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  1. JD is looking for a $12 dollar an hour DT. Thank you, Joe.
  2. Joe. W. Namath. "The long trip to meet with Rodgers is just a smokescreen. Garrapolo has been our guy, all along."
  3. Spot on about McGovern. He's a good player, and durable. He's had to adjust to cover up for other people's lapses. I.E. Van Roten and Tomlinson.
  4. Yea, but, never mind. Of course, i agree. Standard by which all others are compared
  5. No doubt about that. Jack Klugman, gets my vote in the Odd Couple. Don Knotts in the Andy Griffith show. Couldn't do any better than those two
  6. What's the course. Draft a bust QB. Then scramble to find a competent starter based on a wing and a prayer???You can't be serious. Are you???,
  7. Joe W. Namath hasn't come out of his darkness retreat for three years.
  8. He's thinking on it. It is a big decision in his life.
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