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  1. Rhodes’s interception of Mark Sanchez in the first quarter of a Jets-Cardinals game in 2012 was the moment when I decided I was completely done with Sanchez. Mark just threw it up for grabs in the middle of the field from near his own goal line, and Rhodes happily accepted the easy “revenge INT”.
  2. Did you take a close look at Mims’s big 40-yard reception? He didn’t lay down an elusive move to get free from tight coverage or make a spectacular contested catch. He jogged down the field and was released by the CB as part of extremely soft (or arguably busted) zone coverage, then coasted out of bounds after a pretty pedestrian catch. Say what you want about Berrios, but he’s making plays and, perhaps more importantly, runs crisp routes and is dependable. It’s hard enough for Zach Wilson to find open receivers without having to wonder if a guy is going to be where he’s supposed
  3. La’Mical Perine produced almost as many yards as Mims did last year. Where’s the outrage that he hasn’t been active for the last couple of games either? This isn’t like Jerry Rice in his prime being benched. It’s Denzel freaking Mims. The way the media and fans have snowballed this into Watergate II is as sad a commentary on herd mentality as I’ve seen in a while.
  4. And they do the same on the defensive side by coaching their DBs to be particularly physical with the other team’s receivers, daring the refs to call defensive holding or PI on every passing down.
  5. Yes, and the sad part is that I don't even think he made the "pitcher" analogy that everyone is going berserk over. I'll try to make it easy. Go to the 1:45 mark of the video of his interview below, and tell me if Fant says "picture switching to your left hand" to Connor Hughes or if he says that it's like a pitcher switching to his left hand. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/george-fant-we-were-right-where-we-needed-to-be-on-running-plays-just-need-to-ex
  6. Fant’s reaction is likely more about Hughes quoting him as saying that it was like a pitcher switching hands. That’s not what Fant said, at least not during the press conference. Fant compared it to Hughes having to write with his other hand, and he said “picture trying to switch to your left hand”. I think Hughes mis-heard that and thought Fant said that it was like a pitcher switching hands.
  7. And somehow, Fant’s quote is one of the least whiny comments in this thread.
  8. Haven't listened to the Ulbrich interview yet, but this could mean that they'll decide who plays based on matchups. For example, perhaps they'll play Javelin Guidry on the outside this week, because he's the best CB we have to combat Robby Anderson's speed, but another week they may go with Echols if they feel his skill set would work better against the opposing WRs in that game.
  9. I expect to see a lot of Fant as a tight end / 6th OL this year, similar to when he was at SEA. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him catch a pass out of that formation either.
  10. “The Real Deal” didn’t seem like the type of guy who would accept being relegated to a backup role quietly.
  11. They are with a 7-month head start in learning Mike LaFleur’s system.
  12. Cowherd is totally agenda-driven, incapable of providing unbiased analysis. And he pushes his agendas like a bull in a china shop. Sam had him as a guest on a podcast he hosted during his last year at USC, so Cowherd’s agenda was to pump his friend Sam up once he got to the NFL. Now, because Sam didn’t pan out with the Jets, Cowherd’s agenda is to tear down both the Jets and Sam’s replacement. He was all over Zach’s bad practices, but is trying to hedge his bets now that Zach is rocking the preseason so far. Don’t be taken in by the snake oil salesman.
  13. I’m really looking forward to the day when we’re talking about how well the Jets are playing instead of discussing excuses (however valid) for why their poor play isn’t as bad as it seems.
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