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  1. Conklin is a right tackle and signing him would have been a Mac move. We have seen how they turned out. We didnt take a flyer, we drafted one of the top left tackles so that should be covered. Lets see how the team and O line does this year. Whats your prediction?
  2. It really takes a lot of hubris to take your position and attitude. Youre not questioning or concerned how well Fant will do, youre already sure he will be a flop! You clearly think you know way more than our GM who has played offensive line in college and been scouting and working front office in the NFL for many years. And who works with multiple other people with extensive scouting and front office experience. How do you come by your superior knowledge? Did you play football at a high level? Are you engaged as a talent scout by an NFL team? How are you so much smarter than all these professionals? Did you have Fant on your Madden team?
  3. These bottom of the roster guys who get signed to vet minimum short term contracts don’t tilt the comp pick meter very much, if at all. Some of these potential cuts and fringe players, would have to surprise and have great seasons, and then not get resigned. I guess if we have a ton of injuries, they could get the chance but even with strong play most ended up back here again for cheap. Otherwise they’ll mostly be back ups. Williamson, Jenkins and Perriman would be the exceptions- with a good years they could end up signing long term with us or someone else for real money.
  4. Burgess did a good job in run defense but was a liability in pass defense. Cashman has the speed to be a good pass defender so I think he stays unless he cant physically play
  5. I think there’s a chance he is our right tackle in 2021
  6. Im very curious how this ends up. He seems to be blowing off the few teams with money and interest. I dont get the plan-If he wants money, its been offered. If he wants to pick the team and city, he might need to take a discount.
  7. Sorry Meant Andy Reid, not Holmgren. Reids first season he went 3-13
  8. Belichick Carroll Holmgren All fired from their first job Payton 3-13 his first year Tom Landry 0-11-1 his first year, then 5 wins or less for 5 yrs Parcells 3-11-1 his first year These are all Hall of Fame coaches Shanahan Debate that.
  9. Except that he hired the OC and hasn’t fired him. Not ready to run Gase out of town till I see another year, but your logic is flawed.
  10. WTF does this have to do with Jets football??? Waste of time Thank you very little
  11. Carlos 1 its a fan forum 2 Critical thinking doesnt mean being critical of everything 3 Im pretty sure the ignore feature works both ways, ffs
  12. There are half full and half empty guys. I dont think im a pollyanna, but Im going to be optimistic until that optimism is proven wrong. When Polite sucked , it only confirmed that firing Mac was the right thing to do. But until they prove they cant be everything the NY Jets hoped for when they called their name, Im going to be positive and hope they drafted an entire load of All Pros. Taking the opposite approach likely decreases disappointment, but is so much less fun. Its like going out to a bar wanting to hook up, but expecting youll be home in 3 hrs watching porn and spanking it! Why bother??

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