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  1. You just can’t keep doing this. Continue starting over, drafting young QBs without building a team around him, then beating him down coming off the field when he’s already getting beat on the field. No matter how tough he is, why boo your own guy after the second game…..knowing what BB does to rookie QBs? Be better, Jet fans. Good luck.
  2. Sam is your past, you people need to support your young QB…..seriously, booing him? Kid has talent, but he’s not a miracle worker. Be patient, your franchise chose to start over, you have to man up and take your lumps. The Jets did Sam a great favor, I choose to think he was traded to Carolina because your FO wanted to make sure he was also traded to the best place for him. Sam has never said one negative word about his time in NY, not the franchise, coaches or fans. He took all the blame. It would be nice if you just pretend you never drafted him.
  3. Maybe I would think Douglas was sold on AVT’s ability to play every position on the line if needed, and he did it well. The only other OL from SC that could do that was Bruce Matthews, maybe you people know other OL like that, who were drafted to the NFL and succeeded.
  4. https://usctrojans.com/news/2019/11/14/usc-ripsit-blog-vera-tuckers-family-ties
  5. He never said one negative thing about the Jets, his teammates, fans or New York/New Jersey. Took all the blame for losses on himself, how it should be.
  6. Best of luck guys, this is great for Sam as well. Who knows how things will work out for the Jets, or Sam going forward, a new start is long overdue. It seems your organization is finally doing the right thing building an offense around a young QB, to give him a fair chance. Time to look forward.
  7. Hope he plays good enough that you can trade Sam. Get. Him. Out. Of. There. Good luck, Trevor.
  8. I’m just waiting for you to trade Sam. Poor choice, for both parties. Think Douglas is building a roster from the ground up, too late for Sam. I check in, just don’t post anymore. Good luck with Trevor, just don’t set him up to fail....kid was on teams with elite skill players and coaches.
  9. this is me....honest, you can believe me....100%.
  10. Expect photos in your PM shortly, you may think I bare a strong resemblance to another Latina by the name of Selma Hayek. Be assured those revealing photos are of me....Helen of Troy, Trojan Princess.
  11. Hi there, sweet baby girl....what is this? I’m not good at playing games, lol. If you say so, and guide me along, I’ll play.
  12. A safety was just inducted to the Pro Football Hall of Fame, in his first year of eligibility. His teammates and opposing players claimed he could change the course of a game by his disruptive play. Would be nice if young Mr. Adams would display a little of his humility, maybe he’ll learn.
  13. If this kid plays like that consistently into the season. Wowzer. Kid comes out of a small private school, no local offers, just schools like San Jose State, UC Davis till USC came in at the last moment.....guess his OC/QB coach Kurt Warners’ opinion of his players talent meant more to our HC than the recruiting services. Thank God.
  14. At this point, his behavior is just sad...he’s in a dangerous mental state.
  15. Reading the comments, that idiot @ram29jackson sounds like our very own Hackenberg. Come clean hackeysack, you’re a Rams fan polluting a Jets board.
  16. Thank you Kelly, for posting this!
  17. Unless Sam makes a 180 degree personality turn - if he achieves great success - can’t see him ever acting like a “star”. Guys labeled as “unselfish” “a locker room guy” and completely focused on football as a team member, never take on the star act.
  18. Same with the USC Hall of Fame ceremonies. Never mentioned the Steelers by name, simply referenced his NFL career, no mention of the franchise. There was six months of celebration between the announcement and induction which included interviews, appearances and filming on campus leading up to the formal dinner. Never once mentioned the Steelers. Odd from someone as loyal as Troy,
  19. There is a lot going on with the Steelers and their former players. Troy P. has not shown up for any franchise functions he’s been invited to, and when he was inducted into the Polynesian HOF, he did not mention the Steelers at all, just his college years and his team while at USC. Bad blood, even with Troy...that says something to me.
  20. There are plenty of Notre Dame players who have not been very successful in the NFL, but what is undeniable is the historical success of the program in sending the second most players to the NFL, most Pro FB HOFers, Pro Bowlers, etc, etc. After Notre Dame, there is a significant drop off till the next successful players/program in CFB history.
  21. Not just “rather upset” - very upset. Any player, regardless of the program, I’d be upset. Injury goes beyond football or team colors. Hard not too feel with a mother’s heart.
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