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  1. So then how do you dismiss the opinions of Simms, Young, Baldy and other NFL players that think Wilson will be great?
  2. Meanwhile Darnold is playing much better with his new team. Maybe those “ excuses” were legit.
  3. Lawrence has just as many INTs and losses. Does he suck too
  4. This is very funny considering the QB that Wilson is playing against and losing to.
  5. why dont you shove a Bill Bellichek bobble head doll up your ass and have a great day!
  6. You want to get an xray to make sure it isnt fractured prior to manipulation if possible.
  7. That would make too much sense! The guy has already proven he is a game changer but some people are never happy.
  8. Am I missing something? Bosa wasn’t available to draft, just like Mayfield. Besides Bosa has had his share of injuries too.
  9. That was a question to Crusher, not a statement….
  10. Still think he is lazy and “ baby poop soft”?
  11. Just wondering if you were critical of the Quinnen Williams pick last year this time? And he got a training camp his rookie season. Give Douglas another year and lets see where all these kids are.
  12. How Jetsey would it be if we were to knock Darnold out of the game and Morgan comes in and leads the comeback victory that launches a 15 yr hall of fame career!
  13. If you predicted that every pick drafted in the fourth rd or later wouldnt make it, you be right more than youd be wrong. If you do that for QBs that percentage will be over 80 percent. So stand up and give yourself a pat on the back!!
  14. So if he doesnt bat 1.000 he is a terrible GM? It was a roll of the dice on a fourth rd pick that he got by trading back. Hind site is 20/20 and the fact that the regime changed and he never got an off season program last year didnt help a small school guy that needed coaching up. BTW Mike White, our back up was a mid round pick by Dallas who cut eventually him. Now he is our back up so maybe Douglas accomplished what he wanted to do with someone elses cast off, making Morgan expendable.
  15. Would he be a genius for trading Herndon straight up for Lawson?
  16. Also If he isnt on the 53 man roster for the first game, his yearly salary isn't guaranteed.
  17. Took me to Fubo which I subscribe to but it doesnt have the game scheduled for tonight. thanks anyways!
  18. Perhaps it’s his self righteous “I know it all and better than you” attitude? If you’re gonna come across like that, you ve got to be prepared to own your misses and be thick skinned. And he’s had some brutal misses to go along with his hits.
  19. I stand corrected. But a 3rd and a 7th rder is hardly an all star supporting cast. Compare to OSU, Clemson and Alabama for sh*ts and giggles.
  20. Great video. These are exciting times!
  21. Wilson’s supporting cast in college wasn’t a collection of all stars like Mac Jones had-That talent disparity is hard to dispute. The guy had three offensive skill players taken in the first round and several offensive lineman in the top 2 rounds. I dont believe any of Wilson’s WR , RB or linemen were drafted.
  22. It would be very Un-Jetsy if winning that game resulted in our getting the better QB but its a good possibility at this point. Im sure the Jets would never say that Wilson was their second choice, but I cant imagine many new GMs going against league wide opinion that Lawrence was the best QB prospect and taking Wilson. If youre not slam dunk correct, it would be an instant career killer.
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