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  1. Is this your opinion or are there facts and links supporting this statement? Are all these better safety’s going to the Pro Bowl too?
  2. How can anything this dogmatic be true? If the first ten picks are O linemen, he is picking the 11 th? it may be his preference to take an O lineman, but if he is that rigid in picking to need, he isnt going to be successful.
  3. What about betting on Darnolds QB rating next year?
  4. No one is "petrified". Id like to see him do well but the truth is I no longer care enough to base my schedule around football. I do trust my eyes though and I see a guy with great attributes that I believe can be elite with a solid supporting cast. You dont-thats fine, just dont piss in my lemonade because youre bitter.
  5. If he wants to sign on for a "Dream Team" he needs to play in the NBA
  6. Im not saying to use a third rounder. A seventh rounder for a great prospect doesnt seem like that big a price to pay
  7. I’ve always wondered why teams don’t invest a 7 th rd pick on a great kicker. By that point the other positions have all been picked over and chances of finding a great player late are small. Why not get the pick of the kickers instead of hoping to sign a fa? Worked out ok with Lachlan Edwards
  8. 2 interceptions and a fumble. And his passes were inaccurate all day with many low or behind the intended receiver , making catch and YAC difficult. If Sam did that the Haters would be calling for his head
  9. Bowles Movement

    OL Draft

    Did the OP really expect this post to be well received??? He insults the entire board and adds nothing of substance. Might be time for the mods to get involved.
  10. Agreed. I look at that list and Judon Peters and Conklin are the only attractive options.
  11. Anderson isn’t going to get paid like a number 1-Those guys are getting north of 15-20 million. He is projected in low teens which is number 2 wr money. If some team offers him number 1 money, then yes let him walk. But if he walks, we have 2 wr slots to fill, not one.
  12. They need 5 offensive linemen. They also need a 1 and a 2 wr. We also need a starting CB You can’t get all those in one draft and you can’t sign 7 all pros in Free agency. Compromises will be made based on who wants to stay and who wants to join the party. Those are the facts of life Depending on which of their FAs they can resign and which other team FAs they can bring in, will dictate their most pressing needs and the direction of their draft. Beachum and/or Anderson should be replaced by young potential stars eventually but those are two of our best players on admittedly weak units. If they can be retained without completely breaking the bank, they likely will be, and should be. They are both above average if healthy, and may play even better with a better supporting cast. If they don’t re sign with us , we will probably bring in other players of similar quality. You can’t keep them all , but you try to keep your best and build on that, and fwiw, they are two of ours. If Im Joe Thomas they are the two highest priority’s to decide on. Then he can add other free agents, and plan his draft strategy based on the remaining roster holes.
  13. Saw the topic headline Thought it was a joke WTF Has anybody else even considered this guy? Gettleman is going to spend his last year there as a laughing stock. Maybe decent coaches know he is in trouble and wont interview?
  14. First time that I’ve seen Espenesa or Jackson mocked in the top ten.
  15. It’s a risk either way. Bird in the hand vs two in the Bush. 17 million is nothing to sneeze at. If he’s healthy in 4 yrs and playing well, the difference in initial salary is more than offset by another year in the NFL at over 30 mill per. If he goes back to Bama and is reinsured or his play suffers due to residual injury, he is in a much worse place financially. If I’m Tua I’d be coming out. He’s shown enough at the college level.
  16. The Giants are dealing with this scenario right now. They like Rhule but are concerned he can’t or won’t put together an experienced staff that can properly teach and coach up their younger players. You don’t want a Freddie Kitchens type that is in over their head and doesn’t have the experience or credibility to keep the team together during hard times. I don’t think there is another major sport where coaching more impacts overall record. Look at NE and Belichick-the guy prepares his players so they don’t beat themselves and knows every nuance of the rule book, and it translates into more wins. If I’m hiring someone who needs assistants, I’d want to feel comfortable that they will make the right hires that will increase their chances of success. Williams and Gase have put together a good experienced coaching staff and I think that really helped when we had all the injuries. Conversely, if I’m looking at a job and have options, I’d want trusted loyal assistants that I could lean on and be open with, without fear that they’d be snakes looking to take my job at my first miss step. It will be interesting to see what happens with the Giants and Rhule.
  17. You can go on and on Antonio Brown Emanuel Sanders Colston Tyreek Hill Thomas on NO Edelman Chrebet was an UDFA Add Metcalf to the list to name a few
  18. If he doesn’t win here with all the talent there, he will have no excuse and this will be his last NFL head coaching gig. I’m curious to see what transpires and if his message and methods are well received.
  19. Same reason Bless Austin was available for us to take in the 6th rd

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