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  1. I just learned a good deal about you freaks on this thread.
  2. Have you verified Thomas has tiny hands? Tiny hands on a man makes me want to throw up. Same with fake tans.
  3. You’re a very patient man, Crusher....my ban hammer would have come down at his second post, only thing worse than a troll, is a dumbass troll.
  4. I think Sam has shown from day one that he’s a hard worker, all about football and mature beyond his years. He was still a young kid from across the country when the Jets drafted him. Josh was that added comfort, a big brother away from home and an unexpected bonus that put the kid at ease, someone with more than a decade in the business he could ask questions or voice his concerns. For those that object to that, or belittle Josh’s role as a mentor at $10 mil, too bad! God bless him.
  5. Gee, who would have ever thought people on football message boards would overreact, jump to conclusions and generally spell doomsday on a coaching hire - without actually seeing the coach in action with our own players?
  6. My God...reading some of these crap posts and I’m reminded why I hated “Seinfeld” so much.....cast of whining, complaining miserable losers. That sh*t was real.
  7. L.A. fans just don’t show up....an empty stadium doesn’t boo.
  8. Dude craves attention....sure is old to be playing that level of childish games.
  9. The throw to Tay.....I hope he gets more playing time.
  10. Maccagnan could land on his feet.... https://texanswire.usatoday.com/2019/06/16/texans-should-bring-back-mike-maccagnan-gm/
  11. Maybe worth 10 mil to a bald dude.
  12. With as few true star players you fans have watched play in Jets history, some of you can’t wait to get your digs in. One would think you’d celebrate this kid. I’m not a fan of big talkers myself, on the field or off....but young man is legit star, hasn’t hurt anyone, gives his all and stays out of trouble. He’s much more than the talking. His enthusiasm and joy is refreshing, so why not focus on that?
  13. Forever grateful and thankful for all Josh did for Sam. Josh was the number 1 reason the kid felt so comfortable his rookie year - best moral support/mentor for a very young player.
  14. “Love his athleticism, love his ability to go through progressions,” Douglas said. “I think he’s a unique guy … he’s a very young player, just turned 22, but he shows ability to have his eyes and feet to work through progressions quickly, and he throws an accurate ball. And just hearing about his leadership ability at such a young age is exciting, real exciting.”
  15. Sam Darnold was the bait that lured Joe Douglas to the Jets Ralph Vacchiano SNYJune 11, 2019, 3:29 PM PDT Ralph Vacchiano | Facebook | Twitter | Archive FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- In Joe Douglas' first year in the Philadelphia Eagles front office they made a bold trade up in the draft to land quarterback Carson Wentz. Douglas quickly realized two things: The Eagles had the right guy at quarterback, and they needed to move quickly to bu
  16. Sam Darnold was biggest selling point for Jets GM Joe Douglas By Steve Serby June 12, 2019 | 5:43am Joe DouglasBill Kostroun It is Sam Darnold who holds in his golden right hand the key to making sure this new collaborative partnership between the soft-spoken talent-evaluator whiz and alpha male offensive guru can function the way winners are supposed to function inside an organization that has known far too much dysfunction, from Weeb Ewbank Hall to the Atlantic Health Jets Training Center. If you come to
  17. Have you ever dropped in on a Browns site, or a Bills site and read their opinions of Sam? Brutal, lol. The highlighted is true on every message board regarding opposing players, particularly Baker and Sam, two very different personalities...one is almost catatonic, the other can’t keep his mouth and ego in check. We all tend to defend the devil we have in our house.
  18. I would hope they would say exactly the same about Sam if he said that. But that would be very far fetched. I would also expect our own veterans player’s to confront Sam if he said it. Regardless, a lesson will be learned and Baker will be just fine....just keep winning kid, or past comments will come back to haunt you, or any other QB who commits a grand faux pas like that, lol.
  19. It’s pretty pathetic when your only avenue to express a one sided “adult opinion” is on a sports message board....you know, the place most of us escape to, to not have boring and mindless adult conversations.
  20. Happy Father’s Day guys, enjoy your day, but I hope your children have what I had....not a father, but a DADDY. Miss you for the rest of my life, daddy. - Signed, your forever little girl.
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