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  1. I understand the frustration....I feel the same when some pasty faced Bostonian calls me “Lin-der”, or says he doesn’t like jal-a-pee-nos. Blaspheme!
  2. Kalil said he was a “big” Sam Darnold fan — not surprising considering Kalil himself went to USC. But Darnold’s presence with the Jets is a big reason Kalil believed this opportunity was worth taking. https://theathletic.com/1111418/2019/08/01/breaking-down-what-the-addition-of-ryan-kalil-means-for-the-jets/
  3. Fool. Ryan played for the #1 team in the country when he was at USC. Tyron the #3.
  4. Now, the Jets need is to steal Tyron Smith from Dallas.
  5. I just know what Ryan has in the works, the money he’s leaving on the table to help Sam out. Several interviews over the years with Ryan, he talked about Sam very highly.
  6. Doubt this will be more than a 1 year deal. Ryan could be brought in to help Harrison. Ryan has so many outside opportunities for his post football life, can’t think this is for long. This guy will give his all, he won’t slack.
  7. Ryan is very highly connected to members of the Hollywood “USC Mafia”, he could do anything he wants in media, know he missed home while playing for the panthers. Don’t think this didn’t have something to do with Sam. Ryan is good pals with Will Ferrell.
  8. Wow, wow, wow!!!! Mayfield lovers, you’ll hate Ryan, he’s a class act, and charming and low key. You might like this tho.....wifey the blonde in the middle.
  9. Brees is also a class act, everything a QB should be, on and off the field. My type of QB. Take note Sammy, this is who you hope to be.
  10. That’s a very big hat, for a very big hater. I love Jamal.
  11. I’m counting on Sam exceeding Mayfield, not many rookie QBs that made OROY, or in contention, succeeded as a top QB in the league. No one knows, even the so-called “experts” - both the well paid, and the message board geniuses, thus foolish to be emphatic about a QB career.
  12. Your boy would be chewing his azz out! *couldn’t help myself.
  13. Did they both play well against highly ranked defenses? Think I read somewhere on here that Sam played well against better defenses. Truth, or hyperbole?
  14. Nothing wrong with that. At least you’re not an a$$hole about it.
  15. Haha, no. The Buckeyes are THE Ohio State, or tOSU, not OSU.
  16. Too much fun. Let the fanboys go at it. Mayfield is a brown, they can cry and argue all they want....fact, Sam is a Jet. He’s who you got, and frankly, the Jets could have done a lot worse. I think Mahomes is much better than mayfield, or Sam. Couldn’t care less about the Chiefs though.
  17. If you’re pumping your guy, you should at least know mayfield attended OU and not OSU. I think those schools hate each other.
  18. Do yourself a favor, ignore him. You'll be happier for it, discuss with those without agendas, or suffer the same tired Pontificating about who or what you should be happy about.
  19. Good. Let him teach the receivers to knock the snot out of mouthy defensive players.
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