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  1. Underperforming the last 2 yrs? Lazy reputation? Last year of his rookie contract? Current team in salary cap hell? I doubt they get as much as you think he is worth. Maybe a third and some performance or resigning based kicker. Kind of like what our trade of Demario Davis to them looked like.
  2. They have a salary cap too. They are going to lose players and now that they are paying Mahomes 45 million a year they wont have the money to pay everybody. Mahomes will be great assuming he stays healthy but the team around him will likely deteriorate with less dough to go around.
  3. If we go RB in the first or second round Id much prefer Najee Harris over Etienne.
  4. I wouldnt pay that much and I dont think they will either How many other teams have the draft capital and cap space to pay that much for him, then pay Watson?
  5. I stay at Playa Grande which is on Pacific side near lands end. We bring a case of wine and go out to dinner every night in town. ive been to Patagonia and found it inconsistent-sometimes good and sometimes lacking. Our favorite places are Salvatores, Sur Beach, Sand Bar, and Nick San when I catch yellowfin tuna. Tres Gallos is also very good. We went to Manta on the Cape in the Thompson hotel last time we were there and it was outstanding but pricey.
  6. Isnt Gallup in the last year of his rookie contract? So you think its worth a first rd pick to save the money for a year?
  7. Wouldnt be the worst thing in the world but WHY? We have plenty of cap money and there are a lot of FA WRs. Why squander high draft picks when you dont need to?
  8. Sounds like you nailed it. Thanks for the inside info. This kind of stuff is why I stop here before perusing the local news rags
  9. They’ve spoken to a lot of candidates and have a few more coming. If they love one, I’d lock him up before he gets hired elsewhere while they are being “complete”. If no one has blown them away and is clearly above the others , then they should wait
  10. Douglas ran last years draft where we took Becton Mims Davis Zuniga etc
  11. I’ve seen mocks with Waddle and Smith going in the late teens so you never know. I’d take Waddle, even trade up for him, if he falls
  12. Just curious how you see this Hes an offensive coach with head coaching experience He won a Super Bowl with his back up QB He developed Wentz who was MVP candidate When his QB had a bad year he pivoted to his back up 2 nd round rookie and the kid played well Id think he is a good coaching candidate, maybe the best available How do you see this?

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