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  1. Wow Beerfish. Didn't know that. Very sad. If anybody else reads this, we all need to know that Johnny Lam Jones died a few weeks ago. Don't think that was posted. Could be wrong. I'm not into thread making.
  2. Let's concern ourselves with our team What JD has done this off season has been very impressive. Until it translates into wins on Sunday, doesn't mean anything. A wobbly pass in camp by a division rival QB, doesn't mean anything. They beat us twice last year. Let's concern ourselves with what we do, and hope payback starts this year.
  3. Like Jetsons said.Go out and start winning games. Everybody is a contender, or at least hopeful of being one in May.
  4. He was a great back, who never could manage to stay healthy. He was always bothered by nagging injuries.
  5. I think that a case can be made that coaches running a soft camp, are more likely to see injury early in the season, and a team that can't hold up for 4 quarters early in the season.
  6. J.J.Watt didn't put up the sack numbers in college that he did in NFL. Not even close. He was unleashed in the NFL.Walker will be unleashed up here also
  7. Its all up to the other Wilson now. We have enough talent at the skilled positions to outscore anybody, if the other Wilson plays even close to his potential
  8. What. Didn't work hard. That one of reasons he moved up draft board.
  9. Yea. I don't understand for the life of me why he didn't tell Moses it was his job to lose, and offer more than the 5 mil he got from the Redskins????I believe he would have resigned under those circumstances.
  10. Yea. What I meant to say was he'll probably be an inactive player on Sundays. I think Douglas will have a veteran player in here, after final training camp cuts. That's my guess, anyway.
  11. From what I've read, He needs a year in the weight room, before he hits the active roster. Isn't strong enough to hold up against power players.
  12. Douglas had a great draft. In another thread I said I wasn't going to do this anymore. You forced my hand.
  13. Yea. For sure. Just gonna post that. Doubt he beats out either for obvious reasons I'll lay off the gifs when you do your Douglas posting. He really had a great draft. I was never a Douglas detractor. Just thought you're praise was a little over the top.
  14. The only thing about him that concerns me, is that he was a little grabby in college.Some of those will be penalties up here.
  15. Wow. That's great. Two quality OSU, players, that are connected to you in some small way. That with the rest of the draft is a real high for you. I know I got a buzz. Lol.
  16. He's a helluva a receiver out of the backfield also.
  17. Yes Larz. Yes.!!!!!!!!!!!I'm Flippin out over this draft. .
  18. I voted for Ruckert. Has the talent to be a real weapon in a few years. And will contribute immediately as a blocker. Plus the obvious hometown story. Best draft in Jets history. J.D. hit a grand slam.
  19. J.D talked about a second phase of free agency. Cap casualties. Roster cuts. He will definitely pick up a tackle in that second phase. I think that was his plan all along. Will Becton start this year. Yea. Can the Jetz trust him to be healthy and play at a high level. Doubt it.
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