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  1. And they do the same on the defensive side by coaching their DBs to be particularly physical with the other team’s receivers, daring the refs to call defensive holding or PI on every passing down.
  2. Yes, and the sad part is that I don't even think he made the "pitcher" analogy that everyone is going berserk over. I'll try to make it easy. Go to the 1:45 mark of the video of his interview below, and tell me if Fant says "picture switching to your left hand" to Connor Hughes or if he says that it's like a pitcher switching to his left hand. https://www.newyorkjets.com/video/george-fant-we-were-right-where-we-needed-to-be-on-running-plays-just-need-to-ex
  3. Fant’s reaction is likely more about Hughes quoting him as saying that it was like a pitcher switching hands. That’s not what Fant said, at least not during the press conference. Fant compared it to Hughes having to write with his other hand, and he said “picture trying to switch to your left hand”. I think Hughes mis-heard that and thought Fant said that it was like a pitcher switching hands.
  4. And somehow, Fant’s quote is one of the least whiny comments in this thread.
  5. Haven't listened to the Ulbrich interview yet, but this could mean that they'll decide who plays based on matchups. For example, perhaps they'll play Javelin Guidry on the outside this week, because he's the best CB we have to combat Robby Anderson's speed, but another week they may go with Echols if they feel his skill set would work better against the opposing WRs in that game.
  6. I expect to see a lot of Fant as a tight end / 6th OL this year, similar to when he was at SEA. I wouldn’t be shocked to see him catch a pass out of that formation either.
  7. “The Real Deal” didn’t seem like the type of guy who would accept being relegated to a backup role quietly.
  8. They are with a 7-month head start in learning Mike LaFleur’s system.
  9. Cowherd is totally agenda-driven, incapable of providing unbiased analysis. And he pushes his agendas like a bull in a china shop. Sam had him as a guest on a podcast he hosted during his last year at USC, so Cowherd’s agenda was to pump his friend Sam up once he got to the NFL. Now, because Sam didn’t pan out with the Jets, Cowherd’s agenda is to tear down both the Jets and Sam’s replacement. He was all over Zach’s bad practices, but is trying to hedge his bets now that Zach is rocking the preseason so far. Don’t be taken in by the snake oil salesman.
  10. I’m really looking forward to the day when we’re talking about how well the Jets are playing instead of discussing excuses (however valid) for why their poor play isn’t as bad as it seems.
  11. I don't think it's such a bad thing that Becton is struggling in practice. This will help prevent any urge he has to watch Brian Baldinger videos and not try as hard to get better because he thinks he's already a star. After today, he no longer has the "Lawson is a stud, iron is sharpening iron" excuse. I'd rather see him hungry (both to get better and because he's watching his diet).
  12. I don’t want to be too maudlin about this, but this video just makes me sad. Sad for what his loved ones have lost and sad for what might have been with the Jets. He was obviously a nice man, with a good sense of humor, who loved what he did. He had an intelligent, insightful response for every question. You can see genuine excitement on his face at times that showed his passion for the game - both for teaching it and for learning from it. My sincere condolences go out to both his real-life and Jets families. I hope that they can find inspiration and strength from the memories of th
  13. WFT also had the 30th ranked offense, and still almost made the playoffs. Bump their D up to #1 and their O up to #20, and they’re in. Gimme some of that this season.
  14. I hear what you’re saying, but would it be fun to have the top 8 offense score a go-ahead TD late in the 4th, just to have the bottom 5 defense give up the game winner in the final 2 minutes? We’ve seen plenty of those types of finishes over the years, and I’m not a fan. It’s not an exact science in this case, but the math says that the #1 D / #20 O is the best choice. Those rankings average out to 10.5, where the other options average out in the teens, at best.
  15. Lauren's positive attitude and strength are powerful healing forces, and MSK is top notch. Having the mighty Maxman at her side will also make a huge difference. All the love and positive energy I can muster are coming your way.
  16. Bell’s rushing and receiving averages with KC were almost exactly what they were in his last year with the Steelers, which were fairly pedestrian but not awful. Reid just had better options. I guess that’s the downside of choosing to sign with the most talented offense in the league after the season had started. Bell might get another chance, if he’s willing to sign for a low salary. I don’t bear him any ill will. He was a fairly solid citizen with the Jets, despite all of the losing and bad coaching. I think he’s just a guy who’s struggling with the realization that he’s no longer
  17. That was great. The camaraderie between coaches McVay, LaFleur, and Saleh was awesome. Thanks for posting it.
  18. The issue that the NFL has with punishing for cheating is that doing so requires a public admission that cheating occurred, and the bigger the infraction, the more it undermines “the integrity of the game” and harms the whole league. Take the element of Spygate that alleged that the Patriots taped the Rams’ walkthrough before the Pats’ first Super Bowl win of the Brady era. I’ve seen enough to believe that it actually happened, but Goodell swept it under the carpet - mostly because if the validity of a Super Bowl was ever called into question, it would be devastating for the NFL. The Pa
  19. Joe D. brought Hoyer in for a visit at a time when he knew full well that he was drafting Zach. JD will be signing a veteran at some point, but he’s clearly waiting for something else to unfold (the Bears releasing Foles? Mullens getting healthy enough to pass a physical?).
  20. When someone realizes I'm a Jets fan, I do get some sympathy - but it's mostly from people who already know and like me. In general, though, I don't think NFL fans are the pitying kind. They love beating on teams that are perceived as losers - and their fans. Look at how the Browns were treated until they started turning it around recently. The franchises that escape this ridicule are the ones that are consistently bad without being complete laughingstocks (the Lions come to mind), and teams like the Jaguars that have a low profile.
  21. You didn't mention the two words that were most responsible for the hate inspired by the 2009-2010 Jets: Rex Ryan. Many (if not most) of us loved him during his first two seasons, because of the 2 AFC Championship Game berths and because he brought a swagger that can totally change a downtrodden franchise (and did, albeit temporarily). My experience with people who weren't Jets fans was that they most commonly saw him as an obnoxious idiot and they were put off by his antics - particularly when the winning stopped and he lost the cachet that came with it - and that hate got projected onto th
  22. It seemed like he was specifically coached to avoid saying that the Jets were taking him, and to create the impression that anything can still happen. From the NFL's perspective, it's bad enough that the intrigue of their primetime event is diminished by the forgone conclusion that Lawrence is going to JAX. They certainly would prefer that the Wilson to Jets scenario still has some doubt tied to it.
  23. It hurt when the Browns suddenly became a playoff team last year, but with the Texans skyrocketing to #1, this Eagles debacle knocks us down to #3 on the NFL dysfunction chart! Kidding aside, I think that with Douglas and Saleh as our respected GM/coach combo, and with some reports suggesting that the Johnson brothers are letting JD run the show, I really think our perception as a dysfunctional laughingstock is on borrowed time. We're seeing a lot of people out there trying to get their last shots in during this offseason, but I think the "J-E-S-T-S" narrative that the media and other NF
  24. I'm not sure how true the "Zach is not a good leader" buzz is either, but if there's any truth to it, then I think signing Alex Smith is a great way to go. Yes, I understand the "don't waste a roster spot on a mentor" argument, but in this case, it would be key to have a veteran leader in the Jets 2021 QB room who's a player not a coach. No matter how you feel about Sam's results on the field, the consensus seems to be that he was well liked and respected in the locker room, and those may be tough shoes to fill for Zach - particularly if he's not an instinctual leader. A. Smith can be the g
  25. Me too.... starting in 2022 when his positive performances don't affect the value of 2 of our draft picks.
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