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  1. This is why jets fans have the reputation they do....loud, impatient and not know the first damn thing about being winners, developing a young QB, or what it takes to get there. Lots of people across the country think this...as bad as Eagles fans, but luckily it’s not the majority, most are just beat up hungry for a winning product. Have to respect Jets fans for sticking to a franchise that hasn’t given you much hope. Adios, enjoy your season and years to come, hope you find what you’re looking for.
  2. HelenOfTroy


    Lots of dumbass Jets calling to “Suck for Sam”.....Knowing, KNOWING by God, that USC QBs suck, will always suck till the end of time. Drafting anyone out of USC, the Jets should have drafted a WR, RB, Safety, LB or Offensive Lineman, because of all the draft picks out of USC - most all time, those positions make up the 12 In the Pro Football HOF! Oops, the Jets made a boo boo.
  3. HelenOfTroy


    Getting the hell out there isn’t up to Sam, is it? He has already said that he was fine, if the coaching staff and medical team are keeping him off the field as a precaution because they know he will be running for his life, then how is he soft? Maybe the coaches are soft....maybe the fans are soft that are coming up with that dumbass reasoning. As the NFL World Turns, so are the Days of Our Lives.
  4. HelenOfTroy


    You can root for a team, and not be sold or like particular players...nothing new, but you didn't have to say you liked Mayfield - I didn't know which particular QB you favored, nor do I really care, but it was very clear that you could not remain quiet when anyone made some persuasive arguments/excuses defending a rookie QB play. It's part of being a fan that one is hopeful and optimistic about the development of a young player. Maybe you think you weren't that obvious, but I bet others did. Don't be that guy that craps in the punch bowl, you have plenty of time for that. 😂
  5. HelenOfTroy


    It's fair, it's also fair to say I can fall back on being a woman for having silly little attachments to my Trojans. Never claimed Sam was better than any other QB, never said he should start, never even said he would be a great QB in the NFL...nor have I been critical of other Jets players save to say a few talk too much. I've been exactly who I claim to be from day one, always said I may be biased and that I was new to NFL fandom.
  6. HelenOfTroy


    He could have stayed at USC to play in the snow.
  7. HelenOfTroy


    Thank you for this telling post......the Mayfield fan boy in you is strong, too bad he's not on your team!
  8. HelenOfTroy


    Anyone with an ounce of brains knows when a QB is drafted that high, the team is usually not very good...but even Cleveland, CLEVELAND attempted to put some pieces around the quarterback they drafted #1. The Giants don't normally draft in the top 3, so sucking can be a temporary thing with some of these franchises drafting in the top 10. Yes, he has regressed....again, has the team progressed? They all looked like they've regressed except maybe Adams. Look, I don't think QBs are Gods, they need a serviceable offensive line, some healthy weapons and good coaching. I do find it strange that Sam keeps saying he's OK, yet he's held back from the field. Who makes those decisions? You know who does, yet the speculation seems to be all over the place by you guys. Being a USC fan/alum has nothing to do with seeing that this franchise is in chaos right now.
  9. HelenOfTroy


    I have news for you...your whole team is awful, including - or especially your coaching staff. You guys crack me up, who do you think you drafted, Jesus Christ? Some miracle worker? Damn. 😂
  10. Love that catch JuJu made over Ramsey’s head in the Steelers vs Eagles game. Where was his talk after that game?
  11. Sometimes these players are just stuck with a jackass family. We had a former player - a great player, that the school had to bar the family from practice, because they would hound this poor kid. They pressured him to leave school early because they wanted the money, he was more than ready to leave, but the fact that they acted like vultures in pushing him put a lot of stress on him- he asked that his family not be allowed at practice. He was very young when he entered the league. He was drafted #9 in the first round. He bought his parents a home, gave his family money, and they still stole money from him. In the end, he had to cut them off. Tyron Smith may be the 5th offensive lineman out of USC to be inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, out of the school's 12, unless they vote Tony Boselli in, inspite of his shortened pro career. Unfortunately for his family, they won't be welcomed to attend if he eventually makes it in. Nice little Thanksgiving story, no?
  12. I find it hard to believe it were Palmer, he trains several NFL QBs, at minimum, it would be bad business.
  13. This is reaching Jerry Springer level of airing family dirty laundry. Why do this? Brother should take it up with Aaron, face to face, like a man. Damn.
  14. Better yet everyone, go naked. That would be a treat.
  15. You guys are all over the place. Battered Jets Fan Syndrome. It's real.

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