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  1. 9 minutes ago, Doggin94it said:

    I'm sorry, but this is some hindsight BS, and I say that as someone who praised the signing. 

    We didn't have an LT on the roster, so we took two good swings at it: a FA with upside, and a draft pick. If both hit, we had bookend tackles; if one hit and one didn't, we had a LT. Drafting Wirfs at 11 would have meant our only option at LT was Fant, and we obviously (and correctly) weren't comfortable with that (if the league thought Fant would be anything near this good at LT his price would have been much higher). It would have been lunacy to put all our eggs in the Fant basket with what we knew at the time.

    Yes, Fant ended up panning out beyond our wildest dreams, and if you could go back in time and redraft you probably take Wirfs as the bookend RT there. But given the state of the team's knowledge heading into that offseason, Fant+Becton was a smarter, more risk-limiting move than Fant+Wirfs.

    Good post. Opinions based on hindsight is what we all do as sport fans. Keeps the posts flowing. Becton and his issues we're hard to forsee.At Louisville, all he had to do was walk on the field and scare the sh.. out of most d-llineman.

  2. If Wilson is as butthurt by the criticism as a lot of my friends here. We're doomed.  It was a mistake. Calling your own number on 4th & 2, when you had a better option, very well could have cost us the game. 4th and a foot, 4th and a yard. Yes. 4th and 2yards. No.

  3. 44 minutes ago, Mogglez said:

    I agree with this, for the most part.  HOWEVER, I think it should be noted that drafting a C like, say, Linderbaum can allow us to slide McGovern to RG (should we resign him) and fortify two positions.  Then again, LDT has played very well so far, so I would not be upset running it back next year.

    The question is are we going to pass on a #1 Wr or or an elite pass rusher for a center. To me. No way. 

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  4. 29 minutes ago, 68JET11 said:

    I get we need a lot, and while he has played better since dumping GVR, the thought is that one player added at a low rookie salary is better than spending millions on a RG when we can just slide McGovern over to RG where he played even better for Denver. BTW, this wouldn't be a problem if we had drafted Creed Humphries last year like I wanted to.

    Keep McGovern at Center. We have a strong left side, with chemistry. Play Becton on the right side. Tackle or guard. When AVt was hurt and Roten was in there, our o-line was a problem. Not any more, when we're healthy. 

  5. As CSNY said. Fant AVT, and McGovern have been very good. Don't  mess with the chemistry they've developed.. we have a sevicable RG and RT. I don't  even know if I'd mess with that, except for the bust being given a chance at one of those spots

  6. 14 hours ago, Joe W. Namath said:

    Joe D is bringing us a top flight wr and tight end in this draft.

    I believe Treylon Burkes WR Arkansas and Trey McBride TE Colorado St are the guys he is targeting in the 1st and 2nd round.

    Jameson Williams will fly up draft boards. We take him with our 2nd 1st rounder. 

  7. I'm encouraged by some of the things I've seen. We're strong up front, from LT, thru center. We might have found us a competent RG. We have two young skilled players who can make a difference.  Moore and Carter. We need a stud WR. A TE. If we have the right QB, I like our offense. In the draft we take Karafitis and Jameson Williams. In the 1st. Hopefully find a few linebackers early, then scope the draft for a TE, and a few diamonds in the rough. Like Hall and Carter.

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  8. 22 minutes ago, hmhertz said:

    Most minority HC hires since 2000 Edwards, Bowles, Saleh.

    Majority owner for the last twenty years is an absolute imbecile.

    90% of the fans since they last made the playoffs, pubic hair has grayed.

    additional points are welcomed, please make sure they are in before the case

    reach the Supreme  Court






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