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  1. Bowles Movement

    Why don’t we want one of the big 3?

    And signed a solid back up RB
  2. Bowles Movement

    Why don’t we want one of the big 3?

    By whose ranking? Q is considered a top prospect and graded as such. Donald was drafted 13, not even top ten so obviously he wasn’t the no brainer prospect you now suggest he was
  3. Bowles Movement

    Frank Clark

    Cap issues could impact his value Not everybody has the need or ability to pay him including the team that owns his contract.
  4. So how old were they?????
  5. Bowles Movement

    Frank Clark

    The Raiders traded us their guard. Wasn’t that for cap reasons? Can the pay Clark?
  6. Bowles Movement

    The Harvard Draft Value Chart

    Based on this chart we got ass raped by Indy last year.
  7. Jeezus. Five pages of this BS. Maybe it’s time to take your own advice???
  8. Bowles Movement

    Happy Birthday, SLATS

    Happy birthday Slats
  9. Bowles Movement


    I used to have the Rat City in Blue album
  10. Bowles Movement

    Rumor: Pats trying to make a deal for Rosen

    We got a second and wr for Sheldon Richardson. I think Williams is a better, cleaner player
  11. That would be great but unlikely id be happy trading him and the NO third round pick for a high second rounder
  12. I was at that game. That was horrific. That lawnmower was screaming when it went out of control and wasted a Patriots fan. I always wondered how it found a Pats fan in that sea of Green
  13. Bowles Movement

    Andre Smith (OT) Visiting

    Can we have a backup that only plays one position?
  14. Including Darnold and the 5 lineman that would be 12 Jets on the field. Im no expert but i think thats a penalty!!
  15. 4 and 5 million for a back up RB that probably wont see the field much seems a little rich. Given those salaries, if Im Mac id pass. Sign a vet or draft a rookie in the late rounds.

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