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  1. Watson would come here to a pretty solid offense around him with a lot of weapons and a very solid line. He d light it up like Maholmes here. I really like Zac and I like the extra cap space we get on his first contract. But if Watson isn’t at risk for suspension, I’d make that trade in a sec. The fact that we have a bunch of extra high picks in the next few drafts, will allow us to bring in a steady influx of new cheaper replacements. Getting Watson for this team would make us a co favorite with Buffalo for the division
  2. Are you trying to replace Fidelio as the number one forum voice of negativity?
  3. if this is fantasy, then its Aaron Donald. If we are talking about adding something realistic to enhance the current team, its a good kicker.
  4. Its Espn so unless youre a paying member the link doesnt work if you could cut and paste, it would be helpful
  5. Great idea Teddey. Happy to help. Best wishes to Max and his family.
  6. Thats what will make this training camp so interesting. I guess we will see. He started last year in man to man. Having that ability doesnt make him less valuable, but more so imo, as long as he can also play zone well.
  7. He is also a big corner that tackles well and hits hard. Might be a candidate to play safety if they think his coverage skills arent adequate. That said, I think he starts at CB
  8. We arent talking about Tuna and BB Talking about Rex Ryan and 2009 game They were winning at the half but couldnt stop the Colts in the second half
  9. That’s just not correct. In the Indy game we were up at the half but Rex defense couldn’t stop Peyton in the second half. In the Pittsburgh game we came back behind Sanchez in the second half but a goal line stand kept us from scoring the winning TD and the D couldn’t stop Roethlisberger and get the ball back one more time.
  10. How do you ignore a high second rd pick that never got in a game? To me it’s Hack in a runaway.
  11. Sorry to hear that your wife is ill. Hopefully she is back to normal soon. She will be in our thoughts and prayers
  12. I dont think he ran but i could be wrong. What did you hear he ran? More importantly, do you think he has enough speed, quickness, and elusiveness to get out of trouble and function efectively in todays NFL?
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