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  1. We were so worried about his spleen when we should have been more concerned about his liver.
  2. Here’s another good article on Falk. I know that every NFL player has an impressive college highlight reel, and/or a story like this one full of effusive endorsements from past coaches. But if hope can survive through all the bad luck and adversity we face as Jets fans (40+ years of it, in my case), my hope is that Falk shows us something in this game, and maybe a few more depending on Sam’s recovery, and develops into a solid Pat Ryan-esque backup for us in the long term.
  3. On the active roster there are 27 Defense and 23 Offense (+3 ST Specialists), so the practice squad composition helps balance things out a little.
  4. Agreed about Pollack. Do you allow for the possibility that he'll bring the best out of Winters too? The problem with Winters has been consistency. He'll pancake a guy on one play and then be a turnstile on the next, which will even out to somewhere between slightly above average to solidly below average over the course of a season. Many are down on him because when he has a bad play, he looks really bad. If Pollack can bring out the "good Winters" more often than not, Winters might surprise some people.
  5. And Jets fans were cheering “P-A-T-S Pats! Pats! Pats!” Not a fan of that, but in everyone’s defense, at that time there were only inklings of how evil they would turn out to be.
  6. Perhaps there’s some hope... https://footballmaven.io/talkoffame/nfl/slater-baughan-head-these-voters-favorites-for-hall-s-2020-class-of-seniors-ZlmrR-QxqEWeBtW5fmkBIQ/
  7. Damn! That must have been before Chad hurt his shoulder.
  8. Cards put in a waiver claim for Harrison. He's already in Arizona.
  9. Could be. The other thought I had was that if it was someone else who liked Robbie in Philadelphia, JD could attempt to trade him for Alshon Jeffery - a player he's known to love.
  10. As many have noted, the only other time I can remember like this was when Parcells was hired -- and that move came when we were in the lowest state we've ever been in and it immediately made us competitive for almost 15 years. This included 3 AFC Championship Game appearances. We just couldn't break through that last wall to make it to our 2nd Super Bowl. Here's hoping JD and SD will be the difference this time.
  11. We’ve all had to endure a barrage of “the Jets are a sh*t show” narrative from the media, other NFL fans, and some Jets fans lately. The recent “intolerant positivist movement” is the backlash from that. Jets fans who are relatively happy with the recent direction of the team, and were riding the wave of somewhat unfamiliar optimism, are understandably rankled to have their parade pissed on by the “clown car” rhetoric that we’ve had to endure our whole lives. At times, we’ve had to just accept that the mocking was justified and wear the dunce cap (fake spike, butt fumble, etc.), but this time the insults seem unfounded and knee-jerk - triggered by the firing of a GM who pretty much everyone agrees needed to be fired. The optimists are sick and tired of the cheap shot artists and are firing back. Apologies to people who are reasonably expressing doubts about the state of the team and are getting caught in the crossfire.
  12. I don't think Gase is telling Mosley that he wasn't worth the money.
  13. Very likely, someone who isn't on the team now. Travis Swanson's retirement announcement yesterday took away the last viable option on the current open market, so I guess we'll hope someone decent gets released at some point. Or, that one of the UDFAs on the team is better than expected. Or, make a trade.
  14. So let's give the job to a big name with no experience in the role. Do we care more about results or positive perception?

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