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  1. I guess we will see Between these last 2 drafts and next years we are bringing in a lot of players. If they pan out there wont be a huge need for free agents but rather keeping some of our own
  2. Plus if Crowder finishes his deal with us and then signs elsewhere we will get a comp pick!
  3. What ropes do you think Austin can show them that Crowder cant? Do you think Austin is an upgrade over Crowder at WR? Does he return punts or play special teams? What does he bring besides a first rd pedigree?
  4. McGovern played much better the second half of the year. Fants PFF grade was similar to Bectons. Thats not to say that we cant and wont eventually have better but if Douglas was that concerned about Fant he would have selected a tackle amongst the multiple DBs he picked on day 3 or even taken one instead of a RB in round 4. Im more concerned about depth if there are injuries than the quality of the starters
  5. Let him go. All of his quotes will be fodder for Shane put downs and come backs for the next 10 yrs He is going to get and eat so much crap his head is going to explode!
  6. I like the pick. It gives us injury protection this year and allows him a year to adjust to the NFL if he needs some seasoning. I also think he will eventually be a better and more dangerous player for us than Crowder ever was.
  7. Youre forgetting Robbie Anderson
  8. 4.38 forty and they say he is slow??9
  9. We gave up one high third and flipped another third for a fourth. We net lost one draft pick. Not a lot to get a player you covet to start.
  10. This reminds me of a Dave Chapelle sketch
  11. I didnt think it was that much to give up to move up 9 slots. Basically it was a high third and swapping a 3 rd for a 4th. We lost one pick total. The negative is that we dont have a third rd pick but I could see Douglas trading back into the third using our fourth and a 6 th rder or maybe Carolinas fourth rder next year
  12. Id have preferred Darrisaw and staying put at 23. I was willing to come up for one of the top WRs. Hope the Tucker trade up is everything the Jets expect it to be.
  13. We also have a bigger pool of available ex Jets to pick from because we reboot every few years. Keep an eye open ( pun intended) for Gase on ESPN in the coming seasons
  14. I dont see them taking 2 guards back to back. They signed Feeney for 3.5 million and that seems like more than theyd pay a back up. Unless they see Vera-Tucker as an eventual right tackle I doubt they double dip.
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