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  1. This is why im more sympathetic with players in this situation than some. Management is holding almost all the cards. It is what it is.
  2. I agree. In retrospect, it was a mistake having Maye sign that tender.
  3. It's not about Maye with me. At least not in large part. It's about how players are looking about how these negotiations we're handled by the new Jet's GM. I understand it's a business. Part of running a good business is hopefully having a relationship with your employees thats built with respect and trust.
  4. They we're duped like all of us we're. All of us thought a deal, fair to both sides would get done. Well, let me say most did.
  5. Thank you. I don't have the patience you do at the keyboard. Love and respect Mogglez and a bunch of others. The bottom line is based on the public pronouncements about Maye and the desire to extend him. His offer was not an offer maye would have, or should have accepted.
  6. We're always the underdogs, and we always sick.
  7. You don't agree that if the take it or leave it offer was 20% below the franchise tender it was an offer below what his market value would have been if he was allowed to hit FA.
  8. Well that's where negotiations come in. My problem is Douglas never intended on a give and take to reach a deal that could make both parties happy. He had that extension offer, and it was take it or leave it.
  9. I don't think Douglas ever wanted to sign Maye to an extension. He wanted him to sign that tender.
  10. They franchise him. They want him there this year for some mysterious reasons.
  11. He was signed by the Giants to play safety, and he took all his snaps there. A new position for him. They couldn't offer Maye a similar deal. Cmon.
  12. Im sorry that im on the players side here. I know that that accepts some people. If your offer was going to be unacceptable to Maye, they should have let him test the free agent waters. Players earn that right after a certain length of service.
  13. Read coach Saleh's comments about Maye. It's the way he studies film, the way he prepares during the week. Knowing other teams tendencies.
  14. No villians. Not sure about that one. I think out of loyalty to his teammates he was suckered into signing a franchise tender, believing he would be offered a fair deal, based on all the statements coming from the Jet's. Look at Logan Ryan's deal. That would have been a fair deal for both sides. JD made a very low offer that he must have known wouldn't be accepted. He wants him here this year to be the on field teacher to all these young guys. Next year it would be waving goodbye to Maye.
  15. Look at the deal Logan Ryan got from the Giants. Older than Maye, signed a three year deal there. That would have been a fair market value offer. Certainly not what JD offered. And considering his glowing comments about Maye and wanting a deal done. A 4th yr option could have been offered with incentives. Douglas wants Maye here this year to show all these young guys the ropes. Doubt he'd franchise him again next year.
  16. Sure about that. The only thing hysterical is your continuous licking of JD's ass. Does it have his initials on it.
  17. Then let him hit the open market. Why franchise him. If the Jet's don't have him in their plans long term. Don't lie and say you do.
  18. Lol. Stop it. I've said a hundred times, JD has done some impressive things here. Im not sure that he's done the right thing by Marcus Maye, though. Well. I don't think he's done the right thing by him. I want all our good players, who aren't locker room distractions here as long as possible. At a fair market value.
  19. Jd knew when he signed Davis Sam wasn't going to be here. Cmon.
  20. I don't want him overpaid. Or anyone else
  21. I know why he signed here. My point was about JD and whether at times he plays loose with his intentions to get what he wants. Some here think that's a smart approach. In a league though where olayers can disrupt chemistry on a team. Im not sure that politicians approach to communicating will serve him well in the long run
  22. Sam Darnold has nothing to do with Maye. We won 2 games last year. I never said anything about how much he should make. For all you know Maye shouldn't make more than 5 mill a year in my view.we have a bunch of players on 1 or two year deals. A turnstyle roster isn't a recipe for success.
  23. No. I don't believe he said Sam will without question be here. He never on the other hand said he wouldn't be.
  24. He's a veteran presence in a young suspect secondary. We need him.
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