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  1. In hindsight i think having Jenkins and Greg Newsome in camp would have been better for us. Can't fault JD for what is obviously a strong conviction for AVT, and doing what was needed to get him.
  2. We'll win at least three times more games. Look highly competitive in the games we lose. It will be obvious to everyone, that we're on the verge of a championship caliber team. Good question Shawn.
  3. Crowder is always slowed by some injury. Was in Washington too. I think he gets traded or cut before training camp ends.
  4. I liked his approach in the late rounds. Tweener safety's who could in time give us some good play at linebacker. Until then, maybe a diamond in the rough on special teams.
  5. How can you draft a QB with the expectation he'll be the face of the franchise for 10+ yrs and not have a plan to build around him. The one thing i'll say is that in some of the drafts Mac was involved in, the o-line talent wasn't as rich as it has been the last two years. Irregardless, he needed to find a way to get some real talent in front of his newly drafted QB.
  6. BS. Should have seen it coming.
  7. It pisses me off every day. I also feel like a complete moron for posting my feelings about the Mac criticism being a little overboard. Feel like pouring a cup of hot coffee over his head.
  8. Sometimes it takes a while for the light bulb to turn on. He had a good year last year, in a run first offense. I think you'll appreciate him a lot more than Perriman. Keep in mind he apparently was targeted by the Jet's. So they obviously think he'll do real well here.
  9. It was a really smart signing. No drops with him. And for Davis too. Both run great routes, and have great hands.
  10. Agree with that. They could live with Berrios there too for another year. With Cole, Moore, and Berrios, Crowder at that cost, makes no sense.
  11. I don't think Crowder will be here at the end of camp. My thinking is they want Wilson to develop chemistry with the wideouts who'll be here beyond this year. Like you said Cole in the slot, but solitting time with Moore
  12. One of the best Jet draft's in a long long time. I never questioned JD or the staff he hired. These people know what they're doing. Just a shame they all weren't here 3 years ago.
  13. Little surprised Cox is still there. When your best linebacker in coverage is Blake Cashman, you better start looking elsewhere.
  14. Im sure Mrs Wilson loved the question, and the ridiculous attention she's getting. Probably parley it into some money making venture.
  15. Trade down. Draft Jabril Cox. Need a linebacker who excels in coverage
  16. They could have drafted Slater. Instead they reached for a corner who isn't much better than what could have been available to them in the 2nd rd.
  17. I don't think there's any denying he's a boom or bust prospect. Ideally a player like him you would trade up fron #23 for. Not take him at #2. We really don't have a choice though.
  18. I haven't been sucking anyone. I'm making a legitimate argument that hos failures we're very possibly the result of all the issues surrounding him. If they're was only me,(out alone on an island), making that argument, then you fairly say i'm a d..k sucker. But i'm not.
  19. How come the Darnold bashers are so obsessed with him. He doesn't play here no more. Sure enough though, when he's mentioned, the Darnold bashers feel compelled to post something.
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