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  1. You and your stupid hypotheticals. Every situation is different, the reasons behind Andrews announcement are for him - and only him, to determine. They are valid, regardless of timing. Go take your bullsh*t argument to twitter and see what your response is from men who actually played the game. That worthless POS who was kicked out of Notre Dame for stealing his teammates credit cards may be the only one to agree with you. Haven’t you ever spoken directly to any former college/NFL players? What they have to say about the pain they live with every day? I’ve fried enough
  2. Did you hear or read Sam himself complain, or throw his oline under the bus....ever? I sure haven’t. Asinine comment.
  3. I really hate you at this moment,
  4. You’re ridiculous, go talk to yourself, or go back and join the crazed rabble that think these players are honored to play on your terms, or till they become incapacitated.
  5. Sorry sweetie, posted before I saw your post. Like minds.
  6. He has an undergrad degree in architectural design....do you honestly think he does not plan to get his masters? Where that will lead?
  7. I have a perfect neighborhood in mind, We’ll never hear from him again. We could dream.
  8. Sam hasn’t been hit like a piñata for years, like Andrew. Yet.
  9. Carsons’ situation was very different from Lucks, the only thing the same was their respective franchises failing to protect their QB with an adequate OL.
  10. From Stanford. Doesn’t make one damn bit of difference if his degree is in basket weaving, every athlete that is accepted to Stanford must qualify academically, like the general student population, he has a life long connection with an alumni network from one of the most difficult universities in the world to gain acceptance. Those grads pull each other up. Get over yourself and what YOU deem is a prestigious degree, especially for an athlete.
  11. Send him to Siberia, without a jacket.
  12. He’s dragged a few others with him.
  13. Fried a few brain cells reading this bullsh*t.
  14. Imbecilic response. That franchise was negligent in the first place, failing to build a somewhat competent offensive line in front of him. He had enough. You saw Sam get knocked around last night, but at least the Jets, from ownership, to the coaching staff, are trying to build around the kid. The Colts failed Luck, and continued to do so his entire time with that organization, He owes them nothing, that’s the business these players are in, not our business world.
  15. Strip clubs in Oregon may not be his thing, but I would bet he is a frequent visitor at several of the local meth labs.
  16. I strongly disagree. I don’t think he owes that organization one damn thing. He’s walking out battered and injured, with aches and pains for life. He had a stud offensive line at Stanford, he was barely touched, and he was not soft. He had several plays in his college career where he laid out defenders, including one of our safeties. The Colts fans boo’d him tonight. Ingrates. He has a degree in Architectural Design. From Stanford, who are the losers?
  17. Good for Luck. Damn smart, too smart to beat up his body. He’s always had better options than football.
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