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  1. A little premature, don’t you think?
  2. Yes. I just bought a home with them in Columbia, TN, so I don’t want to be poisoned in my sleep.
  3. He’s a smart guy, and likely bored with this crap.
  4. Villain has been following Baker since college. Can’t blame him for wanting him on his NFL team, at all. What I respect is he never knocks Sam to pump Baker, he gives Sam his due. No agenda. You guys that harp on his Baker love get what you deserve, he’s going to play it to the extreme. Gotta love it.
  5. Don’t care how good a QB is, they ALL have bad games. Even Brady.
  6. I’m mad he used a member name of one of my favorite blues musicians - how much rope is he going to get for that?
  7. I’m not one to champion territorial rivalries with violence or murder. Sad and distasteful tragedy for both “sides”. I just cheer for California kids because I’m sick of the southern and east coast shrills constant chirping that WC athletes are soft or lacking in talent compared to their regions. Bullsh*t.
  8. Down votes and butt fumbles without a counter argument or reason for the down vote is for cowards, and the lack of intellect to argue a point. So there.
  9. I can understand that, but I’ll take Jordan and Sam’s word for Josh’s potential. At this level, I support all the California guys in the league.
  10. Jordan Palmer was right, Josh Allen’s upside is tremendous. We heard about this guy a full year before the draft....”Josh who, out of what school?”
  11. Oh honey, it was. In the old days when my sister and I were out at the clubs like the Whiskey or the Troubadour, etc, if we experienced unwanted male attention, we pretended that we couldn’t speak or understand English. Hilarious watching these guys trying anything to get us to understand them - hand signals (driving a car) eating motions, anything to score. Oh, the good times....
  12. @GATA, where are you honey? You inspired this entertaining thread! What are you doing tonight? Oh, maybe not.
  13. It’s a love word. Can’t tell you how many guys I whispered stupid sh*t in Spanish to, that they thought I was whispering sweet love words. Funny how you can tell a guy off and they dig it because they don’t know what the hell I was saying.
  14. It keeps me young. I eat male souls.
  15. I call you Payaso. That means handsome genius.
  16. Yes, let’s do! I just moved to Columbia Tennessee, I’m in the middle of buying a house and moving in. I’ll live here and Southern California. You can come visit! I’ll pm you my number.
  17. Yeah, explain why I have all these laugh lines, you bastard!
  18. I’ve always lived by this....
  19. Beautiful. I’m 45% Spanish, 15% Portuguese (via Mexico), and 31% “get out of my country, you white, heathen devils!” Native American. Call me Pocahontas.
  20. Portuguese? No wonder I like you....especially my 15% Portuguese self, lol.
  21. You guys have been beat down so long, hit the bottom and leaped up to the entitled azzhole level of my fellow USC fans. You all suck.
  22. Happy Birthday! Enjoy the eye candy in celebration.
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