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  1. The one loss that the defense couldn’t stop a little mouse of a RB running between their legs....,and with all that talent on offense and defense, throws a pick...
  2. That part was good....not the sulking and throwing things when he messed up, and the inability to rebound.
  3. Mark could never reign in his emotions, it cost him.
  4. Baker Mayfield, into the HOF already? This thread is about Mayfield, right?
  5. Delete it.....back out slowly and pretend you never posted this blasphemy.
  6. Tiny hands, tiny brain....and tiny other things!
  7. I bet you have tiny little hands. Along with your petite stature. Bet you make chicks feel like they’re with another chick.
  8. This is why the big jock (FB players) major is Communications, lol. Annenberg is loaded with contacts that want to put these guys in front of the cameras when they're done with playing.
  9. Yes, he trained with Jordan. As well as his QB coach, they’ve become very close, Jordan’s kids call Sam “Uncle”.
  10. The NFL Draft when Mark was selected by the Jets was on the big video screen in the Coliseum during our Spring Game, and there was an audible stunned reaction from the crowd when you selected Mark...great guy, but he was always a game manager on a loaded team on offense and defense. One game he was needed to come through on his own, he failed, causing us a chance to play in the NC game. Anyone comparing Mark to Sam in any way, save that they’re both out of USC, is stupid and knows nothing about the QB position. Find another dig, otherwise YOU sound like a fool.
  11. I heard glowing things about Josh Allen a full year before he came out in the draft, from Jordan Palmers’ FIL - told us to watch this kid, most of us had no idea who he was, but Jordan was training him, and he raved about the kid’s potential as an NFL QB....Sam raves about him and his skill set. I’ll take their word for it.
  12. Also, they weren’t “helicopter parents”, just down to earth, gracious people.
  13. The view sucks at field level....but I can set up mid field and grill some hot dogs for the players. Players love hot dogs.
  14. Lol, true....but our real rival - has been since 1925, is Notre Dame, not fUCLA. SC traveled across the country by train to get our a** kicked by the Domers for decades. But there is that little edge between USC and Stanford, the battle of the privates. Both Andrew and Sam don’t talk, they let others do the talking.
  15. For me, it’s Andrew Luck vs Sam. Don’t really care about the other QBs as rivals.
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