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  1. MykePM

    Game Show: Name this Jet

    Without taking trick plays into account (don't recall if there were any), I remember 4. Testaverde, Tupa, Mirer, and Lucas.
  2. No NFL team has ever tanked more obviously and effectively than the Colts did to get Andrew Luck. And how many Super Bowls have he/they won? The results have been the same amount of playoff wins as the Mark Sanchez Jets, and one less conference championship game.
  3. MykePM

    Jimmy Graham

    We can use an extra starting-caliber TE with Herndon scheduled to be suspended for the first 2+ games. Graham, however, is not the solution.
  4. I think you're all forgetting the last week of the 2002 season. The Brady/Belichick Pats pull out a last-minute win against the also-hated Dolphins on the last day of the regular season during a 1:00 game to open the door for us, and then we come out and crush the Packers at home in a 4:00 game to steal the division. There were actually Jets fans chanting P-A-T-S Pats Pats Pats at the stadium. It will not (repeat: WILL NOT) happen again.
  5. MykePM

    Re-Sign Henry Anderson

    No worries. After Gregg Williams sees the video of Anderson crushing Buffalo's kicker, I'm sure he'll find a spot for him.
  6. MykePM

    I’m tired of losing

    You're having one of those "crisis of faith" moments that all of us Jets fans go through - usually many times. The one of mine that I remember most was after the first Jets-Patriots game in 2008. I was at that game, and even with Matt f**king Cassel as their quarterback and Brett f**king Favre as ours, we still couldn't beat them in our own building. I was there with a couple of Patriots fans. We stopped at a rest stop on the way home to CT and I just lost it. "I can't believe this happened again." "I'm sick of losing." "I can't take it anymore". Who knew that we'd have 10+ more years of Patriot dominance to suffer through? (except for that one glorious moment in Foxboro in 2011) I can't promise you that 2019 is going to be "the year", but there's a lot to look forward to from now through the season. Even though I (like many others) was down on the Gase hire at first, I've been impressed with him since then, and he seems to be putting together what could be our best staff since Parcells was here. We have a ton to spend in free agency, the 3rd pick in the draft, and new unis on the way. Who knows how any of these things will turn out, but there's a lot to get excited about. I have no doubt that it will be a Jetsy ride - and one that we'll enjoy (in our own way) together here, amongst our own. Because at the end of the day, it's in your blood, just like it's in mine, and everyone else's here - and there's no running away from it. And when the day finally comes (and it will) when it finally happens for us, you'll have the satisfaction of knowing the long road we traveled to get there - and that we earned it with blood, sweat, and tears - unlike all of the other a**holes who will put their Brady jersey in a box and have a Darnold jersey hanging in their closet. Hang in there, Man. You're with your family, and better times are coming for all of us.
  7. MykePM

    Shoring up the OL

    All I know about testicles is where they will be residing from now on...
  8. We likely wouldn’t get him without compensation to the Ravens. What would you be willing to give up for him?
  9. This might have scared people a couple of weeks ago...
  10. I’m not sure that we’re the #1 coaching opportunity, but I’m pretty excited that Sam at least makes us choosers instead of beggars, for a change.
  11. The Jets have 6 draft picks, only 3 of which are in the first 3 rounds - and many more holes than that. If we commit one of the 3rd round picks to a RB, how are we going to fill the holes at Tackle, Center, WR, Edge Rusher, CB, etc? Do you even know if there will be a worthy RB that will make sense and be available in the 3rd round? We have a good amount of cap room, however, so wherever we can pick up an impact player at a position of need in free agency, we need to do it. We need to convert cap dollars into talent for this roster to be competitive next year - and given our poor record and the nature of free agency in general, we will likely need to overpay. At least Bell is a known commodity and the rare high-impact player to hit the open market without draft pick compensation being required.
  12. MykePM

    Lee Suspended

    I guess Leonard Williams wasn't around to pick him up and carry him away this time.
  13. The Heimerdinger love comes from people who have attributed all of Maccagnan's good moves (yes, he has made some) to Heimerdinger because they refuse to acknowledge that Mac could do anything right - thus giving them an overinflated view of Heimerdinger.

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