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  1. If McNair acknowledged the need to make Watson "feel important" by "hearing his input", he should have been smart enough to bring in the coaches that his star player suggested for at least a first interview - even if it was just for show. Not doing so indicates an alarming, but unsurprising, lack of foresight. The fact that McNair's team was the only one with a head coach opening to not interview Bienemy (initially) and Saleh makes it come across as a deliberate insult.
  2. This sounds like a good argument for including the #2 in a trade for Deshaun Watson.
  3. I agree that the "let's laugh at the Jets" mentality prevails to an unfair degree in the media and amongst fans of other teams, but if we're being completely honest, there was organizational chaos here. This last month is the first time in 5 years that neither Maccagnan nor Gase are here. Both of them had key positions that they didn't have the competence for - and things were never more dysfunctional than when both were here together. Having a situation where the HC targeted and destroyed the GM is the height of organizational chaos. Christopher Johnson seems to be a nice man who really wants to do right by the team. Woody? Probably not so much on the "nice" thing (if reports/rumors are to be believed), but I think he also wants to do what he can for the team to succeed. The problem is that neither one has the football savvy to make the right decisions on their own and they never had a good football man that they could trust to guide them. The one thing Gase did right was to encourage CJ to hire Douglas (kind of like how Kotite's one positive legacy was discovering Wayne Chrebet). Kudos to the Johnsons for recognizing Joe D's legitimacy and respect around the league, and for trusting him to make the right calls needed to rise above the "Same Old Jets" perception. Coach Saleh's desire to come here, largely because of how JD has stabilized the organization, is the first big get for this new era and will hopefully have a snowball effect in making the Jets an even more desirable destination as opposed to a laughingstock to be avoided (the solid staff that Saleh is putting together and the positive attention from high-profile players like Watson an ARobinson are indications of this).
  4. Since Lattimore's position coach (the much-beloved Aaron Glenn) is now the DC of the Detroit Lions, I'm guessing that this would make them a frontrunner to acquire him.
  5. Your argument is right on... if we’re talking about trading for Matthew Stafford. Watson can be a top QB for the next 10 years, which would provide legitimacy in the short term as Saleh starts implementing his program AND continued strong QB play when we’re ready to challenge for a championship in a couple/few years.
  6. I think the real problem is Belichick the GM. Belichick the coach has only been able to succeed despite poor drafting and roster management when he had Brady on his team, at a discounted price.
  7. I hope that Saleh learned a lesson from watching his best friend drop the ball today.
  8. Watson does have some power, and he’s already damaged the Texans by using it. The bad press and uncertainty caused by his unhappiness has already torpedoed the Texans’ coaching search. At this point, all Houston has left are the coaching candidates that the 6 other teams with vacancies didn’t want - coaches that are desperate for a shot. The front office mess was bad enough, but add a possible ugly conflict with the team’s star player and no strong candidate wants to go there. So what are they telling guys like Leslie Frazier and Bienemy? “Hey, maybe you can talk some sense into him if we hire you, and if not we’ll fine him until he submits and we’ll sign Jacoby Brissett in the meantime?” Or would they be better off presenting a plan where they can cash Watson in for a few first rounders and go forward with their choice of Fields or Wilson with the resources to rebuild?
  9. Why would we want Stafford? The allure of Watson is that he can be a top QB for at least the next 10 years, giving us plenty of time to build. Stafford may only have a few good years left in him, and there's no guarantee that we'll be championship contenders by then. This is an honest question, not a snarky rebuttal.
  10. This is fun, but it really doesn't change anything. The article doesn't say that Watson doesn't want to go to Miami. It says that he would prefer going to the Jets. If Miami makes what the Texans feel is the best offer, and they go to Watson and say "we want to trade you to the Dolphins", is Deshaun going to say "I'm invoking my no-trade clause. I'd rather go to the Jets."? I doubt it. He'll go to Miami because he wants out, and that's still a desirable destination for him. Trust me, I'm not against the Jets making the deal. In fact, I feel that the best case scenario for the Jets QB position is that we trade for Deshaun in a deal that doesn't cripple us. I still think that the biggest hurdle to getting it done is Joe Douglas deciding to make an offer that the Texans feel is acceptable and their best offer. I'll start getting excited when I hear indications that that might happen.
  11. "You've got to clean the corners" -Herm This one, which was yelled at Parcells while he was a player by one of his coaches, was mentioned by Parcells many times, including while he was Jets head coach: "Parcells, I wish you were a piece of crap out there because then at least somebody might slip on you."
  12. Deals can be agreed upon now, but until the paperwork is officially filed (in mid-March, in this case), anything can happen. See Barr, Anthony.
  13. There are 3 parts that need to fall into place to make this happen: Houston needs to decide to trade Watson. The Jets need to be on the list of teams that Watson would accept a trade to. Joe Douglas needs to put together an offer that beats what Houston can get from any of the other teams on Watson's list. At this point, I have the least confidence in #3. The Dolphins can definitely put together a package that would rival ours (Sam and Tua are in the same ballpark, as are the Jets' #2 pick and the Dolphins' #3, and both have 2 first-round picks this year). And, if the Texans are open to starting with a free agent stopgap QB while they rebuild (like Jacoby Brissett or Jameis Winston), any team on Watson's list can put together an insane package if they want him badly enough (i.e. their next 3 first, second, and third round picks). But even if the Texans prefer options that only the Jets can provide, as has been suggested, (Darnold and/or their choice of Fields/Wilson), there is no real evidence that Joe Douglas has the desire to put together a large enough package to satisfy Houston's overall demands. He seems to have more of a "team builder" philosophy than an "all eggs in one big basket" one. I'm not saying that this won't happen. There are certainly enough "hints" that parts 1 and 2 may be falling into place. But there are no real indications that #3 is imminent, and that's a big part of the equation also.

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