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  1. I waited to share this till now, largely because I knew it would be perceived as making excuses for Sam....almost shared with you via pm last season. The predictable play calling, delays in calling in the plays, took away Sam’s greatest strengths and highlighted his weakness - the gunslinger that just had to make a play to give his team a chance, regardless of how reckless. Once Sam was gone, USC had our worst season in 20 years with the same staff, and top ranked recruiting classes. Sam even voiced his frustration. Sam. Sam Darnold apologized to coaches for "critcism" of playcalling BySHOTGUN SPRATLING Oct 12, 2017 Share18 Comments (Photo: Shotgun Spratling | USCfootball.com) When USC redshirt sophomore quarterback Sam Darnold got a phone call from the coaching staff asking for context of post-game comments, Darnold apologized. What he apologized for was hardly anything demeaning or insubordinate. He said opposing teams seem to be identifying the Trojans' offensive playcalling tendencies: "I can sense defenses are focusing on some tendencies of ours,” Darnold said. “So we just got to run different plays, have different formations and motion some guys...get away from our tendencies a little bit."........ https://247sports.com/college/usc/Article/Sam-Darnold-apologized-to-USC-coaches-for-critcism-of-playcalling-108786437/
  2. I won’t vote on any poll involving Sam....I’m such a homer, I’d break the poll.
  3. I can’t honestly debate any of your points, all valid. I do want to share a little of what we saw during Sam’s time at USC. His RS freshman year, word coming out of camp was that this kid QB on the scout team was tearing up the first string defense - players were talking about Sam, coaches were impressed, as well as the local media (Cowherd) with VIP access. The HC chose the older 5* QB who waited his turn. The Alabama debacle happened with three consecutive losses, the coaches were very close to being fired, they threw Sam in as the starter and let him go, left him to play his game. Everyone here knows how the season ended, and Sams’ part in the success. Beginning of the 2017 season the HC and OC announced that they would be changing the offense to “help Sam along in his development”, calling it a “gumbo offense”. Anyone that watched those games noticed the delay in calling in the plays from the OC and saw Sam constantly looking at the sideline waiting for the play call, usually as the clock was winding down. They took away Sam’s greatest strength, handcuffing him. Sam’s a gunslinger, tried too hard to make plays, never giving up. Sam plays better fast and on the move. We cringed when we found out Jeremy Bates was the OC. It was 2017 all over again.
  4. Think that article was written by a huge Giants’ homer fan. Or Cowherd pseudonym.
  5. Just quit. I very strongly dislike BB, not just because he used steroids, he was also an azzhole....most of all, as a life long Dodger fan, I hate the SF Giants guts.
  6. You’re absurd with your ramblings. I don’t like cheaters, the Patriots cheat, but that is not why they’ve had long term success. Simple enough?
  7. Who’s supporting cheating? All I said was implying that the patriots haven’t won as much as they have due to “cheating” is not true. Great HC. Generational QB. I don’t care what you think about USC, it had nothing to do with the topic at hand.
  8. You just can’t stand the fact that great players grow up dreaming of playing for USC.....we love your hate and bitterness.
  9. It takes more than cheating to win consistently, not accepting that is sour grapes, Look to building your own franchise, and don’t waste energy on those that have already attained success. The NFL is strictly business.
  10. That’s the most ridiculous statement on this board. Jets fans are supposed to hang their heads and not volunteer negative remarks about a bottom feeding franchise? Only fans of a winning franchise can give their opinion? All of us know suckage when we see it, and have every right to express it. The Cardinals got to the SB for one reason only....and he’s in the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
  11. WOW! I’ve never heard anything like that. You suck too.
  12. Get it right...people PAY USC lots of money to get in.
  13. So....the Jets can be picky right now?
  14. The Cardinals suck. Why would anyone in their right football mind, want to emulate that clown franchise?
  15. It doesn’t really matter. There appears to be many more that are willing to give Sam a chance, from his teammates, the fan base and the organization itself, from ownership to the scouts and coaching staff. He doesn’t need anything more. Those of us who support him are enough. Hopefully it will be deserved.
  16. I’m cheering for all my guys around the league, just as I’ve done since the sixties.....this time I actually have an entire NFL team to cheer for. Hope sweet Ju-Ju makes AB look like an even bigger clown!
  17. It appears you’re a conniving individual, you’ve done this countless times before.............. Good for you!
  18. Sorry you don’t get much attention out of the cyber world. You suck.
  19. You’re right, no injuries at Stanford, a tough kid. He laid out a defensive player after being intercepted, he got the ball back. He had a great offensive line in college. Here is a video of that game. I was there, unfortunately.
  20. Maybe stupidity upsets him.....if you’re going to troll, do it in a manner that is entertaining and smart....like Villain.
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