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  1. Hope he plays good enough that you can trade Sam. Get. Him. Out. Of. There. Good luck, Trevor.
  2. I’m just waiting for you to trade Sam. Poor choice, for both parties. Think Douglas is building a roster from the ground up, too late for Sam. I check in, just don’t post anymore. Good luck with Trevor, just don’t set him up to fail....kid was on teams with elite skill players and coaches.
  3. this is me....honest, you can believe me....100%.
  4. Expect photos in your PM shortly, you may think I bare a strong resemblance to another Latina by the name of Selma Hayek. Be assured those revealing photos are of me....Helen of Troy, Trojan Princess.
  5. Hi there, sweet baby girl....what is this? I’m not good at playing games, lol. If you say so, and guide me along, I’ll play.
  6. A safety was just inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, in his first year of eligibility. His teammates and opposing players claimed he could change the course of a game by his disruptive play. Would be nice if young Mr. Adams would display a little of his humility, maybe he’ll learn.

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