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  1. When we signed Bell, my friend immediately got his Bell jersey. Think how he feels. Lol.
  2. I like Douglas. He had a good draft. His one mistake was not retaining Robby. Mcgovern has been a surprise disappointment. He graded out very well last year. He has guys on one year prove it deals. This will be the most important offseason,for him as long as he's the GM here. Big money to spend. Big decisions in upcoming draft.
  3. We'll get you wearing that #14 jersey soon enough Mr Jetsfan80
  4. What boneheads. Its like the QB is by himself on a deserted island,throwing a football. The Bills and Chiefs have are much better at football than the Patriots and Chargers. Now,the team your playing isn't relevant. Okay.
  5. I was adding to the reasons stated in his post. Our offense has been bad for a number of reason. That's one of them.
  6. Great points. Lets not forget special teams. Have we had one good return the whole year. Field position is another problem that needs to be addressed.. Nice to start some drives on the 50,instead of your own 20,all the time
  7. No WR had a catch in the first half. What they did at halftime,i dont know to change the plan. They should remember that.
  8. Chargers we're a 2-7 team for a reason. One of them is their secondary sucks. Flacco had a good game against the Pats. The Pats defense is bad this year. Thd
  9. If your receivers are crap , you o- line is crap, your offense is crap. I don't care who the Quarterback is. Watson is a good QB, playing behind a better line, with a group of pretty good veteran receivers, who've managed to stay healthy for him.
  10. That's nonsense. You don't think Graham and Gronkowski made a difference in the success of their QB's. Please. If scouts and GM's felt that way, they'd wait till the late rounds to sign all their receivers.
  11. Remember the Texans game. Darnold played just a well as Watson. The difference in that game was Hopkins. Stop it.
  12. Not to worry. JD isn't paying attention to fan forum opinions. Thank god. If he was, he would have traded that overweight bust of a DT. QW.
  13. Wide receivers are just as important to a QB's success as a QB is to theirs. That was my point. You couldn't figure that out.
  14. If only Hogan and Berrios had a good QB, they would be considered a lot more than Jags. Lol.
  15. So glad, there's a sane, sober person posting on this issue. Darnold will be back next year, with a top round guard and center. and a quality receiver added to the roster. Probably Smith- Shuster,who's said he would love to be reunited with Sam.
  16. The problem i have with this QB issue, is the amount of times a Jet QB has to get rid of the ball with people in his face. If it happened less frequently and the QB, folded,i'd be with with you on the anybody but the guy we have now. But, s... Everytime they have to hold a block and give the QB a clean pocket, they can't.
  17. The defense is seriously lacking talent right now. Even if we had Adams, Leo,and Mosley back there,we'd still be crying for a Revis and Abraham type player. No
  18. He had all day to throw the football. I don't believe he got hit more than once. Its like throwing a football to your friend in the backyard.
  19. I hope after the draft you man up,and admit that being wrong about a draft decision isn't something to be ashamed about. It's nice when a good QB has time to eat a taco,then deliver a pass to his receivers,like Herbert. You can really put up some big numbers with that protection
  20. Jet's get their 1st win next week against the Fins. Book it.
  21. And a no call at the end of game. Surprise. No.I like Douglas. I stick to my opinion on what he's going to do. Can't afford that bet though.
  22. Guess what. That's what he's going to do. Then you can spend the year posting about the Jets GM reset
  23. You dont know what your talking about. You really don't Flacco cared enough against the Patriots to complete plays downfield. Now,he doesn't care. Don't make me laugh. He had a clean pocket to see the field.
  24. Flacco is a veteran QB. If you believe he can't read a defense and have some completions to his receivers your drinking the wrong liquor. The issue is the offensive line. They stink. Darnold went 6-2 at the end of last year. And the talent around him stunk. It was his 2nd year un the league. A known failure. Please. Herbert would be having the same problems,flacco and Darnold are having if he was in green and white. So would TL,Fields. Etc,etc.

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