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  1. For those who care, PFT has the Jets jumping to #19. Maybe they like the young talent, or maybe they’re just afraid of Saleh showing up later at their service desk with a receipt. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/09/20/pfts-week-3-2022-nfl-power-rankings/
  2. I know you unintentionally forgot to mention this, but when Zach comes back, and excels like we all know he will, the young superstar offense will really be complete, right? Uh…right? How come you’re not saying anything…? Hello? Is this thing on?
  3. None of what you said explains why you think Saleh has to own his W-L record but Campbell doesn’t. “Competitive in the 4th Q” doesn’t get you into the playoffs. So, your righteousness in coming after Saleh so hard based on actual wins while giving Campbell a pass because you like him doesn’t hold water. And trying to take away some of Saleh’s actual wins just because makes less sense. If we’re counting moral victories like Campbell’s, let’s add Saleh almost beating the defending champs / “GOAT” QB last year to his resume, and also give him the game that was won by his hand-picked stand-in and coaching staff, using the playbooks he put in place, even though he couldn’t actually be on the sidelines due to COVID. Is that how your game is played? We get it. You don’t like Saleh. Altering facts to make him look worse than he already does isn’t going to move the needle.
  4. A coach that you've been all excited about in other threads, Dan Campbell, has the same amount of wins as Robert Saleh in the same amount of time. Actually, Campbell has actually had one more opportunity because Saleh missed the one game last season. So, you'll essentially make excuses for why Campbell is better than his record, while coming up with reasons why Saleh doesn't even deserve the wins he's had.
  5. No one wants to believe there’s truth to this more than me, but Woody was just named as a Stephen Ross’s replacement on the NFL finance committee, so I’m guessing that a sale is not imminent. https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2022/09/14/nfl-officially-removes-stephen-ross-from-four-committees/
  6. Westhoff also mentioned in his book that he believed that Morestead was the best punter in NFL history.
  7. Did you ever see a cameraman or the guy holding the first down marker get taken out by a player who was pushed out of bounds or got tackled out of bounds? If something like that happened to Zach, who they still probably want to avoid making sudden movements, there'd be plenty of people wanting to hang Saleh for being so stupid as to risk his QB1 like that.
  8. And the Ravens’ starting OTs today are a 31-year-old RT who entered last season as our backup and a 30-year-old LT who hasn’t appeared in a regular season game since 2019 and has played 17 snaps at LT in his long NFL career. FIRE ERIC DeCOSTA!
  9. The Mosley deal opened enough money to sign another OT if necessary. And waiting until after tomorrow’s game to sign one means that they can pay them week-to-week instead of their full-year salary being guaranteed. Which is probably why there are still some notable OTs who are currently unsigned.
  10. Mitchell was drafted in the same exact draft position as Fabini (round 4, 111th pick) so let’s hope lightning strikes twice.
  11. I think a lot of people here believe that Pinnock (or another good player) was lost because of the strategy to move Curry to short-term IR via the initial 53-man roster. I think the reality is that Pinnock wasn't going to make the 53-man roster regardless. Normally when the Curry maneuver is executed, there's a handshake deal, usually with a vested vet that doesn't go through waivers, that the player will be released and then brought back one day after final cuts, just to be able to get the kept player on short-term IR. I thought that the re-signed player was going to be Tevin Coleman, but it turned out to be Marcell Harris (with some rumors saying that it was going to be McDermott). It seems that, in reality, Pinnock was beat out by Marcell Harris (and theoretically, Ashtyn Davis and Tony Adams, at the Safety position), for a 53-man roster spot, not Curry - who was just the subject of some paperwork jockeying, and that the Jets were only hoping they could get Pinnock onto the practice squad (not the 53) if he cleared waivers.
  12. Curry needed to be on the initial 53-man roster in order to have a chance to return this season (short term IR vs. full IR). Whether or not he will add any value above the other DEs on the team if/when he returns is debatable.
  13. Maccagnan’s approach led to immediate success that had no shelf life. Joe D.’s approach is designed to have sustained success, but it takes longer to get there. Which result would you rather have?
  14. In his press conference yesterday, Saleh implied that special teams contributions played a part in the decision.
  15. Sign Jefferson, Tartt, or Harris. Davis to PS if he clears waivers. Maybe Will Parks to PS also, if he doesn't sign elsewhere.
  16. Honestly, given how highly the coaching staff said they thought of Coleman, and how good he still looked on the field, I'd be a little surprised if he didn't re-sign with the team sometime between later today (after Curry and/or others are placed on short-term IR) or week two, once his full-year veteran salary would no longer be locked in.
  17. Is it too much to hope for that the Jets acquire another player named "Darnold"?
  18. I think the hidden good news here is the players that weren't claimed. Guys who can now potentially be kept on the practice squad, like: Zuniga Marshall Anae Nasirildeen Perine Jackson Charles and of course... STREVELER!
  19. The Jets are deep enough that the only positions that are really ripe for a pickup now are swing offensive tackle and safety. Run-stopping DT and further LB depth might make sense, but they seem content with what they have there, even if some fans aren't. I don't see any waiver claims for players at those positions that jump out at me. The best OT is probably Edoga, and the best safety is probably Pinnock. Armon Watts may have made some sense for an IDL, but I guess the team didn't like him any better than who's on the roster there now. As @nycdan mentioned, the best available players at positions of need were vested veterans who didn't go through the waiver process and are still available. I wouldn't be surprised to see interest in Cedric Ogbuehi at OT and Jefferson, Tartt, or Harris at Safety.
  20. Phillips will be back on the practice squad in Week 2 - after John Harbaugh pumps him for information about our schemes and then throws him away like an empty candy bar wrapper.
  21. I think a lot of the Pinnock love came from the PFF measurement below. It was a pretty small sample size, but it was hopeful. I guess he wasn't as impressive to the coaching staff otherwise, but I still wouldn't be surprised to see him back on the practice squad if another team doesn't claim him.
  22. Maccagnan also drafted Quinnen. And then there were two.
  23. I believe the replaced player needs to be released (vested vet) or waived, meaning that the non-vested-vet waived player would need to go through waivers before being signed to the practice squad.
  24. It's been clarified that Bawden went on full IR. He's done for the year. I believe that a player needs to be on the initial 53-man roster to go on short-term IR, so I'm thinking we'll see Curry move there tomorrow.
  25. I don't think Streveler ever had a chance to make the team. QB1, QB2, and QB3 were locked in before camp even started and the Jets just needed a camp arm. Streveler sure made it interesting though, and I think that surprised everyone. One of the reasons that the players like Saleh is that he sees it as his job to help players reach their full potential and get praise/paid for the work they do, even if it ends up being for another team (his "put it on tape" mantra). I think his hyping of Streveler was genuine, even knowing he wasn't going to stick on the Jets' active roster, and if Streveler ends up somewhere where he can make a contribution, Saleh will be genuinely happy for him and happy to have played a role in getting him there. Having said that, I'm still hoping that Streveler clears waivers and signs to the Jets practice squad.
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