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  1. We lost all 4 games. Got shut out against Miami. He had game decent game. That was NE. If Flacco had played the first 6 or 7 games last year. He would have retired at halftime. The o-line was a complete shi.show.
  2. Jet's have been really bad the last two years with Gase. Bad offense. No help from the defense. Especially forcing turnovers. Bad field position. It's been an all around nightmare. We've had teams in the past that lost a lot of games. There was something always to hang your hat on. Some stud on offense or defense to watch play on Sundays.
  3. Darnold was a bust . The rest of the offense was a bust, other than Becton and Crowder. The defense was a bust. Special teams we're a bust. Gase was a bust. It was a team effort
  4. You're dismissing all of the arguments about why, (possibly), his bottom of the league numbers we're a result of his surrounding talent, the Gase system that was installed, and the Gase factor himself. How much did all those things contribute to his lame stat sheet. I don't know. With respect though. Neither do you, or anyone a part or not a part of this forum
  5. One of the things that has bothered me for a while is the dogmatic view that.the Darnold detractors have. The view, that if we keep Darnold, he will still be the same QB we've seen the last two years According to you guys, they're only could be one outcome. Enjoy your posts. Respect and understand what you're saying. Honestly, though. Nobody can be that sure about what the outcome will be, if Darnold is back next year.
  6. Just listened to a video of Brett Favre in another thread. He had Andy Reid and Steve Mariucci as his QB coaches. All these QB's came into the league with a dedicated QB coach. The Jet's. No. Until now. George Knapp has been around for a long time.
  7. Excuse me. Who was the sideline coach that was working with him on his issues.
  8. No precedent. How many 20 yr old QB''s we're named starters with a cast of garbage around them. Ws don't know what his ceiling is. He could continue to suck. He could become a game manager. Or he could become what we drafted him to be.Tell ya what. I would be more on your side of the fence, if Sam had Bowles and Bates the last three years. Irregardless of the talent around him. We know that wasn't the case.
  9. What's their definition of an open receiver. How much pressure was the QB under when he mised an open receiver. What i do know,( what we know), is that the only receiver he had who got open, and ran a variety of routes, was Crowder. He's done very well with Darnold as his QB.
  10. His play will take a huge step forward, if JD, completes the process of seriously improving his surrounding talent. Let's put it that way.
  11. Yes, it will. Junk receivers. No running game. Bad play calling. Bad pass protection. Believe it or not, those things affect a QB's ability to perform and put points on the board. If Darnold played with High School talent, some people would still blame Darnold for not elevating they're play.
  12. They're are 16 yr old girls with broader shoulders than Wilson. No thanks, Dunnie.
  13. Great post. Surround Darnold with some talent, and Darnold will be a top 10 QB.
  14. At least Kotite and Holtz we're good people. Gase, to ne, is kind of an assho.
  15. You have to take Humphrey. Solidify two positions with one pick. Especially after his pro day numbers. Which we're through the roof.
  16. Boycotts. Protests. Who needs the headaches. Jet's have had enough of that.
  17. Wonder what Shawn's views are on supply side economics?
  18. Your nuts if you don't think Darnold could win a training camp battle with a 38 yr old QB, and a dead arm QB.
  19. If Wilson flops, and Darnold finds success elsewhere, it would be worse for JD Wouldn't it.
  20. Check him out. Please. Very fast. Catches with his hand. Very limited in his route tree. So what. If the plan is to get him 3-5 touches a game.
  21. Hey Paradis. How would you feel about taking a flyer on Anthony Swartz. That's a guy you might be able to get some manufactured plays with. As a 5th rounder, i think that would be a go.
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