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  1. HelenOfTroy

    The case against Williams is weak

    Too bad the Jets do not have the luxury of selecting one of the top three defensive players in the draft. Ignoring for YEARS, the most important unit on the offense is criminal, now they have no choice. It’s like me buying nothing but designer shoes for 10+ years, to pair with raggedy-a** clothes. Have to start buying clothes to go with those shoes. 😎
  2. HelenOfTroy

    Jets Oline Struggles.

    I’m so glad you posted this. We could draft the best pass rusher in the NFL, doesn’t mean a thing if your offense can’t take advantage of take aways by scoring points due to a poor line. The goal is to keep your defense off the field, no? We know that it is....yet people can’t see it. Amazing what a high scoring offense can do for a defense, and winning. We have defensive talent, now they just need to be coached up, there is enough talent to wait one more year for that stud pass rusher in the draft or FA.
  3. HelenOfTroy

    Cowherd Mock

    I can’t stand the guy, and neither can many other USC fans. He’s a USC honk, who loved Sam the moment he saw him play on the scout team, I wish he would STFU talking about Sam. Everyone knows I love Sam, his character and his quiet leadership. I’m not crazy about crotch grabbing, police incident and all the “I feel dangerous” stuff...but that’s just minor stuff, who has he hurt? Kid is a winner. Cowherd has gone way, way overboard on the Mayfield hate, and it’s very unattractive. Mayfield put him in his place, on his own show. 😂
  4. HelenOfTroy

    5 year anniversary of the Idzik 12

    Wow. 😳
  5. All I’m going to say about Henry is, Carson loved the guy, cried like a baby when he died. Carson is as stoic a man as they come, devoutly religious (he and his wife), and Chris lived with him and his family for a time. Carson comes from a well to do family, so how much could they have in common? Yet, Carson loved the guy.
  6. Henry died on December 17, 2009 when he was dragged from a moving truck that his fiancé was driving after a verbal altercation. An autopsy revealed that Henry had developed chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) during his playing career due to repetitive hits to the head. Because CTE can only be diagnosed in an autopsy and Henry was still active in the NFL when he died, Henry represented the first case where an active player had died and could be diagnosed with CTE.
  7. A sad story about a troubled player, Chris Henry on the Bengals. Carson loved the guy, tried to help him, Chris even lived with Carson and his family for awhile. He died in a tragic accident, devastated Carson and his teammates. Robbie could use the support and leadership from this team, he appears to be trying to change his life around, and he’s a good player, one that is developing with Sam.
  8. I really hope it’s nothing but an unfounded rumor. Don’t know who the writer is, or how legit he is, but I think Robbie has the potential to be big for us as he develops even more chemistry with Sam. Even with some of the off the field stuff, he seems to want to move on and turn his life around. An interview Cris Carter said Robbie reached out to him for advice, that is a very good sign. Cris had his own issues, and wants to help others. My heart tells me Robbie isn’t a bad kid, but I hope to God it doesn’t turn out tragic like Carson Palmer and Chris Henry. Robbie belongs in a great environment with the Jets players.
  9. Ugh, why take away a weapon that Sam is comfortable with? They were really clicking at the end of the season. 🙁
  10. HelenOfTroy

    Wonderlic Scores 2019

    Not be dead over 10 days.
  11. HelenOfTroy

    Wonderlic Scores 2019

    Before we freak out, Terry Bradshaw scores something like an 6, and Marino an 8.
  12. https://www.orangemane.com/forum/orange-mane-discussion/orange-mane-central-discussion/nfl-draft-forum/2451394-2019-wonderlic-scores Can’t copy and paste for some reason.
  13. You are aware that a good line helps other skilled position players, right? Ever watch a center create a hole for a RB to run through? Steelers WR JuJu Smith-Schuster gave his oline Go Pro cameras for Christmas, wonder why? RBs and receivers often team up with the QB to show their appreciation for their oline.
  14. Hasn’t Watson been the most sacked QB in the NFL? That sweet young man is going to get injured behind that line. Again. Not a good example for your argument at all.

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