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  1. Ralph. the perfect expressions to express our feelings about the Jet's and some of the posts on this board.
  2. That's part of it, for sure. If not all of it. Last year, i just remember where he fired the ball a bunch of times with defenders around, but the football got to the receiver before anyone could defend it. This year, i haven't seen that.
  3. I don't think Darnold has the velocity in his throws the way he did last year. Perhaps his body hasn't been allowed to fully recover from the mono he had. I like darnold very much, but i think he needs to spend more time at the facility, working on his strength, stamina. Etc. etc.
  4. Damn. Sounds like Joe is hitting the bottle again!!!!
  5. Root for Darnold and Anderson to have great games. Plus, root for them to lose. Quietly.
  6. Not this year. a top three pick will be real valuable. much more so than last year. They'll be four or five players other teams will be drooling to trade up for. that wasn't the case last year.

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