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  1. And then flip Fowler and a pick to get Mack. 😁
  2. I didn't want us to "Suck for Sam", but I did hope we'd still get him somehow. I still can't believe that we did.
  3. I loved Gastineau, but he wouldn't fit in our base defense. I went with Abraham instead, because he was able to play OLB for much of his career.
  4. So sorry for your loss, man. We lost this little guy a few years ago. He was my first dog, and I couldn't believe how painful it was to lose him. It still hasn't completely gone away, but it has gotten better. I'm sure what happened today was devastating, but you did right by her. She's somewhere now, feeling no pain and thinking how lucky she was to share her life with you. Hang in there.
  5. As the deadlock continues, the reports are narrowing down the reason for the impasse. Consider this article, recently posted on NFL.com (the bolded text is by me): http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000000942921/article/sam-darnold-deal-holdup-hinges-on-forfeiture-language If this is indeed true (and I acknowledge that it may or may not be), I am even less on Darnold's side. I appreciate that Darnold is an active guy, but if he injures himself playing basketball or jet skiing, the Jets should not have to absorb that risk.
  6. Thanks (sincerely). I appreciate that you backed up your point of view with a logical argument - and you may be right. I would just counter your "bigger, stronger...faster...jump higher" argument with this:
  7. So you're using 3 negative examples to defend an argument that something has a 0% chance of happening? Well done.
  8. Whether Stewart eventually sticks or not, he won't need to be on the opening day 53 because he'll be suspended for the first 2 games.
  9. Penalties from sports leagues for undermining "the integrity of the game" will always be disproportionately large when compared to their punishment for "crimes against society". It's why Ben Roethlisberger can have a minimally-impacted career despite being a rapist while Pete Rose is banned from baseball for life.
  10. It's one thing to doubt whether "The President" will be as good as he says he will be (making the Pro Bowl every year). It's another to flat out say he'll never show any improvement over the coverage skills he showed as a rookie, and will only ever be a "box safety". Players have been known to get better in years 2 and 3 of their career. I wouldn't call that type of analysis "reasonable", although I will admit that Adams does invite a strong backlash by repeatedly writing checks with his mouth that he may never be able to cash.
  11. I get that some people don't like Adams' mouth and ego (I'm not a big fan of the yapping myself), but are we really going to define a player's NFL ceiling entirely by their rookie season?
  12. This is an offense without stars, which is why lazy reporters will give it a bad ranking. What this team does have is depth at WR and RB (and QB, for that matter). I'll stack Powell/McGuire up against other teams' #2/#3 running backs - and players in those roles will get legitimate playing time throughout the season for all teams. I also think that our #3, #4, and #5 WRs (whoever ends up in those roles) will be able to consistently beat the #3/#4/#5 CBs of our opponents each week. None of this will make us an elite offense, but we'll be competitive and to rank us #32 (and to do so in an insulting manner) will just make those "experts" look like fools later on.
  13. The Buffalo Bills would be quite happy to have McCown as their starter, and in fact, the Bills were supposedly the reason that the Jets made such a lucrative offer to him.
  14. The most talented player at a position doesn't always outperform their competition enough to win the starting job. Sam D. already has to fight the stigma of being a high draft pick who is being considered by many to be the savior of this team. If there's any perception that the young superstar is being handed the starting job without earning it, over a player (Josh McCown) who is extremely well loved in the locker room, he'll have a real uphill battle to earn the respect of the rest of the team.