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  1. Fine, pick up the already addled-brained.
  2. Thomas, what would you know about maintaining a happy relationship other than supplying drugs and booze to keep your victim in a state of ignorant bliss? Not necessarily stoned, but beautiful....
  3. You and I think like college football fans...we actually care about the players, especially our own.
  4. You probably out kicked your coverage. Congrats!
  5. I can guarantee....if Sam had quality coaching like Baker, Tua and Trevor did, he would have stayed at USC one more year. The college experience is something they never forget for the rest of their lives.
  6. You would be right on par with the quality of your posting.
  7. Seriously?? You’re on a Jets board. You people are the trash of the NFL, and you belong in that dump Vegas with the rest of the low lives. Who cares if you’re 100% sold out? Just an excuse for the rabble to show up in the city to gamble, drink and indulge in other illegal and illicit sh*t.
  8. This is true. Even the Trojan fans were talking about how good this kid was....and by all accounts, just a fine young man off the field as well. He was sickeningly exciting to watch.
  9. Bought a home 40 minutes away. Unfortunately for me, I dislike country music....no, dislike is too mild. You can’t go anywhere in this state without hearing it, over and over, everywhere. Good news, it’s also the home of the blues!
  10. I told my daughter I would never move to Tennessee if there were no Trader Joe’s. Now there is one in Nashville, and I’m here.
  11. This thread disappoints, I thought it was about Trader Joe’s, the grocery store. What a waste of time.
  12. Might also help to have a....you know, at least a marginal offensive line. Face it, this team is not very good. The only ones who are expressing a "need" to baby Sam, are the fans, call them out.
  13. Oh my gawd.......horrible, horrible excuse for “Mexican” food. Chipotle is equally atrocious.
  14. We’ll just have to disagree. Not crazy about chicken sandwiches, anyway. In-N-Out has been far and away the best fast food employer to their employees since 1948. They were the first to offer competitive pay, insurance benefits to ALL their employees. There are some better mom and pop restaurants by the beach that make some amazing burgers, bake their own bread and lots of added items like avacado, spinach and fresh jalapeños, for starters. They set the standard.
  15. I get it. It’s very SoCal, everything fresh, grind their own meat, no freezers, not loaded with grease and gunk. They are the best fast food restaurant to their employees in the country. Managers can make 100K, great benefit package, they give out scholarships and encourage their employees to attend college. That family lives by their faith, not this phony, self serving act and pretense of being “Christian”. “The company serves up hamburgers, cheeseburgers, the Double-Double, French fries, malts, shakes, and sodas. The restaurants do not use microwaves, heat lamps, or freezers, guaranteeing that each guest's order is fresh and made-to-order. In-N-Out Burger is a private, family-run, non-franchised company”
  16. I’m in the process of buying a home in Columbia, Tennessee. I’ll be going back and forth to So Cal though. It’s gorgeous here, cost of living is so inexpensive compared to anywhere in California; from gas, food, and housing particularly. I’m a small town girl, so the people here are wonderful. I just can’t/won’t discuss politics. Lol,
  17. It’s called guilt, blood money.
  18. You’re s strange bird. Posting from the asylum?
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