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  1. One of my favorite Bond movies, scenes and line
  2. I watch Sam and I see a lot of good to work with The way he improvises and throws on the run accurately really impresses me Id love to see him with a stronger supporting cast and see what he does I never saw that kind of talent in Sanchez What are your thoughts Carlos? Do you think he sucks?
  3. The OP is going for Troll of the Year. He's got my vote! Also Im putting him on ignore. Im hoping that means I wont see his threads and well as his posts!
  4. Just wondering what Im missing here. How does a Jet fan butt fumble this threads OP??? WTF
  5. Awful? 270 yds passing 2 TDS 1 int leads game winning drive Your criteria seem a little left of center
  6. Everybody plays injured in the NFL starting the second week. The severity of the injuries and the ability to play thru them does vary from player to player. Hard to know what KO s injury was and the severity of it.
  7. I liked Rex but this is revisionist thinking. He had plenty of horrid no shows-remember when he took the team for a (Chuckie Cheese or bowling ?) outing on the bye week before playing Buff and they sh*t the bed? Or the NE game where they buried the ball the following weeks practice? there are plenty of examples
  8. Joe Douglas is making these calls, not the Johnsons. Not sure how you can say he is clueless yet, but thats your prerogative.
  9. Thomas slowed down as he was running then tried to speed back up but couldn’t make up for lost ground and barely missed it The pass to Robbie was slightly under thrown but completed. Better than slightly too long
  10. I had to check so see when this was posted as earlier in the year I would have maybe agreed with you Dumpster fire? You really think its that bad? The defense has been playing pretty well all year despite some major injuries We could still use an edge rusher and CB but otherwise look pretty solid there On offense we need to improve our line and I have no doubt that draft and FA will focus on that We need a number one WR which im sure will be addressed one way or another Thats 5-6 players and we have 4 picks in first 3 rds and a lot of cap space to sign players Do you see other needs that i havent mentioned?
  11. Crusher, sorry but Im not following you. Please elaborate.
  12. They were 1-7 at the mid point- There were obvious reasons for that horrible start- Line and Sam and multiple injuries. Started second half 3-0. What second half record would make you happy Los?

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