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  1. Here’s another bright spot. Sam being sick meant he wasn’t running for his life and taking vicious hits all night!
  2. Hard to understand how he got hurt since he only caught one pass the entire game. If he pulled a muscle running, I could understand that. But a severe neck injury???
  3. Underthrown ball yes but he could slow down and shield the ball from the DB with his body or slow down and high point it. Great receivers anticipate and adjust their routes to get the ball
  4. Ill bet they dont sign Brown They dont have the cap room to pay him what he is going to want Now Cleveland seems to be accumulating scum bags and might have the cap space Imagine him and Beckham on the same field
  5. I dont know how you can advocate for signing this guy They stood by him during his helmet issue and cryo issue He has been given everything he wanted including a raise and extention and he has repaid them by not showing up and fighting with his GM and coach Oakland spent draft capital to acquire him and its got to be a huge embarrassment to cut him yet they cut him Signing him now would be asking to make the Jets into a circus His talent is undeniable but his head is not screwed on right Its not just Oakland that had issues with him Pittsburgh did too What makes you think it would be different on the Jets???
  6. I was just wondering where all the “ Sign this Beast” posters are hiding
  7. Pro football Focus must also share office space with High Times Dolphins better than Jets and Bills? Jets bottom of NFL? I wonder if the guy that wrote that wants to take a few wagers....
  8. The funny part is that a Bengals fan reacted to his draft selection saying that he was hoping they’d pick Chad Hansen instead!!
  9. She’s a trophy wife But it might have been a participation trophy.
  10. You guys kill me with your selective amnesia. All you would be GMs need to look in a mirror. Even real GMs make mistakes The Pats have cut many high draft picks that didnt work out BTW How much dick did you eat after saying Darnold would be a bad pick????
  11. I wanted Butler but thought the risk benefit ratio with Polite was acceptable Hope he makes the practice squad and they can continue to work with him He has some talent
  12. Of course hecis going to get hit Its football But Clemson will be playing ahead of most teams on their schedule besides Alabama and can pick their spots to throw
  13. There are articles about this. His best path to millions is playing where he is. Dominant team won’t be letting him take many hits. Staying out would hurt his draft status. Playing in the XFLfor a year won’t be as lucrative or safe as you think. He can buy insurance to protect against career threatening injury

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