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  1. Ohio guy? He’s a Texas boy, through and through. They do everything bigger in Texas.
  2. Think Gase is the right coach for Sam, he understands the risks and rewards, will let Sam be Sam. Bates couldn’t have been worse. Should translate to a dynamic offense all round - God willing.
  3. Hope he never loses that LB mentality, or his BB moves, should serve him well as he matures as a QB. His physical toughness will serve him well vs NFL defenses. There was improvement toward the end of the season, vs some very good defenses, now it’s up to him, his teammates and coaches to build on that. History has already shown that a great rookie season doesn’t always indicate who will ultimately be the better QB.
  4. Sam is going to be laughing even harder....and longer....and wealthier.
  5. I saw that! I really like this kid, and nice too, doesn’t have to be a jerk.
  6. Chocolate chips cookies with walnuts. Flan and strawberry shortcake.....
  7. I believe in him too, I’m a fan....just something about him - I don’t feel he’s a bad kid, just made some bad choices. Give him a chance. He is a great weapon to have, and fun to watch!
  8. We heard you, therefore, we do not follow the herd.
  9. Of course you can....I post whatever the hell I want also....just wanted to give you fair warning that it’s a fluff piece. Of course, the title as posted draws out the whiners and complainers like a moth to a flame.
  10. God, I’d quit watching USC football if they were stupid enough to hire Meyer. I can’t stand that bastard. Let him feign Illness somewhere else once he starts losing.
  11. You’ve used this line before......
  12. The Beatles. They’re timeless, even kids in HS now appreciate their music, I got to see them in concert the three times they played in L.A.
  13. The only thing he is a fan of, is his own opinion.
  14. I was very impressed, viewed the minute they were released.
  15. So, Hacky......working on getting permabanned on this site as well? Your schtick does get old...quickly.
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