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  1. Those weren't unsolicited comments from Gregg Williams. he was asked about Leo. I doubt very highly that he's even in communication with Gase, so they can pump up his trade value. reports are they don't even talk in the hallway, before or after the game.
  2. If Leo doesn't get traded, it's because nobody wanted him. not because the Jets wanted to keep him. Predictable responses from some posters.
  3. He had 7, his 2nd year. my theory was with QW, he would be freed up more to, thus more sacks, instead of pressures. so far, i'm wrong. I doubt he'll get to that number, hopefully QW, can stay healthy and get more comfortable with the defense, and Leo can get more attention grabbing plays.
  4. That's Fuc... priceless. Posters know what they're watching more than Gregg Williams. Williams also has the benefit of isolating on film a certain player's contribution. That's how teams grade players.
  5. Without a doubt. Hard for us to win against a good team without running the ball. Not at this point, anyway. I would love to see KO, get healthy and take over for winters and have Lewis stay at left guard.
  6. Run the football. Put Powell back there with bell, and Wesco at Te, and run the football. Use Montgomery more in the passing game. Line him up in the backfield with bell, line him up as a 3rd wideout. His skills haven't been utilized by gase as of yet.. Let the offensive line get into a rhythm. I'm old school when it comes down too offense. love a great passing attack, but with an average o-line, and no herndon, you have to run the ball.
  7. I would in most years agree with you. Maybe i have an extreme position on Gase, but i think he sucks, i don't think he has the ability to rally the team. That's why i'm skeptable, Skeptable, on what the jet's can do with those players back on Sunday.
  8. Darnold has worked with Anderson. had a full preseason to work with Crowder, Bell, and Montgomery. If Gase wasn't sure Darnold was going to be cleared, Faulk should at least gotten half the snaps in practice. The fact he didn't get any shows us what a fool Gase is.
  9. Whats a 2nd yr QB too say. Bell has only been here for a short time after sitting out a year. This is not a reflection on your post, but wow, look at all the players that came out publicly in support of Gase, from Miami. Your right, in part, i am speculating. We can't overlook the stories about dissension in the Dolphin locker room about Gase's decision making

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