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  1. Agree with you 100 per cent. On top of that, he ridicules Steve Young, a Hall of Fame QB, because he doesnt agree with his opinion? The guy has forgotten more than most of us will ever know about football. If Youngs opinion doesnt count, is there anybody more qualified than Young on this board whose opinions should be considered? And who in the NFL has opinions that we should consider and respect?
  2. There was an Undrafted fa defensive tackle that they made into a starting guard and had a great career, think his name was Moore. And what about Wayne Chrebet? He should be near the top of this list. Robby Anderson also maybe
  3. Havent seen enough of Guidry or Huff as of yet to give them the nod. Id go with Fatukasi as he is the best player picked the latest that is no question legit. Its a nice situation that this isnt an easy question to answer
  4. That was an incredible game and I really liked Kenny O but they weren’t 50 plus yard passes, but rather passes with YAC. Same with the Namath Unitas game. He didn’t throw 80 yd bombs
  5. We have about a dozen rookies on the roster and plenty of second yr players too Sometimes you have to grade on a curve.
  6. It should be factored in that though they were missing their two best WRs, we were missing both our starting safeties
  7. I think it comes down to coaches and QBs In my mind that makes it Indy and NE as the only possible choices Butt I’d like to wait til end of season to see more of these teams
  8. So then how do you dismiss the opinions of Simms, Young, Baldy and other NFL players that think Wilson will be great?
  9. Meanwhile Darnold is playing much better with his new team. Maybe those “ excuses” were legit.
  10. This is very funny considering the QB that Wilson is playing against and losing to.
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