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  1. genot

    Draft Analyst-Tony Pauline pre combine ratings

    Have some antibiotics handy. We wouldn't want an infection to set in.
  2. genot

    Mock Offseason; amateur pragmatist

    I didn't know he played football. I think Williams could get the best out of him.
  3. genot

    Free Agency - Defense

    I agree. Copeland provided as much pressure as Fowler did with the Rams. Let's stay away. I still am witholding judgement on Johnson. From what i've read, he's a press corner that played alot in that cover 2 defense. That's how Williams will use him. Unlike Bowles. He looked lost at times in coverage last year. Even if he isn't as good as what his rep was, coming here. I except better things from him.
  4. genot

    Free Agency - Defense

    If Vernon is cut by Giants, he'll be a Jet the next day. Agree???
  5. genot

    Mock Offseason; amateur pragmatist

    Im impressed that you included a NT. My preference would be Daylon Mack, though.
  6. genot

    Mock Offseason; amateur pragmatist

    Agree or disagree. Good work!!!
  7. Why not sign both. Morse Played LT, his senior year. Also played some RT. Im sure he could fit right in at LG.
  8. genot

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    Maybe. Kapernick, could have signed on as a backup, somewhere. This year with us. You know that's not happening
  9. genot

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    There are alot of teams that decided to stay away from Colin Kapernick. Why. Too much of of a distraction. It would split the locker room, and destroy team chemistry. That's an extreme example. A united locker room counts for something.
  10. If he doesn't perform in Williams defense, he'll be gone. No more nice, nice, with players not doing their job
  11. genot

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    I wasn't comparing them to Brown. I was just pointing out that if you can find a solid contributor who was undrafted, we might be able to find more than that in the draft. I think posters,{including me], are worried about what a diva Wr will do to team chemistry. Which is more important than any player on the team. Except the QB.
  12. genot

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    Anderson and Burnett we're udfa's. Lets just try to be a little hopeful. We have two 3's. Maybe we'll hit a home run. Maybe.
  13. genot

    Antonio done with the Steelers

    We should let Paradis, Sec101, RobR, tell us who in the draft will be our Antonio Brown. Brown was a 6th round pick of the Steelers in 2010. lets not forget that.
  14. I had a complete brain drain. Check out my double post

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