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  1. I really like the idea of this. I couldn't tell you with any confidence whether Moses or Fant would be better at RG, but I am nearly certain either would be better than GVR or Lewis. In the event that they aren't both are better options as swing tackle than Edoga, who is cuttable as far as I am concerned. We still have cap space. Spending on a CB or helping the right side of the OL would be a very nice finish to a solid offseason.
  2. I want this to be the OL draft for us. With that said, as amazing a pick as Jenkins would be at 34, there are a number of plug n' play Guards still on the board. We could move back, recoup a third, and still take one of them in the second round. Jenkins<Wyatt Davis and a third.
  3. Zach Wilson has the requisite talent to be selected at 2. It's generally rare that guys selected this high flame out due to talent. Wilson's success here will depend primarily on how we develop and support him.
  4. I am highly in favor of this on the right type of contract. I don't want to pay him long-term guaranteed money, but I would accept a fairly salary for a short term 1-2 year deal. Signing Sherman provides a benefit of helping to institute the new defense to the secondary, provide leadership for the young CBs we already have and the new CB(s) we draft next week. Drafting a CB should be priority this year because Sherman's shelf life as a useful player is probably limited.
  5. We will see how all of this plays out internally, but considering the lack of trade interest in Sam I am more convinced than ever that we need to move on. One of the main arguments for Sam is that he has been held back and/or screwed up by Gase; a problem that would not exist for an acquiring team. There has been incredible QB turnover this offseason, and yet we see QB needy teams deciding that players like Andy Dalton and Ryan Fitzpatrick are better bets for the short-term than Sam are striking. Quarterback is the most important position in the league and if teams that need one have decided t
  6. I like JuJu's fit in this offense. He will be expensive, but considering all of the WR franchise tags that we saw, the market is thinner than I would've wanted. He isn't a true #1, but paired with Mims and an early WR in the draft our WRs are all of a sudden decent. I'd like to pay him closer to $13 than $17, but we need talented offensive players and he would be a solid start.
  7. As crazy as this looks, I still keep seeing these things and saying yes. This would put a hurting on our ability to put an excellent team out there this year, but not having to pay picks into future years creates only a short-term problem. We could legitimately, with Watson here, sign two FA WRs and minimize the loss of Mims. Sam is redundant and his inclusion in the deal only hurts because we wouldn't then be able to move him for more picks elsewhere. I would really like to keep Q out of any Watson trade, but come on; I am not about to tank a trade for a franchise QB because of a DT no matter
  8. Chris Johnson has done a bad job since taking over for Woody. There is no viable argument against this. Woody will be back soon and as much as we enjoy complaining about him we have had some success with him as an owner before. There is an excellent chance that Woody comes back and fires Gase, which would be a start. Assuming that Woody is willing to continue to spend, which has done in the past, he is an acceptable owner so long as he hires the right people. This next coaching hire is vital, but it isn't as though we are doomed for eternity just because we are the Jets. One could argue that w
  9. I would be willing to trade Quinnen if we got back a first round draft pick. I am not moving him for a mid-round pick. I think Williams will be a good football player, but since we are blowing up this franchise I would like to restructure positional priority. Defensive tackles, even good ones, rarely impact the team like corners or edge rushers. If we could swap out premium at DT for improvement on the outside I would support that decision. We actually have been pretty good at finding talent at IDL on the cheap, let's reallocate our resources into more important places.
  10. Personally, I think that I had a negative favorability for the vast majority of Jets players I have seen in my lifetime, so selecting one that was good probably means that they are not the median Jet....So, Sam Cowart.
  11. Winters is terrible and injured. Warford being a Saints cap casualty still makes sense. Warford doesn't need to be a Pro Bowler to make a meaningful difference for this team. Declining play in the final few weeks can be explained away by being banged up. There could be medical concerns that are more difficult to flesh out with the current COVID situation or teams, us included, could be leaking this stuff to drive down his price. If he is going to be healthy, don't overthink this.
  12. I don't want Ryan at $10 mil. I would gladly take him on a JD ripoff special. I'd probably prefer Warford over Ryan if I had to pick only one because he is at least a guy who we will want to be here beyond this season.
  13. Warford would represent the best free agent lineman acquired this offseason. He is in his prime at a position of need. Cut Winters, upgrade with Warford. There is no reason to not do this.
  14. This is an awfully difficult thing to predict at this point. We have no idea if there are even going to be fans in these stadiums...There is no way to predict what ramifications there will be to the cap.
  15. Ashtyn Davis is a true CF Safety prospect. His strengths are different than Adams, who is much better as a disrupter closer to the line. If Davis is going to be replacing anyone, it will be Maye. Most likely, we play more big nickle packages and have all three of them on the field at the same time.
  16. This Maccagnan special is going to be with us this year. He carries a cap hit of 8.333 mil, but carries 9.66 mil in dead cap if cut. We can get out of the deal for 1.33 in dead cap next year. There is no chance that anyone is going to take him off our hands. He costs only a 7th rounder to acquire him 2 year ago, and that was before this albatross extenstion.
  17. I don't mind adding Logan Ryan at all. I still think the battle of the unproven guys will be vital to the team. We are going to be playing more than 2 CBs on the majority of our plays and there are almost certain to be injuries. We have a bunch of bodies right now, but I don't really want to be relying on some of the guys on our roster for more than spot duty just yet...
  18. Is there any reason to believe that JuJu is available? Don't the Steelers want to win this year? As for the original question, I would absolutely make that trade for JuJu...I know he will want to get paid, and he should get close to Amari money. That is the price of high-end WR play in 2020.
  19. Wilson probably sucks, but maybe he will improve in a GW system that would appear to be a better fit for his skill set. I understand people wanting to take a WR in round 6, but the likelihood that there is a WR that was selected in the 6th round that was going to make an impact on the team is low. Most 6th round WRs end up getting cut in their first training camp. We trade a very low pick for a guy who will be on the roster, barring injury, and provide depth at a need position. This isn't the thing to be getting upset about...
  20. There are tempting players across the board, but we need to draft WR at 48. Hopefully Pittman or Viska is there.
  21. Sit tight and wait for tomorrow. WR depth in this draft is running thinner than I wanted tonight, but reassess during the day tomorrow.
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