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  1. I believe that Gase had his mask on for every sideline video shot that I saw. Although, it was hard to tell for sure since he was hanging his head down low for many of them.
  2. I love that one. I thought that this was the most artful use of it:
  3. Me too. Those "rookie lessons" are usually more costly. I was thinking concussion when I saw how he stumbled off the field.
  4. I totally agree with this take. If we do pull this game out (which I won't rule out) it will be a low-scoring affair. Something like 13-9, or even a 9-6, TD-less, ugly game. If the D doesn't show up again, this could be a horrific loss.
  5. I would love for this to be true in that scenario, but I don't think it would be. If we have such a bad season that we get the #1 pick next year, Sam's reputation will be so damaged that I think we'd be lucky to get a single 2nd round pick for him at that point.
  6. Barring a total washout of a season, I don't think JD is planning to make a final evaluation on Sam until next year. He knows that the skill position players still aren't there to support the QB, but he is also committed to building this team "the right way" so he is not going to trade premium future draft picks or spend big bucks on free agents until we're a lot closer to a championship-level team - even if the lack of offensive talent stunts Sam's development a bit. Joe D will need at least one more draft before he has enough of a young (read: cheap) foundation of "his players" in place before he makes aggressive roster moves to supplement them. He's setting up next season as the early target for that. Having said that, the scary part of this first game for me was that Sam made rookie-level mistakes and bad plays that were clearly on him and not attributable to a lack of talent at WR or on the OL. If that trend continues, all bets are off for how JD proceeds with the QB position, but I'm personally going to need more than one game like that this season before I give up on #14.
  7. And now we see the payoff for the "Joe Douglas is a ninja" tweet that set off all kinds of speculation a few weeks ago. Pretty slow burn by Dyer here. It was like a hottie telling you that you're going to get lucky, and then 3 weeks later you're given a lottery ticket.
  8. Paul Newman called Bridgeport "the armpit of New England", and David Foster Wallace went even further and called it the "true lower intestine of North America". And then there's this: I, however, spent five of the best years of my life living in Bridgeport. So kudos to you, my good man!
  9. Totally agree. Maccagnan tried the “load up” his first year. It resulted in one of the more exciting seasons of the 2010s (a sadly low bar) and he won Executive of the Year (😆). However, we didn’t even make the playoffs and it was followed by an epic collapse that we are still recovering from. Let’s not get fooled again.
  10. Scrambling is usually part of Sam’s game, but last year it wasn’t. There were plays where he clearly passed up the opportunity for a big run and chose to make a challenging throw instead. Presumably this was due to his spleen being vulnerable, post-mono. Sam is generally a decent (not elite) runner, so if he gets back to that and can start making teams pay for not accounting for that possibility, it may open up other opportunities for the offense.
  11. Gase has won 6 of his last 8 games as Jets head coach. Certainly, someone who believes that “winning is all that matters” would be willing to see what comes next — unless that someone has a personal vendetta against a coach that... say... got his credentials revoked?
  12. Let’s just say that “Manish speaking truth to power” is an interesting interpretation not shared by many — perhaps only one person.
  13. A post that irrationally supports Mehta while strongly bashing Gase, from a poster who is infamous for negative comments and whose avatar is someone in a mask. Hmm...

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