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  1. Good post. Same thing with Beachum. Can pass block. Not much help in the running game.
  2. They did try to trade for Stafford though.
  3. I'm in Ft Lauderdale. Never heard that they ever tried to trade up for any QB.
  4. The thing people don't get, is Gase loved Tannyhill. Defended Tannyhill. This offensive guru, who's offense finished 31 in the league in total offense last year,25th, and 24th, the years, before never felt the need to look through the draft for another QB.
  5. Were there any stories last year about Laundry being a malcontent or the selfish type with the Browns last year?
  6. He only was aware of this dysfunction after Gase got his ear. If that's true CJ was a big part of the dysfunction. I really want to look foward now. Makes no sense to look back at how things went down. I'll say this for the last time. I have a real problem with someone who hasn't earned the right to throw his weight around, being allowed to do just that.
  7. Oh okay. After Gase convinced ownership a change was needed in the front office.
  8. I hear you. I'm looking foward now. I's done.
  9. I"m happy we got Douglas. It's not about him. It's not about Williams. It's about Gase. I'm not sold on him. I wish him the best. Been a Jet fan for 30 yrs.
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