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  1. I’m sure your chick is sweet and pretty.....but damn, she makes us look bad.
  2. Jamal and Ramsey on the same team...two of the leagues biggest attention whores. Except Jamal is more of a team player, more positivity and exuberance of a vibrant personality.
  3. Sam needs the reps. He’s still young, hasn’t played the position long, didn’t attend the football camps in HS till he had to, or work with a private QB coach till before the draft. He’s not a delicate flower, although the coaches and front office held him out longer than they had to last season, they were over cautious in protecting a player they valued. Seems it was a wise decision.
  4. What a dumbazz thing to say. He could have discussed it privately with his center.
  5. I was so bummed to not be able to make this game because of our Stanford game in L.A. on Saturday night, then I found out the NY USC Alumni Club will be attending/tailgating three Jets games vs the Bills, Giants and Dolphins! Hopefully, I can drop in to meet some of you at your tailgate at one of those games.
  6. Haha, here I thought - previously he, but learn she is a she - was a Florida Gata fan. None gender specific.
  7. I felt deep down inside you were too clever and witty to be a dude.
  8. I could love you too, baby boy.....do you need a grandma? Got lots of money? * Kidding!!
  9. None of them....there is no “academic allowances” for Song Girls, they clap back with the “dumb jock” at all overtures. Our new center (Ryan Kalil) did manage to marry one though.
  10. Your Baker porn! Better than a wet Song Girl! https://giphy.com/gifs/gymnastics-XuaMfi7n5kL72 *Don’t know how to post this gif
  11. I don’t get the big deal....every woman in the world has seen that look thousands of times in their adult life.
  12. I’ll have to say, you guys are “different”. The longest running thread of all time on our USC message board was “What is better than a wet Song Girl?”, 1,000+ pages of photos of the Song Girls over the years in different poses, lots of photos of them in their tight sweaters jumping into the lake in Tahoe (a tradition), into a pool for the charity “Swim with Mike” and anywhere in the world they’ve made an appearance representing the US and USC. I’m definitely telling them about this QB fanboy stuff.
  13. Beautiful story. I know first hand, what a blessing it is to have an older child that is patient and loving to a younger sibling with profound challenges. Thanks for sharing.
  14. You have a lot of people here that fawn over their other favorite teams and QBs. Browns, Bills, Steeler fans passion for their own teams, you’re not.
  15. Chuma had four different oline coaches while at USC. A nightmare.
  16. This is how I think, the way I was taught to think.
  17. But, but, but....Sam has shown nothing...NOTHING!
  18. More likely, you and your predictions will fall flat on your face.
  19. I think it’s easier to be the bad boy as a sports figure, vs the good guy. That’s the majority in pro sports. Drinking, bling, mouthy and posturing. It’s expected, just not tolerated as much by the face of your franchise. I hear you on the hypocrisy part, I was a young adult in the late sixties and seventies. Never drank alcohol, much less got drunk, no drugs. I saw ALOT, ‘cause I had friends that smoked and even took LSD. I still like to remind them of their past behavior when they give me this act of distain for people that do the same thing, That they did (often worse) in their
  20. Yup. The two sweetest, kindest players off the field I’ve ever met, were Anthony Munoz and Troy Polamalu. Talk and bravado mean nothing, winning the long term does. Let others do the praising for you, and no one player on a FB team is bigger than the team.
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