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  1. No one is rooting for Flacco to fail except Bengals fans. But that was a brutal interception thrown into triple coverage with a smaller wr. Terrible decision and at this point in his career, he should know better.
  2. Watching that video reminded me of how good Carter and other players were in getting out of bounds to stop the clock on a couple of the short check downs.
  3. The Jets scored 31 points. No help from the D with field position or turnovers either. Flacco threw for over 300 yds and the rush offense didnt contribute much. Im not saying he is the future-thats another discussion-but he did contribute muchly to the win. It took the offense getting the ball twice without needing a defensive stop to win!! THAT was the miracle.
  4. They just scored 31 pts and won. Jet fans: “ Offensive coordinator will be Salehs downfall. “ Jesus help us all.
  5. Pretty sure as a CEO style head coach he selected the coaches for each position as well as the coordinators. He gets credit when they are good, not only when they suck. Sorry.
  6. This is not that team. We have had an infusion of talent from the draft and FA and last years rookies are now seasoned. Flacco was not on the team at this time last year. And fwiw you are being a wet blanket. This is a step in the right direction and will give the team confidence. Stadium will be wild next Sunday!!
  7. Garoppolo ran this offense in San Fran and he isnt known for his mobility. Having mobility is always a plus in avoiding the pass rush but isnt a deal killer.
  8. The turnovers really killed them . And the dropped TD pass by the RB. And the 4 pts the kicker left on the field. And the bad DPI penalty that led to the first Baltimore TD. And the INT because the TE fell down. Lot of bad" breaks" that if corrected might have led to a W. Despite losing the game and looking bad, there are actually some encouraging things to take from this game.
  9. Greeny doing his best impression of the haters on this board. For a sports journalist, youd think maybe he d get into specifics? Like 3rd down conversion efficiency, 3rd down defense, sacks, penalties, play calls, etc
  10. With Browns injury I could see them trading for a decent reliable tackle. Trading from an area of strength to allow them to run and pass effectively. And maybe promote one of the WRs they like on the Practice Squad?
  11. I going to throw this out there because of all the posters that are saying Wilson is soft. He just had a meniscectomy and a bone bruise. The meniscus isn't the issue- the bone “ bruise” is actually a fracture and needs more than 3 weeks to heal. Typically its 6-8 wks fwiw.
  12. What? Other teams get to trot out the injury excuse after a bad season? I thought you didn’t grade on a curve….
  13. You would have fired Parcells after his first season as a Giants coach.
  14. So youre giving 20 pts vs Ravens if we take the Jets?
  15. I get it We re all unable to appraise his effort honestly. Thank god you're here to set all us classic Jet fans straight! We ve got the most talented team we ve seen in ages and some people are just so ******* miserable! I really dont get it! Relax and let the season play out , maybe youll get happier ! Sure hope so.
  16. This silly scenario has no bearing on who should start until there is no question that he is the answer or he isnt.
  17. So according to you , Wilson is the worst QB on the roster, and even though there is increasing pressure for Saleh and Douglas to start winning games, they will stubbornly continue to play the worst QB and ensure that they both lose their jobs. Saleh LaFleur and Douglas see Wilson practice every day, and their assessments are based on those observations. And fwiw, your assessment of Wilson is based on how many preseason snaps that you personally saw Wilson play?
  18. Maybe he is still not 100 per cent? If so that would mean they are keeping at least 4 TEs
  19. Jesus if they didnt look good you d bitch When they do look good against the other team you complain about the level of competition?
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