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  1. I don’t know where the talk about Rosen being a locker room cancer comes from...it couldn’t be more untrue. He’s outspoken, intelligent and liberal. People hate that for some reason. Josh was well liked and respected, he spoke up for his teammates and pointed out how too many of them did not have the advantages he had, including the quality of education in elementary and high school to prepare them to be student/athletes in a major D1 university. The narrative comes from the media that doesn’t like him.
  2. I hope the Jets culture never falls to that level. You seem to have a lot of “good guys” on the team, but if arrests/poor behavior keep happening, your good guys could get tired of being lumped with the problem players. I do know that Carson got so tired of the player and FO issues with the Bengals, he wanted out. The tragic death of Chris Henry devastated Carson and his family, they tried to help him, even living with them at some point. Chris’s death pushed him to the limit. You don’t want that culture.
  3. Hey...if The Great Ronnie Lott approved of Leonard Williams for his daughter, that says a lot about the character of the kid. Ronnie was/is around the team constantly to gauge the character of the young man. who was the player Leo picked up and moved away from striking a young lady? EDIT: Found it. http://www.nj.com/jets/index.ssf/2017/06/jets_leonard_williams_reportedly_breaks_up_fight_a.html
  4. Yes, he lost three of his offensive linemen in 2016, two drafted late, one undrafted. In 2017 two of the three were injured the rest were true freshmen. Even the NFL underestimated Ju-Ju's talent as a WR and his toughness in blocking and breaking free of speedy defensive players. Deontay was injured. Sam definitely did try to do too much, but for the most part, it worked.
  5. Yup, you nailed it. From college to his first few years in the NFL, Mark was surrounded by talent, at USC he was surrounded by All Americans and future pro bowlers all over the field...one of the best defenses in the Pete Carroll era, Tyron Smith on his offensive line. Mark never carried the team, the one chance he had, he folded. It cost USC playing for a National Championship. Sam carried the team on his shoulders so many times, if not for him, we would have tanked...yes, I said it. I'll always love Mark because he's a Trojan, but he's not in the same stratosphere as Sam in nat
  6. Pre draft, but he maneuvers his way through potential sound bites.
  7. Interesting thread.....hope heads explode due to their choices pre draft, lol. p.S. it's laughable that the Okies are listed as co-college with UCLA for Troy Aikman...oklahomas idiotic HC chose some gimmick QB (no one can remember his name) to start over TA, who he recommended to UCLA because they ran a pro system. They had zero to do with TA's development as a QB. if OU were to play UCLA, which sideline would he be standing on? Which university did he proudly, finally receive his degree from? UCLA. Dear God, I hate speaking up the bRUINS. Barf.
  8. I got to see this kid up close many times, USC makes sure we as fans get to interact and mingle with our players at functions and after practice, it's also to groom these kids to be media savvy, and the importance of accessibility to the fanbase. My season ticket and tailgate group includes Jordan Palmer's father-in-law, Sam is not bland, he has a personality...he is quick witted with a sarcastic twist. He is loved by his teammates, he reserves that personality for them in casual surroundings. He talks a lot off the field, he fit right in with all those diverse, colorful personalities like J
  9. There are many of us who hope Bates is nowhere near the horror of an OC that he was at USC and Seattle.
  10. Just to ease your minds....https://www.newyorkjets.com/news/sam-darnold-turns-21-but-nothing-s-changed Sam is dead serious and focused on his NFL career. He had a long time girlfriend he broke off with to focus on his football career before he was drafted. This guy is not into partying, not one hint of behavior that would embarrass his parents, or his school.
  11. It's too bad that a player's poor decision with alcohol colors the Birthday response to a young player who across the board, from Cowherd to Casserly to Chris Carter and Rich Eisen was praised for his "spotless" character and maturity beyond his years. i get it, seems a lot of Jet fans have this "battered fan syndrome." Who could blame you? i'm not stepping into any QB starting discussions/arguments because I'm clearly very biased....but in the character/least likely to do something stupid off the field, Sam is not a player you need to worry about. Happy Birthday, Sam the Man.
  12. How is this the Jets Organization fault? They just drafted this kid out of the U....maybe they (Miami) kept these player issues out of the press, god knows they covered up stuff like this for decades.
  13. I hope Sam continues to stay healthy, he's a durable kid. As much as you could say poor Rosen took a beating from his offensive line, he did have his LT drafted in the first round. Sam never had that, the three OL he lost in the 2017 and the two in the 2018 draft, 2 went in the late rounds (one now out of the NFL) or went undrafted. if not for Sam's escapability and creative play, kid would have been dead. Not minimizing Josh's poor line, but Sam's was just as bad.
  14. Thank you. I'm not familiar with your NY sports writers, who is, or isn't reputable.
  15. This is almost word per word like the SI article.
  16. Hi guys, been lurking here, but wanted to add that in no way can you compare Mark and Sam while at USC. Mark was surounded by All Americans and future NFL pro bowlers and studs all over the field, Mark had Tyron Smith and Matt Kalil on the offensive line, one of the best defences in the Pete Carrol era that allowed the fewest points in all of CFB. There was only one game where we needed Mark and the offense to save the game vs Oregon State for a 3 point loss that kept SC from the NC game. Couldn’t deliver. Sam, on the other hand, carried the team on his shoulders many times. He ha
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