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  1. Chuma is just as good with a higher upside. Younger too.
  2. Running the football would help. Problem is Beckton is the only one who can push people around. That would help.
  3. Jerry Hughes wasn't blitzing. They had no answer for him.
  4. Quarterbacks can make good throws when they're under duress. When constantly under duress they will fold. That's what happened to Sanchez. That s whats happening to Darnold
  5. I don't know what game some people we?'re watching. In the second half the bills changed they're pressure packages and the Jets o-line couldn't handle it. There were Bills all aroun Darnold to the point he had no where even to scramble. No QB can look good in that environment. Perrine whiffed a bunch on blitx pickup. The only solution this year is to maybe throw more on 1st down. Play more smash mouth football. I don't know. Clearly JD. Didn't do nearly enough to fix what has been a real problem for a while here.
  6. I would like to mail the OP a bottle.of Cabo. Great post. My prediction is if this offensive unit stays healthy the rest of the year, our biggest issue other than center and guard will be acquiring defensive talent
  7. We'd have plenty more with a trade down. Everything thing Sam needed to execute a scoring offense would be there. There would be no excuses.
  8. Canning Gase would go a long way. Anyone other than him would be a breath of fresh air.
  9. Im dense. He still had the ball. Memory shoddy. Too much Captain Morgan in my life.
  10. He was thrown down after the ball was released. That's a penalty in todays NFL.
  11. Your a real wise guy. Trying to get me to change my opiniion by saying Sam is Gase's guy. Lol
  12. With regards to him mossing games. You would agree that getting mono, doesn't indicate that he's injury prone. He was picked up and intentionally thrown down on his throwing shoulder. That dude could have been ejected. At least throw a flag. Jeez.
  13. That's a helluva gamble.Lets hope that these receivers can stay on the field the next 10 games, and somehow Herndon can get his s... Together. If that happens it will make JD's job so much easier about what to do in the offseaon.

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