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  1. It's too early to form a judgement on Wilson, Saleh, or even Lafleur. Douglas on the other hand, has had enough time to consider his value to the organization. My reviews on him are mixed.
  2. What game did you watch. He was sacked 3 times, hit 11 other times, and was pressured countless other times. That's not an excuse. That's a fact.
  3. He needs a better o-line. Panthers are ranked deat last in pass protection. That's just not relevant, I know. Lol.
  4. I thought Darnold had a very bad game. I do think Brady on the last drive panicked. They had 3 time outs and over a few minutes. Run the football. That's the only thing they could do the whole game. I know all too well your feelings about Sam. That o-,line has been getting him mauled the last two games. Every bit as bad, perhaps worse then some of our recent o-lines have performed.
  5. I have no idea. I really don't. I think Jet and Panther fans have the same complaint about our OC. Panthers had plenty of time to run the football. The play calling was not good. Watching both games the thing that bothered me about Wilson was the o-line was okay, and Zack still had issues making good throws. Darnold the last two games has been mauled. Can't deny that.
  6. Robby missed a few key receptions on 3rd down. Let's not forget that.
  7. Darnold was bad today. No doubt. So was Robby. So was the o-line. They all stunk it up. Including Sam
  8. What a horrible game played by Darnold. A really I'll advised throw to Robby.
  9. According to the needs at PFF. How did Mahomes do when he was under constant pressure in the Super Bowl. An elite QB. O TDs. 2 interceptions, and a loss
  10. Are you watching the game.
  11. I did. Not nearly as bad as what the Jet's had last year. Or the Panthers this year.
  12. Do you think that an NFL offense can have a quality passing attack with a porous offensive line. It's a yes or no question.
  13. Oh. So now it's a team game. When he was here, it was about him,and not what was around him.
  14. Believe it or not, Wilson might be playing behind a better o-line. Panthers o-line is pathetic.
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