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  1. 27 minutes ago, TeddEY said:

    Why is this more likely than what's happened with literally every USC QB not named Carson Palmer?  Isn't it more likely that he was bellied by his superior talent in his junior year, and then when he wasn't on a great team with inferior opponents, we saw who he truly was?  Isn't the most likely outcome that he's another Lienart, Sanchez, Barkley, Cassel, who looked good at USC with great talent and then were pedestrian or worse in the NFL.

    You could be right. But saying that the most likely outcome is that Darnold is another Barkley or Sanchez is just guesswork. I think evaluating Sam the last two years is very difficult considering what we've all talked about now for months. 

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  2. 2 minutes ago, Beerfish said:

    Douglas is a smart GM.

    He wants to trade Darnold and will do so if a decent offer comes in but he is not going to give him away cheap and there is zero reason to do so even if we draft a QB at #2 this year or sign a FA QB.

    Ii read a story a few weeks ago, that a few teams have called, and came away with the impression that they don't want to move him.It's in the Jet's best interest to let QB needy teams believe that they will move Sam. Means we draft the QB they might want. If you really want, what we want Panthers. PAY THE PRICE. That's what i thinks going on Beerfish

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  3. 4 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

    We just see it the opposite way at this point.  

    I honestly can't see how they keep Sam...but I've been wrong before!

    We will know soon enough.

    I could be wrong too. Whatever happens, will still be here, and bleed green and white. Must admit though, it bothers me that some here are so sure of a particular outcome.  

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  4. 17 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

    It really is the major reason why I just can't see them keeping Sam.  It would be counter productive to this type of strategy and I really do think this is way JD wants to build the team.

    I think just the opposite. It's in J.D's best interest to find a team who thinks Wilson is on the same level as TL. Trades with that team and gets a humongous haul. Building, quickly the right way. Through the draft.

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  5. 2 minutes ago, BroadwayRay said:

    Listening to people rationalize how the Jets should/will/have to keep Sam Darnold, to me at least, is what it would be like sitting through a meeting of the UFO Society or a Flat Earther convention. Highly entertaining, while at the same time highly perplexing, and a bit disturbing. Can't wait until he's finally gone so we can get past this mass delusion. Shout out to @genotfor keeping the faith on this though.

    Thank you. To me it's a much greater risk using that high a pick on those two QB's. If they bust, Douglas is done. If you look at Darnold's sophomore year at USC, he was very impressive. He took a dump the following season when JuJu got drafted and he had 4 new offensive lineman blocking for him. USC was not a very talented offensive squad. His best WR was Deontay Burnett. Why is it inconcievable to some people that with nore talent around him, and a system that fits him he can't take that big leap foward, the way he took that big leap backward because of diminished talent his last year at USC.

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  6. 4 hours ago, oatmeal said:

    When you have one of the most polarizing teams in sports history and a low hanging fruit fan base, in the words largest media market, it leads to a prefect storm of click bait porn. 

    ESPN know the majority of the fan base are done with Sam, ESPN is also a struggling network.. nothing to see here 


    Perhaps you should move on to pancakes.☺

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  7. 1 minute ago, Guilhermezmc said:

    Am I supposed to be impressed by a 200 yard game?

    It's not about stats. It's about a HC, who didn't utilize the talent that was available to him. It's about game planning. In Gase's failed system. Quick decisions weren't available because the receivers in his planning we're never open enough to get rid of the ball quickly. Not all the time. But far too many times 

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  8. 4 minutes ago, Guilhermezmc said:

    Besides my dream of having Trevor Lawrence slip away?

    Terrible gameplan by the Rams

    Great game for QW again and defense as a whole

    As for Sam Darnold 22-31 for 207 yards and 1 TD, game manager type of game carried by a great defensive perfomance.

    If you intention was to make a point about Darnold you shoud've brought up the Packers game on his rookie season.


    You talked about quick decisions. Please consider the fact that Gase only realized at the end of the year that running backs and tight ends are allowed to catch footballs

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