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  1. Look for the Jet's to target Jabrill Cox from LSU. Very good in coverage. Might have to trade back up into the 2nd rd for him though.
  2. I think the key is Mims development. If he is an impact player here, you're going to become a big Davis fan. Catches everything. Runs great routes.
  3. Guilty. Yes. Still one of the top 3 backs in NFL history. Imagine him on an astro turf field, instead of that ice skating rink at Rich Stadium.
  4. Crowder is good. He doesn't give us much after the catch. Waddle would.
  5. I hope the Dolphins don't get him.
  6. Waddle Killa. Get him the ball in the slot and he can take it home. Can line him up in the backfield too.
  7. If the idiot of a coach we had gave Johnson more touches throughout the year, we would have more info to go foward with. Adams too
  8. I think your onto something. That move though would be too extreme. If Waddle however is still there at the #12 to #15 range, i think that trade up makes loads of sense
  9. Teams called the Jet's wanting to know about his availability. At the time, Sam wasn't available, and they moved on.I believe JD said this himself. Not about what teams called, but about when they decided to hear offers.
  10. Im not arguing with you. I'm surprised you would think that. It's just a different point of view. The same thing we've debated about. Has been debated plenty outside this forum. I have the utmost respect for your views and the views of most every body here. I get frustrated by the name calling and the disregard some people here have for the football people who don't share thier view.
  11. Joe Brady disagrees with you. Kyle Shanahan disagrees with you. Are they related to Darnold. Matt Lafluer thought Sam would do well in his offense. Are all these people just stupid. Or perhaps, tbey could be more privy to information than you or i.
  12. You have avoided all of the valid arguments made by posters, analysts, NFL players, that Darnold in the proper surroundings has to ability to be a quality QB. You're quick dismissal of those arguments is a way to avoid the potential reality, that you're wrong. Or could be wrong. That's why some of you want him to fail in Carolina. It would be vindication for you. An other way to avoid the potential reality of him turning it around in Carolina. It's always been that way. I never started these post Darnold threads. Obviously people still need to talk about him.
  13. It's not blind devotion. It's not devotion at all. Nothing that would help a young QB succeed was available to Sam the last two years. Nothing. That to me isn't blind devotion. It's a fact.
  14. It had a lot to do with his failures. And the dysfunction the last two years under Gase, made it very difficult for him to progress. Getting the plays into the huddle was a chore for Gase. You should have seen Bell's comments. A lot of times Sam had to correct the play, because Gase got something wrong about the play. It was a complete shi.show
  15. You need vindication, because you're not sure if your correct. Isn't that obvious. It's simple psychology dude.
  16. Ah. You secretly we're in favor of trading down from #2 then.
  17. I think you and others are practicing, what in psychology is avoidance. Convincing yourselfs that Darnolds surroundings had nothing to do with his performance. It helps you avoid the feelings of guilt, if it was his surroundings.
  18. The difference in talent level in a high or mid 2nd rd pick is miniscule. Both have an equal chance to bust.
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