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  1. genot

    PFF studs and duds through week 6

    They don't. We knew depth on our o-line was a major worry going into the season.
  2. genot

    PFF studs and duds through week 6

    He had an injury. That"s why some of those snaps have been off. If you remember the two games where Darnold was under pressure it was Beachum getting beat. The Dolphin game both our Tackles had it rough. Letr's hope he heals up. I agree. The bad snaps have to stop. It's not rocket science. We could do it with enough practice
  3. genot

    PFF studs and duds through week 6

    The extreme opinions about Long are rather amusing. Long is the perfect definition of a jag. An average player. If he was awful Darnold wouldn't survive, unless you believe Carpenter and Winters are pro bowlers. Which their not.
  4. Sunrise, Boynton cops, have had alot of trouble over the years with an abnormal amount of bad apples in their departments. I take everything they say with a grain of salt, until it's proven true.
  5. In 4 years Mac has built this team from the ground up. If you read the posts of some of his biggest detractors, we;'re only an impact pass rusher and a few o-lineman away from title contention. That's getting the job done. And we're not facing any cap issues for the foreseeable future. Has he had of share of pics that busted. Yea. Alot of teams 1st round picks bust. Mac drafted 4 winners in the 1st round. Good job Mac.
  6. We'll murder the bums. Pryor big day. Tight ends get involved. 28-16.
  7. Powell to the Eagles makes some sense. Especially if McGuire is set to return.
  8. genot

    Clowney is must!

    Not me Mr Phil. Wesley Johnson, and Winters playing hurt last year, really weakened the line. It would be nice to have one stud on our o-line instead of a bunch of average, slightly above average players
  9. genot

    Clowney is must!

    Your right, but so what. It's clearly an area of need, more than others. If there's a LT that we think has great ability, we're gonna pass, just for a principle that should never be set in stone
  10. genot

    Clowney is must!

    Philc1 thinks everybody sucks.
  11. genot

    Clowney is must!

    Thats why i'd love to sign a Clowney. We could trade down, get more picks and draft more than a few o-lineman.
  12. genot

    Clowney is must!

    Find a impact pass rusher in free agency, then we can use a 1st round pick on a OT. I don't believe this team is lacking weapons. If the o-line is doing it's job, we can score alot of points. Hope this week we see Sam attack the middle with our Tight ends. lets see what they can do.
  13. genot

    Clowney is must!

    Fraud agency. Crowell and Williamson aren't frauds. Neither is Andre Roberts
  14. genot

    Clowney is must!

    Fowler and Barr aren't nearly the impact players, Clowney is.

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