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    OL Draft

    We're all certainly glad to hear that.
  2. genot

    OL Draft

    At least it wasn't a 10 paragraph post. You were away for a month. Don't take the negative comments about your previous threads so personally. it's only a football forum.
  3. It's funny. I'm dead set against trading Adams, unless it's to trade up for a Chase Young. All the other trade scenarios runs the huge risk of obtaining non-contributors or average NFL talent. You trade an Adams, you want as close to a sure thing as possible.
  4. If he doe's what everybody wants,{including me}], it's because of the availability of those players in this draft. This is the first draft in a while with an abundance of quality O-lineman. lucky Joe.
  5. I've always respected your views, along with some of the others who post frequently in the draft forum. I know there's nothing i can say to change people's opinions on the last 4 years under previous management. He certainly had his share of big time blunders. never disagreed about that.
  6. Im not saying he was a disappointment. I promise you he would be considered a disappointment here if he had the same stats. Anything less than Double digit sacks would be here. QW tied up blockers, which freed up our linebackers to make plays. That's why our defense played so well throughout the course of the year. That's not enough to justify being a top 3 pick. He needs to step it up as a pass rusher. To suggest that won't happen is way premature. To me, it is.
  7. They play different roles in their respective defense's. Main reason being Gregg Williams doesn't have the quality outside defenders to play more in a 4-3, like Buffalo.
  8. Of course. The fact the Jet's aren't in the playoffs has nothing to do with Adams or QW. Creating holes to fill holes to me is not a winning formula. That's what i'm hearing from some. time and time again.
  9. Happy new year. Sometimes i jump the gun, and shoot myself in the ass. I think i posted a good comeback though.
  10. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-how-ed-olivers-pass-rushing-was-held-back-by-houstons-scheme ..........I was wrong about houston's scheme. Busted. It does not change my opinion about QW, though. He did play the 3 technique at Alabama. He rarely played it this year with the Jet's. So, according to the posted article, Oliver in theory should have flashed more as a pass rusher, playing with the bills, and QW's pass rushing production was held back for the same reason Olivers was at Houston.
  11. Please. Ed Oliver's production wasn't that much better than William's. Playing DT in a 4-3, the same position he played at Houston. Not to mention having Murphy and Hughes at ends.
  12. A bottom three roster, according to you. Not me. If we had a field goal kicker against the bills, and Darnold didn't get mono, we would have won 10 games. Positively 9 games. Right or wrong. I'm sure the comeback will be our weak schedule. You still have to show up and make plays to win. The bengals don't field a bunch of boy scouts.
  13. I wonder if Bills fans are calling Oliver a bust. Just sayin.
  14. Your not going to see that for the position he plays. especially in his rookie year. A 4-3 DT, with a quality end at his side, yes, you would expect to see more splash plays. Not a 3-4 DT in his rookie year, trying to figure out where the blocks are coming from. Etc, etc.
  15. How did we finish with a top ten defense. Magic. That famous Jet good luck. How. Please explain it to me. And please don't say gregg williams. He isn't a miracle worker
  16. Not under any circumstance are you or others going to give any props to a GM , when you and others have [what i believe to be], an over the top bias against him
  17. I see you got some laughs and upvotes for that. He started thirteen games.
  18. If the story is true, Gregg Williams probably said, no way. Oh, yea. what the hell does he know.
  19. He missed the first 6 games, correct. Sacks, tackles. Easy to say they all stink, because of the numbers. You can play that all you want. The facts are we finished in the top 10 in the NFL in team defense, because of the work of the front seven. Mainly our inside defense, which includes, QW, Shepard, etc, etc.
  20. They weren't going to keep both. If not traded, he plays out the year, and is allowed to sign somewhere else. Josh Allen must have been very tempting. leo's future with the team was the main reason why we drafted Q. In my opinion. i could be wrong. i've been wrong before.
  21. The only idiots, are the ones forming a judgement about a rookie DT. the same idiots who said Shepard was a bust last year. Shepard, clearly took a big leap foward this year.
  22. Gregg Williams would like to run more 4-3 defenses. We don't have the outside players yet to do it. Lets hope we get at least one outside player who is more than a jag and sub jag.
  23. We had the 7th ranked defense in the league. You really think Burgess and hewitt are that good. Their success is directly tied to the work that our DT's put in. Including QW.

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