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  1. Being optimistic before a season when Chaz Schilens is your #1 receiver is not the same as being optimistic before a season when Corey Davis is your #3 receiver. There are actual reasons for hope this year.
  2. I think you summed up Q2’s 2021 performance pretty well. The main hope that I have that he can be better in 2022 comes from the fact that he had no preseason with the Jets at all last year, being a pickup after final cuts. He was pretty much thrown into the fire quickly due to injuries, without much knowledge of the system. Maybe he can be more disciplined in 2022 after a full offseason of focused instruction (as opposed to gameplanning and on-the-job training), on top of the experience he gained last year.
  3. When I was in 6th grade, my sister gave me AC/DC's "Dirty Deeds" album for my birthday. One night, my mother came into my room while "Big Balls" was on, and I sang right to her "I've got big balls, (pointed at her), YOU'VE got big balls". I had to return the album to Caldor's the next morning.
  4. As much as I love the Ramones, and other bands such as The Descendents, Stiff Little Fingers, Social Distortion, et al, Hüsker Dü is my all-time favorite band. Their music was the soundtrack to my high school / early college days - those memories that last a lifetime. Bob is touring again now - in case he's playing near you and you have a chance to see him. Back on topic (somewhat): The Hüsker Dü version of "Sheena is a Punk Rocker" is one of the few Ramones covers that works.
  5. The Ramones were the first live rock n' roll concert I ever went to, and still the band I've seen live the most. I was into bands like Journey and Def Leppard before my friends got me into The Ramones and Hüsker Dü and many others. My favorite concert tradition was finding my friend Dave in the crowd to yell "Today Your Love, Tomorrow the World" over and over at the end of that fine tune. RIP and Happy Birthday, Joey!
  6. I know that this doesn't match your criteria exactly, but it's what came to mind...
  7. Frankly, I hope that the Ravens spend 4 months looking at tape of the Jets defense. The more they look at last season's performance, the more overconfident they'll get. Plus, the 2021 Jets D will look very different from this year's model, with at least 50% of this year's starters being different than last year's. Maybe they can gameplan against general tendencies of a Saleh/Ulbrich defense, but plays they draw up to beat the 2021 Jets D may not be as successful with better players executing the defense. Plus, with the improved talent, particularly in the secondary, Ulbrich may be able to open up the defensive playbook more and show looks that weren't utilized much or at all last year. This is not to say that I expect Jackson and the Ravens offense to be shut down, but I'd give the "4 month prep" advantage to the Jets in this case.
  8. NFL Network wasn't very kind to Ogunjobi in their top free agents list: Rank 94 Larry Ogunjobi DT · Age: 28 Ogunjobi is that guy who gives up a lot while searching for his own splash plays, one reason he could be on his third team in as many years. https://www.nfl.com/news/top-101-nfl-free-agents-of-2022-who-are-the-best-nfl-players-available
  9. I just wrote something very similar in another thread. Totally agree.
  10. I think we underestimate the learning curves of first-time coaches and GMs, and expect them to be at the top of their game right out of the gate. Look at how Joe D. has improved every year since he got here. I’m hoping for the same growth with Saleh, Mike LaFleur, Ulbrich, and the other coaches who were in their first full-time seasons in their new roles last year.
  11. Any yards saved through Shepherd’s efforts were given back by stupid penalties (7 of them).
  12. Rex Ryan’s influence over personnel moves dismantled the team that went to two straight AFC Championship games. I understand an accomplished coach wanting to “shop for the groceries”, but what if they suck at it? That’s why we’re very lucky that JD and Saleh seem to share a unified vision for how to build a team… and there’s hope that their vision can be a successful one.
  13. When I was a kid, I loved Mark Gastineau because when he made a big play, I would jump up and cheer and dance around…. and he did too. This interview reminded me of that, because as I listened to it, I had a giddy smile on my face that I could barely contain, and there were times when Rich Eisen was giggling with delight like a little schoolgirl too. As others have said, of all of the commentators who are Jets fans, I think he’s the best. Thanks for posting this.
  14. Thanks for posting this! I watched the draft live on ESPN and DVR’d the NFL Network and ABC coverage. I heard people talk about this monologue, but had trouble finding it. I loved this. Thanks again!
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