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  1. genot

    5 year anniversary of the Idzik 12

    The love is undeniable
  2. genot

    PFF Big Board

    Thank's for that Larz. I wasn't clear about what i meant. You could tell by hearing him talking, that he wasn't really dedicated to the sport, and playing it. Perhaps he was persuaded to play because of hi athletic ability???
  3. I realize that. I'm a fan of Robby's. I don't think he's a bad guy, and as valuable as i think he already has been. His potential i don't think has been fully tapped yet. For whatever reason, his deep threat abilities are hard to find. Lots of pretty good slot receivers. Lots of possession type receivers. Not many who can get open deep on a regular basis and catch the ball.
  4. I consider those receivers as an insurance policy, with regards to an oft injured Enunwa
  5. We're not drafting him. I'm not saying he's not going to be a good player. the fact is, nobody knew who he was a year ago
  6. Read what Pauline say's. he doesn't mention anything about what the the Jet's would want in return

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