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  1. I'm sure you'll see a throwback uni that does just that. Another benefit of switching back to a green helmet.
  2. I liked the old unis, but I think Nike was slowly ruining them with weird, non-matching shades of green and odd points invading the different-colored sleeves. Besides, it was time for a new look to go into the future with, and these new ones are pretty nice.
  3. One of the reasons that Bell didn't sign his tender with the Steelers is because they were running him into the ground. Based on what Gase has said in interviews, he is very sensitive to Bell's workload, and plans to not overwork him - a wise approach given Bell's age and rust after sitting out a year. It's also been Gase's M.O. with Miami and his other past teams. Given that, Bell's "backup" becomes very important. Even beyond that though, what about some creative play design that would feature arguably the best two pass-catching backs in the league on the field at the same time? They both do well in pass protection also, so that gives you all kinds of options that the defense will need to account for. This is the kind of outside-the-box thinking that I'm hoping for out of Gase, since our offensive philosophies have been pretty vanilla for many years now.
  4. Hey Max, I've been meaning to ask this for a few days - if JetNation is going to have a merch page for the launch, is it safe to assume that the site will receive a piece of the action for all sales that pass through here? I'm planning to place an order ASAP after the reveal (assuming I'm not as irate about them as I was the first time I saw Ken O'Brien looking like a fool in the pickle pants), and if I can do it in a way that will help my favorite Jet fan site out, I'd like to do it.
  5. Another reason the Jets traded to 3 instead of 2 is because the price is much higher to trade up to 2 than it is to trade up to 3 - which gives us a slight advantage over the Niners, in that respect. As others have mentioned, the best scenario for a trade out may actually be if the Cards don't take Murray. Then, teams looking to get one of the 2 QBs will trade with us. If the Cards take Murray, then #2 becomes the hot spot because there will only be one premiere QB left.
  6. I think the "very tough decision" facing Mac will actually be whether or not to pick the young edge rusher we've needed since Abraham left or to trade down and stock up on picks to replenish the young talent on this team.
  7. MykePM

    Robert Quinn

    I think one of the reasons Miami is trying so hard to trade Quinn is because they're worried that he'll sign here as soon as he's released.
  8. I wouldn’t be shocked to find out that G. Williams wants nothing to do with Lee (which led to the Mosley and aborted Barr deals). After seeing some video of Lee refusing to take on blocks, Coach “Put Your Testicles in the C Gap”, may have told Mac to replace Lee, ASAP. Personally, I’d be fine with keeping Lee around as a situational player, given that he’ll be paid like one this year. However, we still may need to make a trade for a player at some point, and he’s really our only traceable asset that doesn’t involve losing draft picks or positioning.
  9. MykePM

    Justin Houston

    Just to be clear, we didn’t pass on all of the quality pass rushers. A few of them signed with other teams while the Jets thought the hole was filled with Anthony Barr. They may be playing the long game on their contingency plan.
  10. MykePM

    Free Agent Centers

    I’d be very much in favor of this, but the Raiders ended up freeing cap space in other ways and are in better shape now. So, I’d be surprised if he’s still available. Maybe if they draft a Center with one of their early picks, they might be willing to part with him on Draft Day.
  11. I know highlight videos always look great, but that's some impressive sh*t right there.
  12. Holy crap, you nailed it. That's Bellamy to a 'T'.
  13. Not doubting you, but it's also possible that the player was f***ing with your friend.

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