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  1. Damn! That must have been before Chad hurt his shoulder.
  2. Cards put in a waiver claim for Harrison. He's already in Arizona.
  3. Could be. The other thought I had was that if it was someone else who liked Robbie in Philadelphia, JD could attempt to trade him for Alshon Jeffery - a player he's known to love.
  4. As many have noted, the only other time I can remember like this was when Parcells was hired -- and that move came when we were in the lowest state we've ever been in and it immediately made us competitive for almost 15 years. This included 3 AFC Championship Game appearances. We just couldn't break through that last wall to make it to our 2nd Super Bowl. Here's hoping JD and SD will be the difference this time.
  5. We’ve all had to endure a barrage of “the Jets are a sh*t show” narrative from the media, other NFL fans, and some Jets fans lately. The recent “intolerant positivist movement” is the backlash from that. Jets fans who are relatively happy with the recent direction of the team, and were riding the wave of somewhat unfamiliar optimism, are understandably rankled to have their parade pissed on by the “clown car” rhetoric that we’ve had to endure our whole lives. At times, we’ve had to just accept that the mocking was justified and wear the dunce cap (fake spike, butt fumble, etc.), but this time the insults seem unfounded and knee-jerk - triggered by the firing of a GM who pretty much everyone agrees needed to be fired. The optimists are sick and tired of the cheap shot artists and are firing back. Apologies to people who are reasonably expressing doubts about the state of the team and are getting caught in the crossfire.
  6. I don't think Gase is telling Mosley that he wasn't worth the money.
  7. Very likely, someone who isn't on the team now. Travis Swanson's retirement announcement yesterday took away the last viable option on the current open market, so I guess we'll hope someone decent gets released at some point. Or, that one of the UDFAs on the team is better than expected. Or, make a trade.
  8. So let's give the job to a big name with no experience in the role. Do we care more about results or positive perception?
  9. So trade something significant for nothing, from a 2019 season perspective? Would you give your car to someone now if they agreed to pay you for it next year?
  10. I agree with just about everything said in this video. The Jets are imperfect right now, but for the narrative to go from "an improving team and a sleeper pick to make the playoffs" to "a total clown show" because of Maccagnan's firing this week is ridiculous. The main criticism of the move has been the timing. "Why let Maccagnan run free agency and the draft if you were going to dump him? He should have been fired with Bowles in January." Do we really think that a new GM could have relocated, put a staff together, and been ready to handle the most import free agency period and draft in recent history within a month or so? The offseason for GMs starts now, and that's when the move is being made. If we can land the right GM for the job (a big "if", I know), this whole affair will turn into a major positive, instead of the ugly "sh*t show" that everyone is making it out to be.
  11. The media is constantly lying in wait for the Jets to do anything that they can paint as bumbling - because they know it's the narrative about the team that sells. Other teams' fans love to laugh at us, and the sad part is that there are plenty of Jets fans who have a knee-jerk reaction to go to that place also. I get it. I've been a Jets fan for over 40 years, and have been through all of the soul-crushing bad times too. It's only natural to want to lash out at anyone who causes you pain. I don't really give a damn about "bad optics" though - especially when they're overblown to a ridiculous degree. I care more about practical results. I'm not sad that Maccagnan was let go, but the 4 months of borrowed time he was given didn't turn out too badly, in my opinion. I think the Jets had a pretty good offseason. Yes, there are still a couple of positions that are somewhat weak, but there were too many holes to be filled in one off-season, despite how much cap space we had. The final say in how good this move was or wasn't will be who is hired as the new GM - and their impact. If they bring in someone competent and end up ascending into a playoff/championship team, the last week will be a footnote. If they go the Tebow route of making a poor, headline-grabbing choice (like Peyton Manning?), or end up having to settle for a 2nd-class choice because they are turned down by the top candidates - and the team tanks, I'll grab a torch and pitchfork. Until then though, there are still too many things yet to be determined before I'm ready to burn down 1 Jets Drive.
  12. We all remember one (admittedly amazing) play where Jenkins tossed somebody around like a rag doll. Watch the Joe Klecko highlight reel and you’ll see at least five.
  13. I'm sure you'll see a throwback uni that does just that. Another benefit of switching back to a green helmet.
  14. I liked the old unis, but I think Nike was slowly ruining them with weird, non-matching shades of green and odd points invading the different-colored sleeves. Besides, it was time for a new look to go into the future with, and these new ones are pretty nice.
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