (or not), but I think it's safe to say that Douglas would probably not be our GM if it wasn't for his relationship with Gase. If Gase accomplishes nothing else as our HC, that might be his legacy. Kind of like Kotite's one positive contribution was Chrebet.
  6. At this point, we can bring in someone who can play G better than Winters at around the same price (maybe a mil or 2 more). Let’s do that.
  7. This was most likely because they thought his spleen may still have been vulnerable. Remember the play where he had wide open field in front of him to run for a first down and instead threw (and completed) a tight-window pass down the field instead? I think we’ll see a return to the more mobile Sam this season.
  8. That’s like saying a Hail Mary is a bad play call if it falls incomplete. When Douglas took the job, the best Center on the team was a borderline NFL starter - below-average at best - and there was no viable backup at all. And there were no free agents left on the market who were any better. So, he took a chance on an old player who graded as an average starter the previous year. Clearly, the move didn’t pan out, but I understand why he tried it and chalk it up to him doing the best he could with what was available.
  9. Adam Gase is coaching to where football is going.
  10. I think we’re all being played by the drama queen. He’s creating a buzz by posting cryptic pictures of him walking out of (or into?) Gillette Stadium, being seen scoping out schools for his kids in Tennessee, creating photo ops with Mark Davis at a sporting event, etc., doing all he can to foster the “will he or won’t he” speculation. Stories are deliberately being leaked of how things with Belichick and the Patriots aren’t looking good, making everyone in Boston afraid that they’re going to lose Tawmy, so he can come galloping back to Foxboro on a white horse as the big hero, taking the deal that’s been in place for months. The ultimate narcissist getting his last fix of the spotlight before he fades into obscurity. Pathetic.
  11. I’m all for “sticking up for the little guy” against “The Man”, but here’s the problem: I’ve loved the Jets for over 40 years and you just came into my life today - and it was because you wanted something from me. Just from that perspective alone, where do you think my loyalties are going to lie?
  12. I generally agree with you (while finding it ironic that Favre said that considering he torpedoed our 2008 season by playing poorly while hurt). In McCown’s case, he had no choice. Wentz was out due to the concussion and theEagles didn’t have another QB active for the game.

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