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  1. Id throw Freeman McNeil in there too. One of the best backs Ive watched
  2. Ignore this troll and maybe he will go away he just repeats the same BS with no facts or observations to back up his rhetoric no one could be this clueless so he has to be fishing for a reaction
  3. I actually thought the reverse. Typically here, If we dont get him (like McCarthy) he was the only candidate that could have been successful. If we do get him, hes a bum and the owners dont have a clue!
  4. there's some truth to this but also with more options and Sam in his second year id expect that the Jets will be having longer drives and more offensive yards from scrimmage. Herndon will get his share. Bell is a check down and wont be getting the ball if Herndon is open. Crowder and Herndon will work the middle of the field, but the Jets had a slot receiver last year and Herndon still got his share. I personally believe Herndon is a star in the making and should blossom this year. Remember he started slow last year and only took over as starter after he began improving and holding on to the ball. Id predict 60 receptions and 750 yds if he plays the entire year. With his suspension that might be a little less.
  5. This may all be true but they are both well respected candidates who have previously worked with Gase. If I’m Johnson I give both time to interview both and hear their analysis of the Jets draft process and roster. Then pick the one you like best.
  6. I don’t argue just to argue. Maybe that’s your thing, I don’t know. Anyways this is my last attempt. I went thru it slowly but you still didn’t get it. After cutting Leggett, we have 5 guys competing for 4 slots. Tell me one other position where we only have one more guy in camp than what we expect to roster. To put it in simpler terms. They currently have 90 guys on their roster. That’s twice the active roster. Besides the one extra tight end, where else are we “silly” and carrying too many players.
  7. Gase runs a lot of two tight end sets . They will keep 4 at least to start the season. Tomlinson is a blocking tight end and will be cut unless Wesco gets injured. Sterling is a receiver playing tight end that has has multiple concussions. I see Herndon Wesco and the guy they signed off the Bears as making the team. The rest of these guys are fighting to be the fourth. Thats maybe 3 guys fighting for a slot , assuming no one was injured. Leggett had as much talent as them Imo Gase decided to make an example of him for some reason
  8. Injuries can wreck the depth at any position and Herndon will be out 2-4 games for his dui Getting rid of him now wasnt because he had no talent so it could come back to bite the Jets Got to assume Gase wanted to send a message - hope it was worth squandering the pick
  9. Meanwhile I read that Gase didnt want to spend big money on a RB or a center. Who knows what the truth is? Maybe Gases nose will start growing and then it will all become clear.
  10. So his being fat and out of shape is based on your training camp observation from two yrs ago? Jeez that’s lame
  11. its never a bad thing to have injury insurance
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