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  1. OMG. I honestly never noticed that. Saw a pic of jet fans cheering, downloaded it for future posts. My bad. My honest intent was to post a pic of jet fans cheering about your post in that other thread. I assure you.
  2. Sorry to post to you here. you misinterpreted my post, in that other thread. I as one of many jet fans here, we were cheering your post. Which is what the pic showed. jet fans cheering.
  3. I love Pittman. I'm doubtful he'll be there in the 3rd though. And yea, you are getting uglier by the day. So's everybody else over the age of fourty
  4. Everybody is being peaceful. If people start getting nasty, then ok.
  5. Wrong. In early January we knew about the cases in China. How it was spread, was unknown. when we found out it was community spread, we banned all travel to and from China. He never referred to the virus as a hoax. Just the democrats response to it, a hoax.You can disagree with that, but him calling the virus a hoax, is just totally untrue.
  6. Health care workers are working 10 hours a day, 5, 6, days a week, in hospitals where dozens are infected. I don't see how you can say someone, wearing the same protection at a football game for three hours is comparable. Sooner or later we're going to have to figure out this new normal. This country can't survive economically or emotionally for too much longer. That includes sport.
  7. There is so much disinformation, i just can't answer you. What i can do is post these remarks. Peter Navarro isn't an expert in that area. Azar is, but so is Fauci.https://saraacarter.com/jan-flashback-dr-fauci-said-coronavirus-is-not-a-major-threat-to-the-people-of-the-united-states/
  8. You were suggesting that my post about wearing a mask and gloves to a football game, meant i was in some way not caring about our health care workers. That didn't even cross my mind. Of course i care about what they're going through. Im all of a sudden Mr Evil. I think the risk factor isn't even in the same galaxy. That's why health care workers didn't even cross my mind. So when you posted about dead nurses, i was kind of hurt by it. Of course i care. How could you think otherwise. Like i said. health care workers, and what they're going through hasn't crossed my mind in any of these posts. Sooner or later, we have too figure out a way to get back to a normal. a new normal for a while. We can't close down our lives that much longer. Than the cure will be much worse than the illness.
  9. Excuse me lightweight. please highlight any part of my post that showed an insensitivity to health care workers.You want to name call, be my guest. I'm perfectly capable of defending myself. Anybody who compares the risks of a health care worker to that of a fan attending a game for three hours, 4 months down the road, with the same protections is the ignorant one. And please, re post my comments showing my insensitivity to health care workers. thanks.
  10. You care, and i don't. The problem is when you get emotional about something, your might not be thinking straight. Nurses, [bless their souls], are working hours everyday in close quarters with dozens of infected people. Much different 4 months down the road going to a football game for three hours
  11. Wear a mask, and protective gloves, and you'll be fine. If you do that the chances of you getting the virus are the same as you getting hit by a bolt of lightning.
  12. Nothing has gone wrong. Things are going very well. This is a pandemic. The worst we've seen since the Spanish flu. Millions died from that virus. Nobody is a miracle worker. It's a horrible thing that so many have gotten sick and died from this virus. If you look at what the predictions we're and look at the numbers as of today, we will not come close,[thank god], to what many predicted would happen. This is what happens in a pandemic. A lot of people get sick, and some die. I think the Federal and state governments have done a tremendous job. If everybody follows the CDC, guidelines, we'll come out of this okay.

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