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  1. Of course Darnold shares part of the blame. Gase made it much more difficult for him. This is not my observation, but others. Young QB, are helped by play action, and pre-snap motion with WR. Jet's under Gase we're near last in both. Towards the end of the year, Gase finally realized backs and TE's we're allowd to catch footballs. Maybe Ty Johnson being involved earlier in the year would have helped the offense. Gase,(as we know), was in love with Gore
  2. Some people here are delusional. Good people and all. But still. Lol. I wish they would face reality and hope that the people closest to these issues are right, and just concern themselves with are other personal issues.
  3. He said what you' d expect him to say. I think Sams got a bright future. Going to be a great QB. Those could be construed as sales pitches. But at tbe end when he said I'M exited about Sam. It could indicate his feelings going foward with him.
  4. Literally the last thing he said about Sam at his presser was "Im exited about Sam". It tells me something about his intentions. Maybe im reading too much into it. We'll see
  5. Im not making it personal. If it sounded that way, i apologize. He was the youngest QB ever to start an NFL game. He had his up's and down's as a rookie. You could see the talent and why he was highly regarded coming out of USC. What happened. Gase happened. It totally stifled his development. I tbink we're going to see a totally different QB, next year. It's hard to say, but we need to disregard the last two years. It was a complete shi.show. And we all know it
  6. I've been consistent. Sam will be back under center, and we'll all see a different QB.
  7. Douglas expects great things from Darnold. You can't have it both ways. Maybe he knows things we don't know. Have you ever considered that.
  8. His not my boy. Apparently, Douglas and that idiot Saleh are hitching they're wagon to Sam. T he year of that draft this board was talking about sucking for Sam. At the end of last year it was get more weapons for Sam. Now. He's a career backup. When he entered that draft. Everyone considered him or Mayfield the best QB's in that draft. Well. A vast majority did. Let me back up a little on that.
  9. Since you seem to know more than people in the league, including our new coach and GM, why was Darnold drafted into the NFL. According to you and other's, he has no skills, that you can hang your hat on
  10. Lets see what he can do when there's pressure in his face on a regular basis, and his receivers aren't open, with no window for error. Does anyone in that conference ever gst drafted into the NFL.
  11. Everyone. The coach. The play calling, the scheme.The offensive line. The QB.The receivers .
  12. Even we would have destroyed, humiliated Coastal Carolina last year. There are dock workers with great arms, doesn't mean they can star in the NFL.
  13. We' re too needy in other areas. We'll sign a backup in FA, that's more of a threat ro Darnold than Flacco was. I really think a lot of people on this board are blind as to how harmful Gase was to Darnold's development
  14. The best team Wilson played was Coastal Carolina. Give me a break. Has also had his shoulder operated on twice. Move on people.
  15. You have to run the ball. Jet's couldn't. Is that Darnolds fault too. All i hear is Darnold sucks, Darnold can't do this, or do that. Those no nothings are going to bring back a QB who can't play. Or they're going to trade him to the. Half a dozen organizations who are too stupid to see what people here see.
  16. Lol. The Jets We're 29 in the league in play action passing. Gase never did it. It's not his system. One of a half dozen reasons why Darnold got the short end of the stick with the Gase hire
  17. Nobody knows who Eric Childs is. That's terrible
  18. Considering how much money we have to spend, and all our draft capital. this team could be completely turned around in two years. Douglas needs to sell that to a Thuney and a Robinson.
  19. Im not saying Anderson, and Anderson alone. Jeez. Part of a big package. Can you imagine a tbree WR setup with Robinson, Mims, and Anderson.

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