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  1. There are players that play faster than thier timed speed. Mims is just the opposite He plays so much slower than his 40 time
  2. Watson isn't a prospect, you dweeb. He's an elite NFl QB. I wouldn't make the trade because Watson is also an elite dirtbag
  3. More meals coming in to the Crusher. He's happy. We should be too!!!!
  4. Exactly. Penny pinching. I believe this is all J. D at this point. If the Johnsons step in, it will be to overrule Douglas, and get Zack in here.
  5. This is a guy who brought in a washed up center, paid him close to what he offered Maye to play here. And apparently he doesn't want to change any of the offset language in order to possibly save the franchise money, when in the big picture that money is pocket change. The way i look at it, it's very hard to defend.
  6. Actually feel for the guy who hit him too. He called 911, rendered aid. Has to live the rest of his life with that tragic accident coursing thru his brain.
  7. Read my post. Trading Leo was another trade that had to be made. We had QW. Can't have two high salaried DT's on your roster. Same thing with Leo as with Adams. I thought he was a little under appreciated here. A better player than we gave him credit for. Im not making this up, or changing my opinion to get you to love me.
  8. I thought the Adams trade was a great trade for us. Adams left us no other choice but to trade him. Recieving that much in return was a no brainer. I wanted Sam back. I've talked about that ad-nauseum. I don't dislike J. D for it though. He thought it was best that we start over, and that Sam gets a fresh start elsewhere. Back to Adams. Again, was happy about the trade. I thought that Adams the player was trashed a little to much here. Whenever i talked about Adams, it was about that, and not the trade to Seattle.
  9. What sad and tragic news. Prayers to the family and friends. Right before he was ready to get back to work too. Life can really suck at times
  10. I don't hate JD. Your just flat out wrong. I've posted a dozen things complimentary to J.D. From the coaching staff he assembled, to how he rebuilt the offense. He's not immune to us at times questioning some of the decisions he's made, though. Is he?
  11. Repost any comment i made about this that you or anybody would consider whining. I never said that there would be a holdout, long or short. When a rumour was posted about the Jet's inquiring about Foles., i thought it was interesting timing if the story was true. Just posting that it was food for thought. Hardly whining, Nut
  12. Don't be a nerd. If Douglas plans on holding his ground on the offset language and knows Wilson agents will hold their ground. Then we can have a holdout. That's why i was curious when the call for Foles was made.
  13. Jeez, jbg, i was just making a joke about burying you in Darnold memes. Now that you let me know how much they annoy you.
  14. The NFL isn't the military. The my way or the highway approach will sooner or later bite JD in the ass. And, like i've said before, JD has done some really good things here.
  15. Anticipating a hold out. Curious when this call was made
  16. Despite you being a Jets fan, and a good dude, your admission here will cause you great misery in the future
  17. There are so many factors involved such as what part of the brain sustained injury. Did he lapse into coma from blood loss. Did that happen at the hospital. You have none od those answers......So kindly
  18. I was just going to respond to that. He should STFU about predicting outcomes in a case he knows nothing about. Like waking up a vegetable. That's ban worthy.
  19. Best wishes to Mr Knapp. Hope and pray for a full recovery. If Mr Knapp was here 3 yrs ago, we might be talking about the new toys Sam has to throw too, and not Zack. Hopefully Zack will be able to draw on Knapps wealth of experience teaching QB's how to succeed in this league
  20. I have been up until now. I don't like the way the Maye's situation was handled. I also thought he could have made a stronger effort to bring Robby back. No real criticism there, though.
  21. Good luck to Mark. He's a really good guy, and very well spoken. Should do well.
  22. This is why im more sympathetic with players in this situation than some. Management is holding almost all the cards. It is what it is.
  23. I agree. In retrospect, it was a mistake having Maye sign that tender.
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