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  1. Because if Oakland isnt taking a QB they could trade down to a team that wants one.
  2. Yeah there is . If Oakland doesnt want a QB, whats to stop them from dealing their pick to a QB needy team? Taking our pick pretty much guarantees them the first QB in the draft, unless Arizona or the Niners dont want their edge rusher/DE. If I were the Jets I wouldnt trade the pick before the draft-If Bosa slips, you take him. If he doesnt and a QB needy teams wants the pick, you'll get more when youre on the clock
  3. Bowles Movement

    No Football Pre-Combine Draft

    Ive seen Metcalf projected in the second round by some. No one is projecting any of the Williams to go in the second round. Taking Metcalf at 3 just isnt happening.
  4. Bowles Movement

    PK offseason Mock 2.0 (post-super bowl)

    At three , they have to be a no doubt about it starter and potential star. Metcalf sounds a lot like Benjamin did a few years ago. Physically huge but not great production-That didnt turn out too well
  5. Bowles Movement


    I think the answer is in how much we are over paid to move down. If we get multiple first round picks in the next two years and a bunch of other picks in rounds 2 -4 you ve got to consider it. We can use a draft full of talent to add starters and depth. Requires Mac to hit on a good number of picks unlike Idzik, and if he doesnt Id think hed be shown the door in the next year or so.
  6. Bowles Movement

    PK offseason Mock 2.0 (post-super bowl)

    Mac has to feel some pressure to stock this team right or he might be axed next cant see him reaching for need at 3 and taking a boom or bust WR. The one thing you can say about Mac is he goes bpa in the first and hasn’t had a bust yet
  7. Bowles Movement

    PK offseason Mock 2.0 (post-super bowl)

    Nice job overall. Doubt Sterling returns after all his concussions Ferrel at 3 might be a reach but I like him Winters isn’t that smart- no reason to call him Brain
  8. Bowles Movement

    Pats have 12 draft picks in upcoming draft.

    Yeah but those twos are almost high threes and the threes are almost high 4s 😂😂
  9. Maybe the reason that they didnt pay as much as they might have to move up was that there was risk in going to three and not knowing who would be there. If the Colts had shopped that pick with Darnold available, theyd have gotten much more IMO. I think Mac figured that the Giants were taking Barkley as Gittleman couldnt stop talking about his Gold jacket guy. Mac probably figured Cleveland for Darnold and was happy to get Mayfield, but just as happy that Cleveland left us Darnold. Worst case scenario for him was that he got the third choice at QB but even in that scenario he might have had anyone fall to him as there wasnt a clear consensus who was best.
  10. Bowles Movement

    Why did bill leave the jets

    It was all about the money. Kraft paid him as if he had hired Parcells. I think they more than doubled his salary
  11. The biggest mistake was not drafting Tom Brady
  12. That would be odd. the GM hasnt been replaced and he d be admitting that he screwed up in drafting Rosen and needed a mulligan. who is giving a first round pick for Rosen based on last yrs performance?
  13. I have never been a Rosen fan. I think he is immobile, brittle and injury prone, and selfish. He was my least favorite of the 4 last year. if my choice was Haskins or Rosen, it’s Haskins. And I know very little about Haskins
  14. My understanding is that Jax has a tight cap. That’s why they traded Fowler, knew they couldn’t re sign him

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