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  1. 7 minutes ago, phill1c said:

    Thanks for what? 

    "Thanks Sam, for missing those games with Mono. Thanks for making it clear early, against Mayfield, that you were NOT going to be competitive. Thanks for getting a spoiled teenage loser's disease "mono" to miss games. Thanks for treating the Jets, and their fans, like you really didn't give a sh*t about winning or playing or competing against elite competition."

    Is that what we're supposed to thank him for?

    I'm sorry, this thread makes me want to vomit.


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  2. 21 minutes ago, derp said:

    I think linebacker is more gaping than either position actually. Corner and guard need to be upgraded but have bodies, and guys signed for multiple years. Linebacker needs to be upgraded and needs bodies. I think they’ve got one clear cut starter this year and he’s a reclamation project on a one year deal.

    Look for the Jet's to target Jabrill Cox from LSU. Very good in coverage. Might have to trade back up into the 2nd rd for him though.

  3. 13 minutes ago, FidelioJet said:

    The thing is we need so much on offense.  
    The defense wasn’t awful and we’ve added two quality pieces and Mosley is coming back. 

    The offense was literally one of the worst in this history of the league and we added a #2 WR.  That’s it.  We still have the worst OL I’ve ever seen.  No upgrades at all.  

    we’re going to ruin Wilson the way we did Darnold if we don’t make some serious upgrades.  No quality FA’s left so it’s gotta come from the draft. 

    I think the key is Mims development. If he is an impact player here, you're going to become a big Davis fan. Catches everything. Runs great routes.

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  4. 15 minutes ago, Patriot Killa said:

    The question is which candidate might fall & is realistically valuable enough to move up for in that 12-15 range that JD might covet. I expect Pitts, Chase & Sewell to be gone.

    Maybe Slater or an Edge?

    Waddle Killa. Get him the ball in the slot and he can take it home. Can line him up in the backfield too.

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  5. 3 minutes ago, TeddEY said:

    Kyle Shanahan is so high on Sam Darnold that rather than trading a 2nd round pick this year for him, he traded 3 1st round picks to take the 3rd QB available in this draft.

    Matt Lafluer's team just traded away Sam Darnold.

    Those are the things we know.  The stuff you're talking about is things you think you know.

    Teams called the Jet's wanting to know about his availability. At the time, Sam wasn't available, and they moved on.I believe JD said this himself. Not about what teams called, but about when they decided to hear offers.

  6. 11 minutes ago, TeddEY said:

    This is my 30,378th post on this website.

    Trust me, I wish I could avoid an argument every now and again.

    I've countered the arguments many times.  You simply don't like my arguments because they don't sit with your worldview that "It's everyone else's fault."

    And, as for the talking heads, their job is to generate conversation.  Do you think Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon disagreed on every topic ever presented?  Is that an actual belief you have?  It's television, or radio, or whatever you're following.  They're taking sides that generate conversation.

    When you strip away all the nonsense, the platitudes, and everything else, you're left with a handful of facts:

    Fact: Sam Darnold has been statistically the worst QB in the NFL for 3 years.

    Fact: Sam Darnold is the 2nd worst QB in the NFL over the past 3 years from a clean pocket.

    Fact: Sam Darnold's team decided they'd seen enough, and did not think it was worth keeping him for another year at a modest salary.

    Fact: The best offer the New York Jets received was highlighted by a 2nd round pick NEXT year.

    Fact: Jetsbb is apparently upset he didn't get a thank you note.

    Everything else is decoration.

    Im not arguing with you. I'm surprised you would think that. It's just a different point of view. The same thing we've debated about. Has been debated plenty outside this forum. I have the utmost respect for your views and the views of most every body here. I get frustrated by the name calling and the disregard some people here have for the football people who don't share thier view.

  7. 24 minutes ago, munchmemory said:

    Oh, I'm damn sure Darnold is a putz.  I just want to revel in it.  I hope we get a bunch of TN games in the NY/NJ market.  Just to sit and gloat.  Laugh my ass off at the TN franchise for taking our garbage.

    Joe Brady disagrees with you. Kyle Shanahan disagrees with you. Are they related to Darnold. Matt Lafluer thought Sam would do well in his offense. Are all these people just stupid. Or perhaps, tbey could be more privy to information than you or i. 

  8. 1 minute ago, TeddEY said:

    cc: @Jetsfan80

    Will Ferrell Lol GIF

    Tell me more about psychology, pls.

    What you're actually accusing me of, in a somewhat ineloquent way, is engaging in one of Alfred Beck's Cognitive Distortions, All-or-Nothing Thinking, and misdefining that as avoidance, which is an act (not thought pattern) one engages in to avoid unpleasantness.  You also, somehow have misused the extremely common concept of guilt, which would only be a relevant emotion if I was somehow to blame for Sam Darnold's surroundings.  What you've actually written doesn't make even a modicum of sense.

    My friend, do you want to tap out here, or should we discuss the actual psychology of thinking Sam Darnold is anything other than a bad QB?

    You have avoided all of the valid arguments made by posters, analysts, NFL players, that Darnold in the proper surroundings has to ability to be a quality QB. You're quick dismissal of those arguments is a way to avoid the potential reality, that you're wrong. Or could be wrong. That's why some of you want him to fail in Carolina. It would be vindication for you. An other way to avoid the potential reality of him turning it around in Carolina. It's always been that way. I never started these post Darnold threads. Obviously people still need to talk about him. 

  9. 2 minutes ago, BroadwayRay said:

    I don't think I've heard anyone say the state of the team had "nothing" to do with his performance. On the other hand, you seem to take the position that it had everything to do with his failures.

    It had a lot to do with his failures. And the dysfunction the last two years under Gase, made it very difficult for him to progress. Getting the plays into the huddle was a chore for Gase. You should have seen Bell's comments. A lot of times Sam had to correct the play, because Gase got something wrong about the play. It was a complete shi.show

  10. 2 minutes ago, munchmemory said:

    Again, I respect all the off the field stuff.   My animosity for the guy is completely related to the b/s play we had to endure the last three years.  So the thought that I'm supposed to root for Darnold to become successful for another team is preposterous.  Selfishly, I want him to bomb as bad with TN as he did with us to prove that we were correct in our appraisal of his less than stellar talent. 

    You need vindication, because you're not sure if your correct. Isn't that obvious. It's simple psychology dude.

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  11. 8 minutes ago, TeddEY said:

    ----- THANK YOU -----

    To the 25% of Jets fans willing to throw all of my teammates and coaches under the bus to preserve the image of me as a franchise QB, and assure that I bear no responsibility for my performance, nor the teams:

    I thank you.  I appreciate you.  I will miss you.

    We'll always have Green Bay.

    And the Rose Bowl, don't forget the Rose Bowl.

    - Sam Darnold #14

    I think you and others are practicing, what in psychology is avoidance. Convincing yourselfs that Darnolds surroundings had nothing to do with his performance. It helps you avoid the feelings of guilt, if it was his surroundings.

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