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  1. Yea. I agree. This is not about Darnold the QB. I remember Douglas publicly stating that talking to Darnolds family he was going to do everything in the off season too support him. What happens. Robby signs with the Panthers and he pays a washed up center 8 mill too stink it up for 10 games until he was benched. A definite pattern of dishonest statements since he's been here.
  2. A bunch of things about him bother me. Maybe I'll have the patience and guts to post a sperm sized post. For now,after saying he made a mistake not aggressively trying to resign Robby. He follows that by talking bullsh*t about how much he wanted to extend Maye. Then makes a low ball take it or leave it offer. His drafting is a problem. His honesty and playing straight with his players rubs me the wrong way.
  3. He averaged 3 yes a carry. If you take away two big gainers when the game was almost over, he did not nothing today as a runner. You can make that argument about other QB's. Would Josh Allen be as good as he was last year without Diggs. Take Kelce and Hill away from Mahomes, and see if he is the same QB.
  4. Lol. The Saints stuffed the Panthers running game today. It was the passing game with Darnold at QB that won that game.
  5. For sure Crush. He needs to do this for the rest of the season. I don't see why he can't though. He always had the skills to get it done.
  6. He's staying in the pocket more. Getting rid of the ball quicker. Making good decisions, especially on 3rd down. A different QB. You know I've been saying this for months. Adam Gase totally fuc... up his development.
  7. Get off that weight loss program. If we kept Sam we would have had Sewell and Creed Humphrey, and had a bunch more picks to play with. McGovern would be back at RG. Becton would have been moved to RT. If Darnold continues to impress at the age of 24 behind an average at best o-line. Getting rid of Darnold might be the worst mistake any GM has made in a long time
  8. Maybe you right. He does look like he has the shakes.
  9. He can't post that Sam didn't throw for 300 yes now.
  10. We changed coaching staffs. Going from Gase and Loggins to Saleh and Lafleur is almost a change of scenery. Not to mention the offensive line he might have played behind.
  11. This isn't about Wilson. It's about Darnold behind an offensive line with Sewell and Creed Humphrey on it. Not to mention a Terrance Marshall , and a bevy of other players to build the roster with.
  12. Gase was fired. That happened. Competent receivers we're signed. That happened He doesn't look like a broken QB to me. Maybe you.
  13. How can they. Unless they dump Zack and trade for Darnold. This isn't a knock on Zack. At all. He has a chance to be very good. This is about Darnold being a totally different QB in Carolina. He's been coached. He wasn't with the Jets. The panthers have gameplans. The Jets with Gase, didn't.
  14. Are you. There are people on the staff Douglas hired who wanted to keep Darnold. Trading him was a Douglas decision. He hasn't made a lot of good ones so far.
  15. Look at Ogden though. Looks like an Athlete at that weight. Not just a huge human
  16. As big as his legs are, they still have to support like 340 lbs. Too big for his own good.
  17. I would love to comment on this thread, but I would have to bring up a QB who is no longer here. Not into responding to 20 notifications
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