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  1. Did you see no improvement from Wilson in the second half of last year? Are you saying that you’d draft a guy at 2 because of exceptional physical attributes that needs coaching and experience, and sit him for a career back up with far less upside in year 2? Interesting take.
  2. So you make excuses for Lawrence, but Wilson playing w no real skill players and a depleted o line second half of year, no biggie?
  3. From what I read, the talent really fell of after the 4-5 rd. Besides, how many rookies can make the team?
  4. The guy is a “former scout” for a reason. Joe Douglas is the GM for a reason. Saleh and staff worked with Johnson personally at the Senior Bowl, maybe they saw traits that will work well with their system.
  5. True but its not like its a party for the guy who is accused and assumed to be guilty before the trial. Basically you are guilty until proven innocent in this political environment. Elon Musk is dealing with this now.
  6. Did you expect him to go from last years performance to Aaron Rodgers level in one year? Is that honestly a reasonable expectation? Id say thats a best case scenario but if he could run at a level of Tannehill this year that would be a real positive trend and maybe a springboard to Rodgers levels in 2023.
  7. So the Tennessee offense with Derrek Henry isn’t viable in this league? Id argue that an offense like Tenn or Baltimores are more effective bc most league defenses are geared up to stop the pass with quicker smaller guys that aren’t as effective stopping the run. Bosa getting steamrolled by Becton comes to mind.
  8. So if Zac was bad and he was the second pick, what do you guys think of the first pick Trevor Lawrence? Should the Jags cut him this year?
  9. Quibble all you want but he was picked in the 6th rd and and would never have seen the field if Bledsoe didnt get crushed.
  10. And Tom Brady languished on the bench in NE under the eye of the greatest coach of all time until an injury gave him a chance. Or maybe they both improved , and when they got the chance, they were ready?
  11. I guess you dont think much of Tampas defense?
  12. Someone pays you for what you do? That’s fascinating. Could you give a few details?
  13. They may think Rankins will play better or Marshall has a lot of potential
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