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  1. 4 hours ago, choon328 said:

    Bad decision making isn't on Gase. Sorry, but you can't blame him for everything. Darnold has to take most ownership on struggling to read defense on the fly and being an awful passer 20+ yards down the field. 

    Of course Darnold shares part of the blame. Gase made it much more difficult for him. This is not my observation, but others. Young QB, are helped by play action, and pre-snap motion with WR. Jet's under Gase we're near last in both. Towards the end of the year, Gase finally realized backs and TE's we're allowd to catch footballs. Maybe Ty Johnson being involved earlier in the year would have helped the offense. Gase,(as we know), was in love with Gore

  2. 33 minutes ago, Pac said:

    You're probably the one I look most forward to hearing from when it finally sinks into your dome that Darnold is staying...

    Although I will give you props for Gase.  You called that out right when he was a rumored candidate and unrelentingly bashed the move for the last 2 years.  You called that one...  this one?  not so much.

    Some people here are delusional. Good people and all. But still. Lol. I wish they would face reality and hope that the people closest to these issues are right, and just concern themselves with are other personal issues.

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  3. 7 minutes ago, southparkcpa said:

    What did you expect???   want him to say Sam blows, gotta go etc.... it’s all politics.   I Hope he is the next coming of Parcells and we win 2 SBs in 5 years BUT he hasn’t done anything yet.  I pray he is the one. 

    He said what you' d expect him to say. I think Sams got a bright future. Going to be a great QB. Those could be construed as sales pitches. But at tbe end when he said I'M exited about Sam. It could indicate his feelings going foward with him.

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  4. 1 minute ago, flgreen said:

    When did our new HC and GM say that Darnold would be the Jets starting QB next season?  I missed that.  It's C J who is drooling.  The same guy who said Gase was the future of football.  lol

     And why are you attempting to make this personal?

    Never said Darnold has no skills.   He has NFL size, a fair NFL arm, and is somewhat effective rolling to his right.  

    After 3 seasons 

    He is very inaccurate on his long ball, 

    Terrible pre-snap reads

    Terrible field vision, how many times this year have we seen WR's open, and he forces the ball into coverage.  This may be the biggest I'm not sure field vison is fixable.

    Makes bad decisions, and turns the ball over.  This was also a big problem at USC.  He hasn't improved at it since.  Not to mention his contract situation

    He may turn out as good as Sanchez , and hang around the league for some years, because he does have a bit of talent.

    Right now after 3 years he is clearly the worst starting QB in the NFL.  Nice kid, bad QB.  Time to move on, to me this appears to be a decent/good QB draft.  Get one

    Im not making it personal. If it sounded that way, i apologize. He was the youngest QB ever to start an NFL game. He had his up's and down's as a rookie. You could see the talent and why he was highly regarded coming out of USC. What happened. Gase happened. It totally stifled his development. I tbink we're going to see a totally different QB, next year. It's hard to say, but we need to disregard the last two years. It was a complete shi.show. And we all know it

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  5. 12 minutes ago, flgreen said:

    Hmmmm, seems like some one is mad that their boy sucks.

    Darnold was drafted at #3 after being passed over by 2 QB needy teams because the Jets GM wasn't very smart and passed on 3 QB's who are better then him.

    I have to assume you didn't watch Darnold play last year. 

    His not my boy. Apparently, Douglas and that idiot Saleh are hitching they're wagon to Sam. T he year of that draft this board was talking about sucking for Sam. At the end of last year it was get more weapons for Sam. Now. He's a career backup. When he entered that draft. Everyone considered him or Mayfield the best QB's in that draft. Well. A vast majority did. Let me back up a little on that.

  6. 1 hour ago, flgreen said:

    In 2018 The Jets were 10th in the league in PA passing, 26%.  Darnold sucked at it. At USC Darnold also was terrible at PA.  In 2018 Miami PA 23%.    Gase didn't call PA with the Jets because Darnold was horrible at it


    Since you seem to know more than people in the league, including our new coach and GM, why was Darnold drafted into the NFL. According to you and other's, he has no skills, that you can hang your hat on

  7. 27 minutes ago, GreenFish said:

    So you think his arm strength, accuracy and mobility changes depending on the opponent?

    The injuries are a valid concern (1 shoulder and 1 hand). That and potentially having  character issues are the big concerns.  Doctors and scouts will need to vet all that.

    Lets see what he can do when there's pressure in his face on a regular basis, and his receivers aren't open, with no window for error. Does anyone in that conference ever gst drafted into the NFL.

  8. 14 minutes ago, GreenFish said:

    San Darnold was a top 5 pick. Compared to Darnold, Wilson has a stronger arm, is more accurate and more athletic. Darnold has the better frame. I’m not sure how good Wilson will be, but he’s definitely a top 5 pick. You can compare his traits to other top 5 picks and he’s right there with them.

    Agsin not sure he’s the right pick. A lot of that will depend on his character which I have no way of knowing. But he’s not a reach in the top 5.

    I mean compare his traits to Lawrence and see how far apart those two are. Arm strength is equal, Wilson has better accuracy, Wilson looks more mobile (tbd on those combine numbers), but Lawrence has the better frame. By all accounts Lawrence is a great leader and there are rumblings Wilson might be a douchebag. If true, I’d pass on Wilson. But again his traits are high end. 

    The best team Wilson played was Coastal Carolina. Give me a break. Has also had his shoulder operated on twice. Move on people. 

  9. 3 minutes ago, flgreen said:

    In 2018 The Jets were 10th in the league in PA passing, 26%.  Darnold sucked at it.  At USC Darnold also was terrible at PA.


    You have to run the ball. Jet's couldn't. Is that Darnolds fault too. All i hear is Darnold sucks, Darnold can't do this, or do that. Those no nothings are going to bring back a QB who can't play.  Or they're going to trade him to the. Half a dozen organizations who are too stupid to see what people here see. 

  10. 7 minutes ago, flgreen said:

    "It’s an offensive system that relies on play-action with Jimmy Garoppolo using it on 32.3% of his drop-backs in 2020."


    This is the thing I don't understand about people saying Darnold will be a good fit in the Shanahan O.  IMO Darnold is horrible at play action.  Just don't get it.

    Lol. The Jets We're 29 in the league in play action passing. Gase never did it. It's not his system. One of a half dozen reasons why Darnold got the short end of the stick with the Gase hire

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  11. 12 hours ago, More Cowbell said:

    I really don't get why people keep thinking Robinson is going to sign with a rebuilding team

    Considering how much money we have to spend, and all our draft capital. this team could be completely turned around in two years. Douglas needs to sell that to a Thuney and a Robinson.

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  12. 5 minutes ago, More Cowbell said:

    That ship has sailed.  What did Anderson do for Carolina anyway? They were not picking 8th because they were good. 

    Im not saying Anderson, and Anderson alone. Jeez. Part of a big package. Can you imagine a tbree WR setup with Robinson, Mims, and Anderson.

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