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    Jordan Legget claimed by Tampa

    Hardly a big deal. We weren't going to carry 5 TEs...Is there really anyone we have on the roster right now that would likely be in danger of being cut in order to keep Leggett? Cutting players isn't a bad thing if you already have better players as replacements.
  2. AFerg726

    I love Chuma Edoga

    He looked awfully good at the Senior Bowl. I didn't watch a lot of USC this year, but he plays a premium position that is in flux after this year. He has a chance to be an important player for us.
  3. AFerg726

    Who do you want to draft at Corner?

    I like David Long from Michigan. I would be happy if he fell to us in the third round.
  4. AFerg726

    Robert Quinn

    I am alright with a late pick swap for him. Given the lack of pass rushers still available, he might be the best we can get...
  5. I think resigning Hewitt ended this possibility. He would be fine here as a backup ILB, but I don't believe he plays ST, and we are already set at ILB. How many non-ST inside backers are we planning on keeping?
  6. Desir would be an excellent addition. I liked him a lot coming into the league, and while he kinda bounced around, you can easily see the talent in last year's playoff wildcard game. I do agree that he is an outside corner; a slot CB is still necessary even if Desir comes to town.
  7. I learned in this game that I want Tre Flowers.
  8. I would trade for Antonio Brown in a second. I understand the prima donna attitude, but how can we be serious about adding weapons for our young QB and not consider one of the best WR of this generation? Brown is still in his prime and makes our passing attack exponentially better. Draft capital, and lack thereof from the Darnold trade, is the only concern I have. Bring him in, reap benefits of a better passing attack, worry about the bullsh*t later...
  9. AFerg726

    Currently we pick 3rd.

    If Nick Bosa is available we should run to the podium. He is the best player in this draft. I couldn't care less about him protecting himself after an injury this year. Bubble wrap in meaningless college games is fine by me.
  10. Maybe a little Cotchery in this one...
  11. AFerg726

    Jameis Winston Suspended 3 Games

    The league claims to have this 6 game Personal Conduct Policy, which does not require the legal process to play out prior to punishment being rendered, but Winston only gets 3 games for allegedly sexually assaulting someone? If the policy is not implemented with consistency then it isn't a policy.
  12. AFerg726

    Can we talk Flowers?

    All I know about Flowers is that he was trusted in some of the biggest spots in the Ohio St game and he delivered. He doesn't play a sexy position, but the guy is a gamer who has produced against good competition. I am pulling for this guy.
  13. Welcome to JetNation.com. Please feel free to browse around and get to know the others. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask.

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