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  1. True but I was responding to the picture of Lawrence in a Giants uniform
  2. That wont happen with Gettlemen running the show. He would have to admit Jones is a failure. Douglas doesnt have that issue with Darnold
  3. I wonder about Lawrence's ability to process the game and make quick decisions. He comes off as a California surfer stoner in interviews, Kinda reminds me of Spiccoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.
  4. Not going to sugar coat it-Darnold was a little better yesterday but he hasnt shown he is the answer either. But comparing our receivers to Buffalo's is scary- Our starters are all out and none of them would start for Buffalo. I dont know how we expect to compete with this collection of misfits and rejects. Maybe if Mims and Crowder get healthy and Perriman can stay healthy we might have a chance. Trying to judge Sam based on this supporting crew is impossible.
  5. Again, tell me what he should do differently. Its easy to criticize when you dont have to explain what you would do to correct the problem.
  6. If the Jets have the worst record in football then I think they have all the information they need on Darnold. I grade him on a curve based on line and skill positions but the defense isnt horrible so Sam would have to really suck all year for them to pick first. If they pick Lawrence Id let them both compete for the job and if Sam wins that wouldnt be the worst thing in the world to have two good QBs. Remember Dallas with Morton and Staubach? Didnt they also take Aikman and Danny White?
  7. Dude Mims pulled his hamstring the first day of training camp and his other the first day of practice. Bell pulled his in the first game after reporting "in the best shape of his life". Tell me what Gase should do differently? Not play his players?
  8. How do you put injuries on the head coach? He isnt Carl Spackler cutting players achilles. The training camp schedule has never been easier. The 49ers have no receivers either-Is that Shanahans fault?
  9. I agree with your assessment. When we had Sanchez we had a great defense and a great offensive line, good Wrs and running game. Sanchez held that team back with his erratic play. Sam doesnt have any of the above so how someone can say he is holding the Jets back is hard to understand-Like if we had Cam Newton we would have won last week. On top of that, no training camp to speak of and no pre season games to get used to the new WRs that were trotted out every day. He did do some troubling things last week, the worst was not throwing the ball away before he ran out of bounds, but Id give him the rest of the year to see how he plays before writing him off. If he beats the 49ers like he did Dallas last year I wonder what the narrative will be?
  10. Every once in a while I wonder why the got rid of the butt fumble. This is one of those times....
  11. I’ll take “Posts the Original Poster hopes we will forget” for $1000 Alex
  12. I guess the question is what did they predict last year? We have the “answer key” for those predictions
  13. So youre saying they will have the number one pick in next years draft?
  14. He Played several games, got hurt , was out a few weeks and when he tried to come back his injury lingered/reoccurred and he was put on IR So essentially you are correct. Gase really didnt have other options. Like I said they cut the guy that replaced Kalil so its clear they didnt even think he was a good back up
  15. Kalil did get benched and replaced, just not as soon as some might have wanted. Its a tough call when you sign a formerly good player to good money. How long do you give them to show what they’ve got? I think the answer depends on who is behind them. The guy who replaced Kalil is now cut so they obviously didn’t think he was any great improvement.

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